Orchid bouquet

Orchid bouquets - elegant and refined

Bouquets with orchids ideal for special moments


      Orchid bouquets - an elegant and romantic choice

      It is easy to understand why orchid bouquets are a very popular choice when it comes to celebrating special moments in people's lives. Their variety of colors, elegant stems and unique flower shape exude an unmistakable grace that you rarely find in other flowers. That's why California Flowers orchid bouquets are perfect for occasions full of romance and elegance such as weddings, dinners and anniversaries. Each type and color of orchid carries with it a special significance. Therefore, you can choose from a variety of orchid types such as Cymbidum or Cycnoches, available in multiple shades such as purple, white, pink, and green.

      Orchid bouquet - arrangements with premium flowers, suitable for any budget!

      When you order a bouquet of imperial orchids from California Flowers, you can be sure that you will receive the best quality flowers at unbeatable prices. At the same time, we provide a wide range of bouquets and flower boxes that can be gifted to important people in your life. From the classic tulip and rose bouquets, to exotic arrangements with lisianthus and hydrangeas, you will surely find the perfect flowers for your special occasion! Give your loved one a preserved rose box or a preserved rose globe that can last for a very long time. With such a practical and elegant gift you will surely make a memorable impression!

      What types of orchids do the bouquets contain?

      Bouquets contain: Cycnoches Orchid, Cymbidium Orchid, Dendrobium Orchid, Lycaste Orchid, Phalaenopands Orchid.

      What are the predominant colors in orchid bouquets?

      The predominant colors in the orchid bouquets are: pink, green, white and purple.

      Can orchid bouquets be made by order?

      Yes, you can make Orchid bouquets to order.

      Can a personalized greeting card be included in the orchid bouquet?

      Yes, a personalized greeting card can be included in the orchid bouquet.

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