Boxes with orchids

Canned orchids - simple and tasteful

Boxes with orchids specially created to be given to a loved one


      Boxed orchids - the flowers that help you express the most beautiful feelings 

      Known for their exotic beauty, orchids are flowers rich in history, but also in meaning. In general, it symbolizes love, elegance and luxury. While pink flowers are offered to celebrate the fourteenth anniversary of a couple's wedding, purple flowers represent the admiration and respect you can have for your loved one. To celebrate a friendship and new beginnings, give someone a yellow or orange flower as a gift. Finally, white flowers symbolize innocence, purity, but also the gratitude you can show to important people in your life.

      Boxed orchids are the perfect gift for any occasion with which you will impress a loved one

      Boxes of orchids from are perfect for gifts, ornaments, interior design centerpieces and more. Now you can choose from a variety of colors so that the meaning of the gift you give to your loved one reflects your intention. These special flowers are available in colors such as purple, green, white, pink and red. Cymbidium is the most popular variety of orchid, and rightly so - it is easy to care for and can be easily integrated into a box of roses or box of hydrangeas.

      Therefore, offering a box of orchids as a gift is both a perfect choice from an aesthetic point of view and from a sentimental point of view, being a noble gesture of appreciation and love. By placing an order on our website, you will have the guarantee that you will receive the floral arrangement quickly and with a correct quality-price ratio!

      What types of orchids do the boxes contain?

      The boxes with orchids contain: Cycnoches Orchid, Cymbidium Orchid, Dendrobium Orchid, Lycaste Orchid, Phalaenopsis Orchid.

      What are the predominant colors in the orchid boxes?

      The predominant colors in the orchid boxes are: pink, white and purple.

      Can I include a personalized greeting card in the orchid box?

      Yes, you can include a personalized greeting card in the orchid box.

      How long does delivery take for orchid boxes?

      Boxes with orchids are delivered from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 and 22:00 with their own couriers. For the orders to be delivered on the same day, the order must be placed by 18:00.

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