Freesia bouquets

Freesia bouquets - Choose a special arrangement for a loved one

Elegant and tasteful freesia bouquets


      Freesia bouquets - surprise your loved one with meaningful floral arrangements

      The delicate freesias are a symbol of mystery, thanks to the "habit" of revealing their seductive aroma only in friendly environments, which gives them optimal temperature and humidity. Elegant, they are a masterpiece of nature, thanks to the wonderful efflorescences and the floral-woody, refreshing aroma.

      A single bouquet carries an infinity of meanings! Innocence, pure love, wisdom, friendship or trust are just a few of them and that is why people are used to offering them as a gift to mothers, girlfriends, sisters, close friends or the teacher they are grateful for. If you feel the need to thank your mother for always thinking of you, to surprise your girlfriend with a simple and elegant gesture or if you feel the need to express your feelings towards your grandmother, without using words, then let the flowers do it! The arrangements offered by Californiaflowers successfully complement the sender's presence at any time special occasion or corporate event. They are available both individually and in combination with other flowers, such as bouquets of freesias and tulips, orchids, roses or lisianthus, for a more sophisticated image.

      Bouquets freesias: ideal for countless occasions and special moments

      The shades of each floral arrangement carry their own message. A bouquet of yellow flowers  conveys warmth, affection and love for a close friend, but can also express a "thank you" or "congratulations". White or pink flowers can be given at weddings or when a child is born. On our online store you have a wealth of fresh, multicolored flowers in any season. We will also send you a picture of the bouquet before delivery!

      What types of freesias do the bouquets have?

      The bouquets contain all kinds of freesias.

      What are the predominant colors in freesia bouquets?

      The predominant colors in the freesia bouquets are: pink, white and yellow.

      Can you request bouquets of freesias by order?

      Yes, you can request bouquets of freesias by order.

      Can a personalized greeting card be included in the freesia bouquet?

      Yes, a personalized greeting card can be included in the freesia bouquet.

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