Boxes with natural roses

Boxes with roses - special bouquets for every taste

Boxed roses - Choose a bouquet for a loved one


      Boxes with natural roses - a gift full of style and color!

      Add a romantic and elegant touch to the special events in your life! The boxes of natural roses from California Flowers are an inspired way in which you can make your other half truly happy. Whether it's the anniversary wedding or her birthday, such a gift will captivate with its simplicity and beauty. Our selections of natural roses include all colors, from pastel pink to purple, bright yellow, orange, white, cream, red and burgundy. To add harmony to the arrangement, we used other carefully selected types of flowers, as well tulips, lisianthus or freesias. The boxes in which the flowers come are durable and faithfully keep the modern design line we are used to.

      Box of roses - the beauty of all nature, at home

      We know how important it is that the flowers offered as a gift reach the recipient in time and keep them fresh. That's why at California Flowers you will always find 100% natural boxed roses, now available for same day delivery when placing your order. Our collection also includes special floral arrangements, designed to reflect the personal preferences of our customers. Either you choose one classic bouquet of roses or you are captivated by the spell orchids if a hydrangeas in the box, you will have the guarantee of quality products, at extremely advantageous prices. At the same time, preserved roses are a perfect gift for any occasion, having the advantage of keeping their beauty and colors for a longer period of time.

      What types of roses do the boxes contain?

      The boxes contain natural roses or preserved roses.

      What are the predominant colors in the boxes of natural roses?

      The predominant colors in the boxes with natural roses are: pink, white, red, purple and yellow.

      Can I include a personalized greeting card in the box with natural roses?

      Yes, you can include a personalized greeting card with natural roses.

      How long does delivery take for natural rose boxes?

      The delivery of the boxes with natural roses is made from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 and 22:00 with our own delivery service. For the orders to be delivered on the same day, the order must be placed by 18:00.

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