The meanings of flowers, the messengers of feelings - Convey what you feel without using words

We all like flowers, whether we receive them or give them to someone special. That is why people usually give flowers to their loved ones, as a sign of gratitude, love, respect or friendship. Loved and very popular, the flowers are each characterized by a special symbolism, unique compared to the rest of the plants. Traditionally, flowers express feelings, ideas or moods and this explains people's habit of composing bouquets of such "messages" through which they convey what they feel without using the language of words. 



1. The meanings of flowers - What does the sender mean? Small dictionary for deciphering the language of the most tender plants 

2. The meaning of flowers - Deciphering the message according to the color code

1. The meanings of flowers - What does the sender mean? Small dictionary for deciphering the language of the most tender plants  


Flowers are the ideal gift for women and men alike. We know it may sound weird, but modern society has adopted the tradition of offering flowers to men, which is already a norm in developed countries. We have to be honest, men or women, children or adults, each of us loves a bouquet of fresh flowers or an elegant floral arrangement. Because we offer them so often, it is important to know the meaning of flowers before designing a bouquet. 


  • White roses 


Symbol of passionate love in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, roses were associated with Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love.  



Bouquets of white roses it represents, as you have already guessed, innocence and purity. Thus, they are a symbol of marriage and have become increasingly popular flowers for the bride's bouquet. The immaculate color of the flowers illustrates the homage paid to the new beginnings, expresses hope for a bright future and thus make the perfect bouquet for occasions such as anniversaries, baptisms or graduations. 


  • Orchids 


The orchid is appreciated thanks to its delicate, sculptural beauty, being associated since ancient times with fertility and sexuality. They are considered luxury flowers and often compose the most successful floral arrangements, intended for bosses, grandparents, parents, teachers and any other authority figure to whom the sender has a sincere respect. 


  • Peonies 

Peonies are the official emblem of Japan and are cultivated as a symbol of courage and honor, two basic principles of this country. 

In Feng Shui, pink peonies are suitable for decorating the bedroom, being considered the most sensual flowers that bring prosperity and harmony to the couple. Bouquets with peonies for brides they are considered lucky and predict that the marriage will be a successful one. 


  • freesia 


Freesias are considered flowers specific to the sign of Sagittarius and also a symbol of mystery, because they reveal their soft scent, only if they are placed in environments with optimal temperature and humidity. Bouquets with freesias variously colored embody communication, trusting friendship and are suitable to be offered to a colleague, friend, mother or other woman in the family. 

Since 1950, freesias have become very popular for bridal bouquets, wedding ornaments and buttonholes. 


  • Tulips 


The national flower of the Netherlands, the tulip illustrates the elegance and the lasting feelings that overcome any obstacles appear over time. 


  • Lisianthus 


The meanings of Lisianthus flowers are closely related to the sign of Sagittarius, and people born in this sign are passionate, always active, sincere in love and have an effervescent creativity. 

The flowers of Lisianthus are suitable gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, engagement parties or other occasions when love is celebrated. This explains their presence in decorations and even in wedding gifts. 

They also symbolize feelings of gratitude and appreciation, so they can compose a suggestive message of gratitude for someone who helped you or as a gesture of admiration for someone special. 


  • Hydrangeas 


A bouquet or a hydrangea arrangement symbolizes sincere love and is given on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of marriage.

 2. The meaning of flowers - Deciphering the message according to the color code 


Now that we have revealed the symbolism of the most popular flower species, find out what secret message is hidden in the color palette of the petals.


  • Red 

The significance of flowers with red petals is associated in most cases with the sun, life, love, courage, vigor and will for most peoples of the world. 

  • White 


In Western culture, bouquets of white flowers are associated with chastity and for this reason, white is most often used at weddings. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, white is correlated with the color of angels and doves that symbolize the Holy Spirit. 


  • Yellow 


Yellow is considered the color of the gods and divine power. One bouquet of yellow flowers it is ideal for warm season events, or to celebrate friendships. 


  • Orange 


Orange is composed of yellow and red, so it borrows the symbolism of flowers of both colors. Because it is close to the passion of red, but also to the warmth of yellow, orange can be found in a bouquet of flowers that you can give to a person to whom you feel a strong attraction. 


  • Pink 


Pink is often associated with gentleness, warmth, kindness and even new beginnings.

Bouquets with tulips, freesias, orchids or pink roses are generally given to friends, especially when you want to express your support after overcoming an obstacle (successful operation, etc.). or congratulations for a change in their lives (move, birth, etc.). 


  • Blue 


Blue is correlated with the sky and the sea, two things that express infinity. Therefore, the meanings of the blue flowers are as deep as the color of the petals.


A bouquet of blue flowers can be the solution when you want to convey to your loved one that you want your relationship to last despite the obstacles. 


Thanks to this simple and comprehensive guide, you already know how to make monochrome bouquets or you can be creative and give multicolored bouquets, in tune with your feelings for the recipient. 


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