Summer flowers are perfect for getting spectacular bouquets!

Flowers are a pleasure for any woman. Whether she receives them from her boyfriend or receives them from colleagues on the occasion of a birthday, flowers have the ability to cheer up anyone. This is especially true in the warm season, when the flowers offer a burst of color.

However, in order to make the most of their beauty, it is necessary to resort to one florist with experience, who knows how to highlight each flower in the bouquet, managing to create, simultaneously, a harmonious result. 


  • You don't need a garden to enjoy beautiful summer flowers all summer long
  • What are the most beautiful summer flowers we use in our bouquets?
  • 2.1 Summer purple flowers

    2.2 White summer flowers

    2.3 Blue summer flowers

    2.4 Other spectacular colors of summer flowers

  • Bouquets with summer flowers perfect for any occasion 
  • From traditional pots to boxes and baskets with summer flowers
  • Two more unusual arrangement ideas for summer flowers
  • Proper care of summer flowers to keep them in bloom for as long as possible

  •  1. You don't need a garden to enjoy beautiful summer flowers all summer long 

    The flowers manage to brighten any space where they are placed. From the impressive colors to the fresh and unmistakable scent, they always bring a smile to women's lips. Many of them would like to have a garden or a yard just to be able to plant flowers to enjoy during the summer months, but, in the absence of space, they cannot do so.

    Well, in addition to the many flowers that can be planted in pots and kept on the balcony or in a bright room, there is always the option of choosing a floral arrangement that breaks the monotony of the home. These arrangements are often offered as a gift on special occasions, but they can also be given to a friend who would like to have a splash of color in the house or, why not, you can give them as a gift yourself! 

    Some people prefer floral arrangements that look elegant, while others love arrangements that seem to be made "in a hurry", although behind them is the work and knowledge of an experienced florist. You can choose a bouquet of flowers in your favorite colors or flowers that will fit in the decor of a certain room, either due to the complementary color or by making a contrast with the rest of the decorative elements. So, whether you like bouquets or not trandafiri or bouquets with hydrangeas, you have a generous color palette to choose from. 

    2. What are the most beautiful summer flowers we use in our bouquets? 

    Summer flowers and bouquets made this season are characterized by a special freshness, colors that remind you of the hot holidays, but also modern lines, which form a visual continuum between all the components of a bouquet.

    Whether we are talking about hydrangeas, roses, freesias or lilies, their color matters a lot for the final result. It is, in addition, one of the main criteria of choice both in terms of bouquets bought to be given to another person as a gift, and in terms of bouquets offered as a gift to oneself. From yellow roses to purple hydrangeas and pink lilies, the colors of the flowers of the warm season are extremely varied, capturing the attention of even the most demanding people. 

     2.1. Summer purple flowers 

    This color is always related to the concept of elegance, that of royalty. In addition, it is associated with mystery, spirituality, but also with success. Purple flowers always look good when placed in a bouquet as they provide a point of contrast, which makes the bouquet look special. 

    For example, a bouquet of pink and blue hydrangeas is complemented by purple hydrangeas, visually balancing the result.

    A bouquet of roses, orchids and lisianthus, with a dominant red color, will, in turn, acquire a new point of interest when a purple rose is placed. 

    If you want to give purple flowers as a gift, the color is suitable when celebrating a certain achievement (either personally or professionally) or when you want to show your admiration for someone.

     2.2. White summer flowers 

    White summer flowers are most often associated with purity, delicacy and innocence, but in the right combinations, they become feminine, even warm. They are perfect when you want to offer someone a bouquet that conveys elegance, but without romantic connotations (as is the case with red roses).

    White can be used in bouquets as the only color, to get a strong contrast with the colorful flowers or to make a bouquet that conveys tenderness and femininity. A good example is the bouquet below with hydrangeas, peonies and astilbes, which combines the purity of white with the femininity of pastel pink.

    Another variant with a feminine air, but which puts more emphasis on roses, is the bouquet with white roses and vax. It also has a more rounded shape, compared to the above bouquet, being suitable for people who value order or who like simple and well-defined shapes. 

    For a slightly more colorful result, a bouquet of hydrangeas, lilies and delphinium will be able to delight for a long time the look of the one who will receive it. Moreover, the unmistakable smell of lilies will fill the room where the bouquet will be placed. 

    2.3. Blue summer flowers 

    The blue flowers evoke serenity, the tranquility of summer days, the sea or the clear sky. With a calming effect, I manage to convey the idea of trust, being the perfect choice when you want to convey this feeling to a person or when you thank him for being with you at a certain more difficult point in your life. 

    A bouquet with blue, purple and white hydrangeas is suitable if you do not want an arrangement made entirely of blue flowers. These colors form a beautiful contrast, and the spherical shape conveys the feeling of fulfillment. 

    Blue hydrangeas can also be used in combination with roses, resulting in a playful arrangement, perfect for the holidays. The use of blue together with yellow manages to communicate the image of a sunny day, with clear skies and a lot of relaxation. 

