The rose, the symbol of love - The bouquets in which it must be found


Have you noticed that most bouquets and floral arrangements contain red roses in most cases? This is due to the fact that the rose is the symbol of love, of love. Therefore, if you want to show a loved one in your life how much you love them, it is recommended to offer them on a special occasion or on a normal day, a bouquet made of roses in special shades.




  1. The rose, the symbol of love - Why does the rose have this meaning?
  2. The rose, the symbol of love - How can this special flower be offered?





1. The rose, the symbol of love - Why does the rose have this meaning?  

How many times have you wondered what the rose in a huge bouquet of flowers means? As you already know, each color and each type of flower has a certain symbolism, and as for the rose, it is considered the symbol of love.


The symbolism of the flower is due to an old Italian custom, according to which the lover sprinkles rose petals in front of the house of the future wife. If the petals were not tightened, this meant mutual love and marriage.


Thus, even though a long time has passed since then, even today the rose is associated with love, which is why at the first meeting, if things go well, this flower can be offered.


Currently there are a lot of varieties of roses that you can look at if you want to conquer a lady who stole your heart. Thus, it is not mandatory to choose red roses, to impress her and to show her how much you care about her, but you can choose from the multiple shades of yellow, pink, white or cream.


In addition, if you are a non-conformist person, who loves things done differently, you can focus on the most atypical shades of roses. Thus, if you have a long-term relationship, you know your partner very well and you want to surprise her on the occasion of her birthday, for example, you can choose a bouquet of roses blue or black. In this case, it is mandatory that before you buy such a floral arrangement, make sure that your half loves this type of flower.

2. The rose, the symbol of love - How can this special flower be offered?  


If you want to bring a smile on the face of the most important woman in your life, it is good to give her a rose or a buchet made with this kind of flower. Besides the fact that the symbol of the rose is that of love, it is an extraordinarily refined and elegant flower, which fits perfectly to special occasions and not only.


If you have decided on this flower, it is good to start thinking about the way you want to offer it. Thus, you can choose between a single flower, a bouquet, a floral arrangement with this or that box full of roses.


Thus, if you are at the beginning of the relationship, you can offer a single red rose, but if the relationship with your partner is stable and lasting, you can focus on various uniquely made bouquets.


It is very important to be aware that the bouquet should not be chosen at random, but it is recommended that it be made to order, so that it comes out exactly as you want. It is best to ask the opinion of specialists, especially if you want a special floral arrangement.


You can add in the bouquet or basket arrangement different accessories or elements that will add beauty. For example, you can insert a necklace, some precious stones or a letter among the flowers, in which you tell her everything you feel for her.


A personalized bouquet is much more appreciated than a purchased one, made at random, so it is best to choose to get involved as much as possible in the process of making it.


Finally, every time you want to apologize to your partner, show her how much you love her, or just make her happy, it's a good idea to do it with a bouquet of numerous red roses or with a special shade.


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