Flower care, from hobby to art! Useful tips and ideas to turn your home into a real garden

Flowers are a joy for the soul, a delight for the eyes, a relaxation for the mind. From time immemorial, plants, flowers, have beautified people's homes and fabulously completed every important event in their lives.

Even today, flowers are part of our lives, we like to take care of flowers in pots, to fill our house with color and inviting perfumes, especially since when you live in a green space, everything becomes much more relaxing. 

In addition, at important events, flowers are indispensable, whether it is a wedding, a baptism or an anniversary. We like to receive and give flowers, we are happy as children with an arrangement received or offered with much love, we love the color and delicate texture of the petals. But in order to enjoy them as long as possible, we need to know how to take care of them, keep them fresh for as long as possible (whether it's sponge arrangements or bouquets) or be proud of impressive pots for years. (when we talk about flowers in pots).

In the next article you will learn how to take care of flowers, what you need to do to enjoy their fragrance and company for a long time, but you will also find some useful tips and tricks for caring for flowers depending on the season. 


  • Flower care - a fabulous hobby with many health benefits
  • Flower care - how to turn your home into a relaxing space 
  • Caring for houseplants depending on the season. What you need to do to keep them healthy every season
  • 3.1. Spring flower care

    3.2. Summer flower care

    3.3. Autumn flower care

    3.4. Winter flower care

  • Flowers, a joy for the soul. How to take care of them to keep them as long as possible 

  •  1. Flower care - a fabulous hobby with many health benefits 

    If you are among the people who love flowers and like to always have plants around them, you should know that you are part of that category of people with much better health. In addition to the benefit known to everyone, the one related to photosynthesis and air purification then (in the process of photosynthesis, green plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen), there is one known to few people: those who always have plants around them. green or flowering plants and take care of them are happier! The well-being comes from the fact that when you take care of a plant, the mind relaxes, forgets about everyday problems and so those who take care of plants enjoy a better life.

    What does flower care mean?

    Just as some people make friends with animals and adopt a cat or puppy, others love flowers and consider them loyal friends. 

    When you take care of a flower, you have to worry about its life (which can be quite fragile if you don't know exactly what to do): how much light it needs, how many times a week it needs to be watered, at what temperature it feels the best, etc. 

    All these things are different depending on the species, so if an orchid needs a special "soil" and water once a week, at trandafiri you will need more water, loose soil (not gravel) and lots of light. 

    Every flower is different, every flower is beautiful in its own way, every flower needs special attention and care.  

    In addition, the great benefit that flowers bring is that they can regulate your blood pressure (when you take care of them), they can drive away your depression and refresh your air. 

     2. Flower care - how to turn your home into a relaxing space  

    A house full of flowers is a home where you really feel at home, a magical place where you feel good, where everything looks much more beautiful. Especially if there are beautiful floral arrangements, both on the coffee table in the living room and on the bedside table in the bedroom. 

    Flowers are a blessing, they radically change your home and give you a feeling of well-being. But how do you keep them fresh for as long as possible? Here are some helpful tips!

    How to keep flowers fresh for as long as possible


    When you receive or buy a bouquet of flowers you need to consider a few steps so that the flowers stay fresh and look good for as long as possible.

    • carefully remove all packaging from the flowers.
    • do not remove the string or elastic from a hand-tied bouquet, as it holds the bouquet together in its arranged shape. It can be removed once the flowers are in the vase.
    • cut approx. 2-3cm at an angle, with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife, from the base of each stem. Cutting at an angle will result in a larger area from which your flowers can drink.
    • remove the leaves from the stems that will be below the waterline in the vase.
    • place the bouquet in a clean vase filled with fresh water, preferably at room temperature. Add "flower food" following the instructions on the envelope.
    • arrange the flowers from vase somewhere away from currents, direct sunlight, heat sources - all these factors affect how fresh your flowers will be.
    • Avoid placing flower pots next to fruits or vegetables, especially bananas and apples.

    Baking fruits release an odorless invisible gas called ethylene. This gas is harmless to humans but deadly to flowers. (It seems that in the world of plants, flowers are the precursors of fruits. Once a flower is pollinated, it begins to grow into a fruit so that it can form a seed. Ethylene is the gaseous hormone in the plant that causes that flower to lose its petals and become a fruit. As the fruit matures, it continues to release ethylene). Thus, when you place the vase of flowers next to the ripening fruits, you expose them to this gas, and they will wither much faster! 

