Christening flowers: suggestions and tips for choosing

A baptism is a special and emotional event where family and friends gather to celebrate the new life and bring blessings to the child. Flowers are an important element in the decoration of the baptism party, giving a touch of beauty, freshness and symbolism. If you are preparing to organize a christening party and want to choose the right flowers, here are some suggestions and tips to inspire you.


Roses are some of the most popular flowers for special events, and a christening is no exception. These elegant and romantic flowers can be used in various colors such as pink, white or yellow. Pink often symbolizes innocence and sweetness, white represents purity, and yellow can bring a touch of light and joy.


Lilies are majestic and sophisticated flowers, perfect for adding elegance and sophistication to your christening party decor. These flowers can be chosen in white, pink or purple variants depending on your preferences. White lilies symbolize innocence and purity, while pink ones can add a romantic and delicate touch.


Freesias are delicate and fragrant flowers known for their elegant appearance and colorful petals. These flowers are available in a wide range of colors including white, pink, yellow, purple and orange. Freesias can bring a spring and fresh air to the decoration of the baptism party, being popular choices for flower arrangements in the summer season.

Go and go

Irises are elegant and sophisticated flowers known for their vibrant colors and distinct shapes. These flowers are available in shades of purple, blue, white and yellow. Irises can bring a touch of mystery and sophistication to the christening party decor and can be combined in floral arrangements with other complementary flowers.

Mixed bouquets

To create a strong visual impact and bring variety to the christening party decor, you can opt for mixed bouquets, which combine different types of flowers in a color harmony. Choose flowers with complementary colors and textures to achieve an attractive and diverse look. You can also consult the advice of California Flowers florists to create unique and personalized arrangements.

Other details to keep in mind!

It is also important to consider the practical aspects when choosing flowers for the christening party. Make sure you choose flowers that hold up well in the pots and the ambient conditions of the location.

Flowers play an essential role in the decoration of the christening party, bringing beauty, freshness and symbolism. The right choice of flowers can help create a special and memorable atmosphere. Each flower has its own symbolism and brings a distinct touch to the decor of the event. From romantic roses to cheerful tulips or elegant lilies, there are a variety of options to choose the most suitable flowers for the christening party.

When selecting flowers , consider the theme of the event, personal preferences and the symbolism associated with each flower. You can opt for mixed bouquets, floral arrangements or even unexpected combinations of flowers to add extra originality and creativity to the decor.

Regardless of the choices made, flowers will bring freshness, color and beauty to the christening party, completing the atmosphere of joy and celebration of new life. Invest in quality flowers and work with professionals in the field to ensure that the setting is special and that you will create beautiful memories with your loved ones.

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