Bridal bouquets


      What types of flowers are used in funeral arrangements?

      In the funeral arrangements there are used: roses, gerbera, carnations, tros, cymbidium, cale, eustoma.

      Can a personalized message be included in the funeral arrangement?

      Yes, a personalized message can be included in the funeral arrangement.

      How long does it take to deliver the wreaths?

      The delivery of the funeral arrangements is made from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 and 22:00 with our own delivery service. For the orders to be delivered on the same day, the order must be placed by 18:00.


      Funeral crowns made of a variety of flowers


      Honor the life of a dear one by choosing a funeral arrangement full of meaning. Our floral arrangements are available in a diverse variety so you can choose the most appropriate one for the event. Thus, we offer impressive flower bouquets and funeral crowns, containing various flowers such as: white, red, yellow, pink roses, freesias, lisianthus, calla flower, crysanthemums, carnations and tulips. Funeral flower arrangements are made in subtle combinations, with greenery accents, offering an elegant and refined look. Each funeral bouquet or crown can contain a crad through wich you can send your message to the person you lost.


      Funeral Crowns in Bucharest and Brasov - send your message through flowers


      Each California Flowers arrangement contains flowers in varied colors are displayed in such a way that makes a novel result to fit any preference. You can opt for round, heart shaped funeral crowns, but also luxury flower arrangements for the casket. These are available in pure colors, like immaculate white, but also in bright shades like intense red. We make our crowns with great attention to detail, so you can send your sympathies to the family af the deceased through them. Wether you are from Brasov or Bucharest (any county), you can order funeral arrangements and we will make sure everything is perfectly executed.

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