    • cut the stems again every 3 days and change the water. Fill the vase with water when necessary.

    Floral arrangements in sponge 

    These are special because the flowers have already been arranged, there is no need to remove anything, do not try to remove their stems from the foam or sponge. 

    When you receive or buy a floral arrangement, don't forget to check how moist the area where the plants are placed is, and if it needs water, don't hesitate to water it.

    To extend the life of the flower arrangement, add water to the container every two to 3 days. If you like, you can keep the flowers in the original packaging, but make sure you put fresh water every 2-3 days.

    New planets (freshly replanted)

    Never feed a new plant. A plant that moves from your garden to your home is stressed and will need a month or two to adapt to its new environment. However, be sure to always remove dead flowers and damaged or yellowed leaves. 

    You can also remove dry branches with special scissors. 

     3. Caring for houseplants depending on the season. What you need to do to keep them healthy every season

    Apartment flowers need special care, depending on the season, the season. If in the spring you take care to separate the chicks from the mother plants, in the summer you will need to change their soil and in the winter to ensure a constant temperature. 

    For each season there is a special treatment for plants, which is recommended to take into account, so that your flowers look good, to be healthy and to grow happy. 

     3.1. Spring flower care  

    Spring is the season in which green plants are reborn, in which the trees bloom, the grass is reborn and grows covering the meadows with a raw green blanket, the spring flowers make their place in the cold air and perfume the gardens with their soft bridal. 

    Although houseplants are always warm and enjoy all your attention, spring is coming for them too. 

    Thus, as the warm season approaches, the flowers must prepare for the coming of spring. You can change the soil, put them closer to the natural source of light and clean them more often of dead leaves, spring is the time when everything is reborn, and your flowers need special attention. 

     3.2. Summer flower care 

    Summer is everyone's favorite season, the holiday being the first word associated with this season. But for your flowers, it is the moment when they enjoy the heat, the light, the rays of the sun.

    But, because they are house flowers and have constant temperatures all year round, when summer comes, it is time to protect them from the direct rays of the sun, not to keep them in excessive heat because they can suffer and die. 

     3.3. Autumn flower care 

    Autumn is the season when nature goes to rest, to prepare for winter, and then to come back fuller of life, greener, happier. And the flowers you have in the apartment need rest, preparation for the cold season, even if they are always at the right temperature and light.

    Thus, you can change the soil of your plants, those that have grown can be moved to larger pots, and those that have made chicks can be placed in separate pots. Clean them well of dry leaves and twigs and now your flowers are ready for the cold season! 

     3.4. Winter flower care 

    Winter is the season when nature rests, when the trees hibernate, and the green plants dry out to be reborn in the spring. 

    However, the plants you have in the apartment need special treatment in the cold season. So, winter flower care It must be done carefully, especially if you have different plants, which need different temperatures and humidity. 

    Try to have a constant temperature in the place where you keep the flowers, with as much light as possible, especially since in winter the length of the day is extremely short, and the plants need it for photosynthesis. 

     4. Flowers, a joy for the soul. How to take care of them to keep them as long as possible  

    Flowers bring smiles, flowers are a wonder of nature, they are made to delight souls, to complete magical events, to bring good cheer. 

    If you love to always fill your house with bouquets and floral arrangements, you need to know exactly how to take care of them in order to enjoy them as much as possible. 

    Choose a vase that is half the height of the flowers. If the bouquet is heavy and at the bottom, use a narrower vase, and if the top is overwhelming, very rich, use a wider one. Make sure the vase is clean before use. Allow the vase to dry naturally, as using a towel can introduce bacteria that can cause more damage to the flowers.

    Fill the vase two-thirds full with water - use warm water because the flowers can drink it faster. Avoid using water that is too hot or too cold, as this can shock delicate flowers. If necessary, allow the filled vase to stand to allow the water to reach room temperature. Add flower food - it contains sugar to feed the flowers and a bleach that slows down the growth of algae and bacteria. 

    If you take into account all these useful solutions and tips in caring for flowers, you will enjoy your favorite bouquets and arrangements for a longer period of time. Moreover, your house flowers will grow faster and will be more vigorous. 

    All you have to do is get a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy it with your favorite flowers!

    Photo source: Pexels.com, Californiaflowers.ro

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