Flowers & messages: What does your favorite flower say about you?

Our flower choices reveal a lot about our personality and what defines us. Each flower has a distinct meaning and beauty that can convey subtle messages about who we are and how we relate to the world around us.

Here's what your favorite flower can say about you!

Rose - symbol of love and passion, the rose is the choice of the romantic and sensitive. If you prefer roses, you are probably a romantic and dreamy person who loves to give and receive affection. You pay attention to details and appreciate romantic gestures. The rose shows that you are passionate about the beauty of life and that you like to live intensely every moment.

The bat - representing elegance and mystery, the bat is preferred by those with an artistic and sensitive nature. If you love the bat, you are probably a creative person with a rich imagination. You have a calm demeanor and enjoy moments of quiet and introspection. The bat says that you are sensitive to the beauty of the world and that you like to surround yourself with beautiful things.

Lily - with its distinct elegance and intoxicating scent, the lily attracts the attention of those with a strong and confident personality. If you like lilies, you are probably a person with an impressive presence and leadership spirit. You are determined and ambitious in achieving your goals. The lily symbolizes that you have inner strength and that you are willing to rise above life's challenges.

Orchid - with its exoticism and elegance, the orchid attracts the attention of those with a sophisticated and refined nature. If you like orchids, you are probably a sophisticated person with refined tastes. You have an attentive attitude to details and like to take care of yourself. The orchid says that you have a distinguished personality and that you are looking for beauty and harmony in life. You are dedicated to your personal growth and development and appreciate luxury and elegance in all aspects of life.


From the passion and romance of the rose, to the elegance and mystery of the lilac or the strength and confidence of the lily, each flower reveals a part of our identity.

The choice of favorite flora can be a conscious gesture or a sign of instinctive attraction to certain traits of our personality. Regardless of the flower chosen, the important thing is to enjoy their beauty and meaning and use them as tools to express our affection, love or appreciation to our loved ones.

Finally, let's not forget to appreciate the beauty of flowers and their power to bring joy and excitement to our lives. Each flower is a story in itself and gives us the opportunity to convey messages full of meaning and love. Let's enjoy this wonderful world of flowers and use them as tools to express what words cannot always say!

California Flowers - Livram zambete si flori, acum si in Bucuresti!

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