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California Flowers is a modern flower shop, made for people that pay attention to detail. By delivering our expressive flowers right at your residence, or our carefully selected gifts, we can make your loved ones feel appreciated even from a distance.

We deliver flowers by order right at your door in Bucharest and Brasov.

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We pride ourselves on modern arrangements and unique gifts that you won't find anywhere else.

We work with the best designers to deliver stunning bouquets and healthy plants that fit every occasion. .



A refined bouquet of fresh flowers will always be received with joy and gratitude. It is a graceful gesture that conveys positive emotions: affection, love, gratitude or a warm wish. will support you in your attempt to convey the most beautiful thoughts to those close to you.

With a simple online order, you can send to a close person from Brasov or Bucharest a distinguished bouquet, made with good taste. Choose some of the most beautiful flowers, such as trandafiri , tulips , hydrangeas, orchids or lisianthus . The California Flowers team, made up of the most experienced and talented florists, will not only make a simple bouquet, but a true story transmitted through the language of flowers. In addition to the classic options, you have the opportunity to go to special options, such as flowers in a box or cryogenic roses in domes , globe or in the form of jewelry . The aesthetic effect that such an ornament has on the house will be truly appreciated by the recipient.

Flowers delivered to your home in Brasov and Bucharest by ordering online

California Flowers also offers you a range of gifts that you can send to Bucharest or Brasov along with the flowers. You have a choice between bottles of noble wine, fine desserts and other charming surprises.

The distance between you and your loved ones should not be an impediment in expressing the feelings that bind you. Even thousands of miles away, you can catch them on every special occasion, birthdays, important anniversaries, or significant moments in their lives. Don't let important moments pass without you showing them how much they mean to you.