Red flowers - which are the most beautiful red flowers and what meanings they carry

Red flowers - types and meaning

There are many occasions when people give each other red flowers. The most visible gesture is that of giving red roses on Valentine's Day to a person you love. But what exactly do red flowers mean? Why do people give each other red flowers, and especially roses, on Valentine's Day? For this and many others, read this article and discover a wealth of information.


  1. Red flowers - What does the color red symbolize and what is its origin
  2. What do red flowers symbolize - what do red roses mean and the symbolism of other flowers

  1. Red flowers - types of red flowers

1. Red flowers - What does the red color symbolize and what is its origin

Red has a strong symbolism, although a bit ambiguous and counterintuitive. Red is the color of love, passion and desire. But red is also associated with war, danger and aggression and is said to have an intimidating effect on your opponent. Some people even think it might be an advantage for sports teams to wear bright red jerseys, as this would deter the opponent. However, all people campaign for the feeling of flower power, that is, that of spreading love instead of war, so the core of this article will focus on the passionate meaning of red flowers. Due to the association with love, red flowers are often offered on days such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. But where does this meaning of red flowers come from?

Red is a color with a lot of history. In China, the color has been famous for centuries: since the times of the Chinese Empire and the Republic of China. Examples include the Chinese flag and the infamous Red Book, with statements by Mao Zedong. In Moscow is the famous Red Square (Krasnaia Plosad). The market is known for its political significance and association with communism, but that is not where it got its name from. In old Russian, "krasnaia" means "beautiful". But what is the nature of red? In the West, red is associated with warmth, passion, sexuality, anger and love. In China, India and other Asian countries, people associated the color red with happiness, power and luck. In politics, red has become the color of revolution. Some examples include:

  • in Latin America, red is the color of liberalism and has become strongly associated with Che Guevara;
  • starting with the 19th century, red was associated with socialism and communism;
  • The British Labor Party has used a red flag since its beginnings in 1900. Interestingly, it was replaced (at a party conference in 1986) with a red rose;
  • The PvdA (Dutch Labor Party) also uses a red rose as a symbol.

What is the nature of the color red? You already know that autumn begins when the leaves turn red. It is a color that often appears in nature: in flowers, trees, animals, sand and canyons. Think, for example, of the Grand Canyon. The stones get their color from iron oxide.

What is the religious symbolism of the color red? Red is also widely used in religion. A good example is represented by the clothes of the cardinals of the Catholic church. This red symbolizes the blood they are willing to sacrifice for the church. Christmas is also closely associated with the color red, a fact proven by the widespread use of red as a Christmas color. Muslim ladies often use red henna for weddings and other special occasions. And in Buddhism, red is the most important color, being secondary (after gold). It is a color that has a high energy value and represents, in this religion, transition and vitality.

2. What red flowers symbolize - what do red roses mean and the symbolism of other flowers

2. Red flowers - What do red roses mean

The custom of giving roses on Valentine's Day probably originates from the end of the 17th century, when King Charles II of Sweden went on a trip to Persia. Carol discovered the art of communicating without words, using flowers. This practice became a very popular fashion in Europe, and quickly after that, lists of flowers and their meanings became widespread. However, this does not explain how the red flowers acquired their meaning. So why red roses on Valentine's Day? This story comes from Greek mythology. The rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. When her lover, Adonis, was killed by a boar, Aphrodite wept bitter tears over his death. Where her tears touched the ground, rose bushes grew, reddened by the blood of Adonis. The story has a (partial) happy ending: Zeus brought Adonis back to life. But because Persephone - the goddess of fertility and death - also asked for her love, it was decided that Adonis would spend six months in the underworld, together with her, for every six months among the living with Aphrodite. In this story, the red rose is the ultimate symbol of the love that Aphrodite felt for Adonis. She fed the flowers with her tears, and the red color symbolizes the life of the lover she had lost.

The symbolism of other red flowers

Red can definitely be one of the most important colors in the flower industry. There are so many red flowers! Crowd that can make it difficult to decide which one to choose, when you want to give a loved one a beautiful bouquet of red flowers for Valentine's Day, a birthday or another special occasion. Here are some of the most emblematic red flowers and their secret meaning! Other red flowers, particularly suitable to offer to someone, are: ​​

  • tulips - probably the most emblematic Dutch flower, in this passionate color of the flower. A match made in heaven. The symbolic meaning of tulips, in general, is "perfect love". Speaking of a match made in heaven, it seems you can't go wrong with a bouquet that includes red tulips;
  • room lilies (or amaryllis) - by excellence, these represent Christmas flowers. Red lilies are a must-have for the winter season. Lilies symbolize beauty and show affection or gratitude;
  • ilex - when the trees lost their leaves, ilex branches rose up! This is a real winter and holiday favorite, for good reason. Ilex symbolizes love and hope and is a bringer of luck. The Celts also used it to keep evil away. An ilex is a perfect symbol to offer to loved ones;
  • anemones - these are such delicate, fragile and beautiful flowers. Anemones are the perfect element when it comes to flowers in a box , especially if they are also red. Anemones are a symbol of honesty and care.
4. Red flowers - The origin of the color red

3. Red flowers - types of red flowers

Do you want to know the essential elements about red flowers? Well, look no further - here is a perfect guide to flowers. You will find here what you need to know about red flowers - their meanings, types, big ones, small ones, from wild red flowers to red trees and bushes. All accompanied by a small description! Often, red flowers are associated with romance, deep desire and passion, criteria that make them the perfect flowers to send as a romantic gift for a loved one. Red roses are the most common type of flower to send as a romantic gesture, with a single stem, which denotes "love at first sight". Tulips are also a popular choice, with a red bouquet representing true love. Here are all the types of red flowers:

  • the red rose - this is a real classic, so no other information is needed;
  • red lilies (amaryllis) - the large, funnel-shaped flowers represent a bold statement during Christmas;
  • poppy - delicate flower, with four petals, which symbolizes memory;
  • chrysanthemum - this means more than flower stuffing, and chrysanthemums have single or double flowers that bloom from a branched stem;
  • anthurium (flamingo flower) - it is waxy, heart-shaped, bright red, with pale yellow spadix;
  • protea - tubular, narrow flower that adds texture to any arrangement;
  • alstroemeria (Peruvian lily) - has upside-down leaves and brightly colored flowers on long stems, with a long life in the vase;
  • kniphofia - a dense cluster of tubular flowers, and these colorful flowers are perfect for autumn;
  • sweet William (dianthus barbatus) - spectacular flowers, which grow in tight bunches, and these red flowers become paler towards the outside;
  • zinnia - solitary flower, daisy, which adds a purple touch to an autumn arrangement;
  • tulips - flowers with unique shapes, which line the roads during spring;
  • ranunculus (sour ranunculus) - belongs to the buttercup family, and this flower is like the rose with big heads and adds a touch of beauty.

Therefore, red flowers are particularly beautiful and attractive, and their meanings are many and can be found in many fields, starting from mythology and reaching politics or religion.

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California Flowers - Livram zambete si flori, acum si in Bucuresti!

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