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Cryogenic roses

Cryogenic roses: Choose an elegant arrangement for a loved one

Cryogenic roses Bucharest and Brasov for those unforgettable moments

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Cryogenic roses

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Cryogenic roses

What are cryogenic roses?

Roses that retain their natural shape and color, but which, unlike them, last for many years.

How are cryogenic roses maintained?

Cryogenic roses should not be watered or treated with care products. Touching the petals should be avoided as this could affect the life of the roses. Ideally, they should be protected from direct sunlight. If dust starts to accumulate after a while, it can be simply removed with a brush.

How long do cryogenic roses last?

They remain intact if the maintenance rules are followed between at least 2 and 10 years.

Are cryogenic roses natural roses?

Yes, they are natural roses that go through a process called freeze-drying.

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