     2.4. Other spectacular colors of summer flowers 

    The three colors above are the main choices when it comes to summer flower colors, but there are a few more things to consider before making a choice:

  • pink
  • As I pointed out above, pink flowers are the perfect symbol of femininity, but also of grace and, depending on the intensity of color, refinement and delicacy. Roses, hydrangeas, lilies and freesias come in a multitude of shades and shades, from pastel pink to deep pink. 

  • yellow
  • The yellow flowers have been appreciated since ancient times, being associated with abundance and the sun. They continue to be associated with these things today, to which is added a sense of joy and freedom. Due to the intense color, yellow flowers are a perfect choice when you want to cheer someone up. A bouquet of yellow roses will bring a smile on anyone's face!

    If you prefer a bouquet that has flowers in several colors, yellow can be successfully combined with a warm shade of red, creating a balanced contrast. Bouquets containing flowers of several colors must be made taking into account the stylistic principles, in order to obtain a pleasant result from an aesthetic point of view. 

    You will not be able to fail even if you choose flowers in complementary colors. Thus, a bouquet that has in its composition both yellow flowers and purple flowers, will easily become one of your favorite bouquets! 

    The sunflower, perhaps the most beloved flower of the warm season, is in turn of a special beauty. Due to its simplicity, it can be easily placed in an elegant box, without the result being too distinguished. It is, therefore, an inspired choice for informal occasions. 

  • Red
  • The symbolism behind this color is perhaps the best known of all. It is associated with love, desire and power, being, therefore, the preferred choice of gentlemen who want to offer a bouquet to friends or wives.

    The most popular red flower is, without a doubt, the rose, recognized worldwide as symbol of love. Being a summer flower, it can be offered this season, especially when the roses are arranged by an experienced florist, who knows how to really value them. 

    It can also be combined with lighter flowers to create a bouquet that conveys more of the idea of femininity and appreciation than that of love. 

     3. Bouquets with summer flowers perfect for any occasion

    Summer flowers are perfect for making bouquets for special occasions, for type events business, but also to be offered on an informal occasion, just in order to make a nice gesture towards someone and to bring them joy. 

    Depending on the occasion on which they are to be given, you will opt either for an elegant arrangement or for a slightly simpler and unpretentious arrangement. You can consider the symbolism of each color, but many people choose a bouquet depending on the aesthetic charm of the flowers and the harmony between them, and the symbolism is set aside.

    Our recommendation is that when you are going to offer flowers for a special occasion, during a formal event, you should also take into account the symbolism of the colors. But, for informal occasions, you can make the choice taking into account only the aesthetic part. 

     4. From traditional pots to boxes and baskets with summer flowers

    The classic shape of the pots can be replaced with something more elegant and contemporary to continue the line of a modern design. The boxes we use can be white or black, depending on your preferences. Of course, the florist's advice is also important, as some flowers are better highlighted in a black box, while other flowers will look more elegant in a white box. You can see the differences in the pictures below.

    Basket flowers are another option that you can choose when you want to offer someone summer flowers in a special arrangement. They are especially appreciated by women who like the rustic style. Such a basket will look surprisingly good in a living room arranged in this style of interior design. As with the boxes, consider the florist's recommendation regarding the choice of basket color to ensure that the end result will be one that will live up to your expectations.

    The colors of summer flowers can be highlighted very well when they are placed in special boxes or baskets for arrangements of this type. Roses, hydrangeas and freesias are just a few of the flowers suitable for these containers. 

     5. Two more unusual arrangement ideas for summer flowers 

    If you want something more unique in terms of floral arrangements, two perfect options are the flowers offered in the bag or those offered in a book. Besides the fact that they easily become decorative elements, they are also excellent for a summer photo shoot.

    Moreover, they are perfect gifts for fashion lovers or for those who spend a lot of time among books. For example, a box of hydrangeas, peonies and colorful roses can be placed on the bookshelf and will brighten up the room. 

    6. Proper care of summer flowers to keep them in bloom for as long as possible 

    If you want the summer flowers to last as long as possible, regardless of the container in which they are placed (vase, box, basket, bag or book), you have to follow some simple tips: 

    • The tail of each flower must be cut obliquely before being placed in a vase or arrangement to allow better hydration. If you took bouquet from a modern florist, you do not have to worry about this aspect.  
    • Change the water at least every two days, because dirty water will speed up the wilting process. You can change the water even every morning.
    • Place the flower arrangement in a place away from direct sunlight, because its rays, especially in the warm months, can burn the delicate petals of the flowers. 
    • If you have a cooler area in the house, the flowers should be placed there to increase their lifespan.

    After the flowers have dried, you can keep them in the same container or in a decorative vase, as they will no longer need water. This type of decorative element is starting to be more and more appreciated and offers you the opportunity to continue enjoying the wonderful summer flowers, even though they have lost their shine.

    Whether you prefer the explosion of colors of flowers with strong shades, or you prefer flowers in slightly more pastel shades, during the warm season you have a wide range from which to choose. Just because you don't have a place to plant your own flowers doesn't mean you can't enjoy them! If you are curious, you can read more about flowers in our section of blog. For any question, you can contact or you can pay us a visit. You will see the beauty of the flowers just before they are arranged in the bouquet you want. 

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