Winter flower care - essential tips to have beautiful flowers during the cold season

flower care in winter

The cold season turns everyone's life upside down, including plants. Low temperatures and winter conditions are not exactly favorable for flowers. They require much more attention during the winter if you want them to survive and continue to develop harmoniously. This is valid both in the case of potted houseplants and in the case of bouquets or floral arrangements. When you get or receive a special arrangement, you want it to last as long as possible so you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

Discover further some tips on how to take care of your flowers during the winter and what they should never lack.



  1. How to take care of your flowers in the apartment during the cold season
  2. What flowers must not lack in winter


1. How to take care of your flowers in the apartment during the cold season


bouquet of roses

The flowers differ from one type to another. Some are easy to maintain, while others are more demanding and require more attention. Plants need your attention all year round, but in the cold season, you seem to start to worry more about them. To make sure that you take care of them properly, it is good to take into account some tips.

The place where you put the flowers influences their lifespan to an extremely high percentage. Location is an extremely important aspect from several points of view. They must have all the conditions they need if you want them to stay healthy and continue to develop in a harmonious way. When you have several types of flowers, it is recommended to document the needs of each one. In this way, you will be able to group them according to their needs, ensuring the best conditions. This aspect must be respected both in the case of flowers in pots, as well as in the case of bouquets of flowers received on various occasions from loved ones.

A habit that any person who has flowers in the house should have is to move them. This move involves changing the pot at certain time intervals, depending on the degree of development of the plant. In this way, you make sure that the roots have room to grow further, without being left with insufficient soil. Also, the flowers must be cleaned of dry leaves and everything that seems to be a harmful surplus for them. By preparing your flowers for the winter, you will ensure their resistance.

When it comes to flower bouquets, whether it's rose bouquets or orchid bouquets , make sure you change the water in the vase every few days to extend their life.


2. What flowers must not lack in winter

floral arrangement in winter


Winter can be a difficult season in terms of weather conditions. That's why you have to make sure that your flowers don't lack anything they need:

The right temperature

The temperature plays an essential role regarding the condition of the flowers. It is necessary to be careful not to expose them to too low or too high temperatures. Both will only contribute to the damage or even the end of the plants. When you have an arrangement, a box with hydrangeas or a unique bouquet that you can't take your eyes off, place the flowers in a room where the temperature is constant. Avoiding sudden changes in temperature will extend the life of the flowers, and you will enjoy their beauty for longer.

The water

In the cold season it is important to make sure that the flowers receive enough water. The aspect to which you must pay more attention is the amount of water you give to each individual plant, in order not to exaggerate. Some need to be watered little and often, and others less often. As I mentioned above, in the case of the flowers you put in the vase, it is advisable to change the water so that they keep their freshness.

The light

Light is one of the elements that influence the condition of flowers. Take care to position the plants so that they get as much light as possible. Do not stick them to the window and do not let the leaves or flowers come into contact with the window because the temperature difference could damage them.

Flowers that are properly cared for each season will have a long lifespan and will delight your eyes every time you notice their beauty. If you want a flower that does not need to be cared for so carefully, you can turn your attention to cryogenic roses . Of course, when it comes to the winter holidays, you can use a Christmas arrangement that will beautify this time of the year.


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