Flowers in a vase - Essential tips for choosing and keeping them fresh

flowers in a vase

Flowers can bring more beauty to the home. Whether you receive flowers from your loved ones or buy them yourself, they always require attention if you want them to last as long as possible. If the flowers in pots are quite resistant, in the case of flowers cut and placed in a vase, things are a little different. Bouquets of flowers in vases wither quite quickly, but if you apply a few tricks and give them proper care, you can extend their lifespan. In this way, you will enjoy flowers with a pleasant appearance for a longer period of time and not just for two or three days.

Read on and discover some tips on how to choose and how to take care of the flower bouquets in the vase so that they last a long time.


  1. What types of flowers last the longest in a vase
  2. How you can extend the life of the flowers in the vase through effective care
  3. What details should you pay attention to when choosing a bouquet of fresh flowers


1. What types of flowers last the longest in a vase

freesia bouquet

To begin with, it is good to know the essential information about the flowers you receive or purchase. There are less resistant flowers, which wither faster, and more resistant flowers, which wither harder, as long as they have optimal conditions. Among the most resistant flowers are:


Regardless of whether they are mixed together with other types of flowers or alone, bouquets of hydrangeas are a good idea to give as a gift. In order to last as many days as possible, the water in the vase must be changed daily. It is also recommended to spray water on the flower petals. If it seems that the flowers do not absorb the water even though you change it, you can try to cut a little of the stem. This helps them absorb water much more easily and keep them fresh.


bouquet of blue hydrangeas


bouquet of hydrangeas

hydrangeas bouquet


These flowers are presented in a varied range of sizes and colors, being very resistant. In general, they are available throughout the year and stay in the vase for more than a week before they start to show the first signs of deterioration. To keep a bouquet of lilies intact for as long as possible, you can purchase one with buds and you will notice that, as soon as it starts to bloom, it will create a divine atmosphere in the home.


bouquet of lilies


They are very fragrant flowers that immediately steal the attention of those around. They can delight you with their inviting smell for a long time if you take into account one essential aspect. An important thing to know about gardenia is that it does not react well if you stand close to it and breathe. Breathing air favors the yellowing of the petals and the premature withering of the flowers. So, the more you enjoy the scent of flowers from a distance, the more you will have of them.


It is presented in a variety of colors, but it is also differentiated according to the shape of the petals. They are found everywhere, especially in autumn, being a seasonal flower. What is important to know is the fact that the flowers last up to two weeks if you take care to give them what they need. The water is recommended to be changed every two days, and the chrysanthemums should not be kept in a place where they come into direct contact with sunlight. It is also necessary to be careful that dust does not settle on the petals, because it is a harmful factor that leads to accentuated wilting in a short period of time.


bouquet of chrysanthemums

The orchids

Potted orchids last a long time if they are treated properly. Thus, even bouquets with orchids are not inferior. Flowers can live for at least two weeks if they have enough water and light. The most resistant varieties of orchids are anthurium and cymbidium and they can last even a month. You must avoid their direct exposure to the sun, but, at the same time, provide them with a sunny space.

bouquet of orchids

orchid bouquet

orchid bouquet


bouquet of flowers with orchids


These are definitely some of the most durable flowers for bouquets and come in a multitude of colors to satisfy everyone's preferences. The lifespan in a vase can be even one month, if you provide them with the conditions they need. The water of the flowers must be changed regularly and must be kept in a bright place, but protected from direct contact with the sun's rays. You must also take care that it stays in a place away from heat, because high temperatures will contribute to the appearance of brown spots on the petals.


bouquet of carnations

The tulips

Although they are spring flowers, they can also be found at other times of the year. Of all the flowers of this season, tulip bouquets last the longest in a vase. This longevity is due to the fact that they continue to grow even after being put in water. An important aspect that you should know is that they have a special sensitivity to temperature. In this case, if you put them in a heated room, they will bloom and stay open. Otherwise, if they are kept in a cool place, they will remain closed.

bouquet of tulips min-min-min

red tulips

colorful tulips


These flowers are of many types and it is good to know that some are less resistant than others. Most bouquets of roses last a week if you change their water constantly and make sure they don't feel big temperature differences. If you want to enjoy the beauty and elegance of a bouquet for as many days as possible, it is necessary to inform yourself about the type of roses you have. In this way, you will be able to give them the care they need and you will not contribute to their premature withering. Of course, you can also opt for the option of cryogenic roses , which have a much longer lifespan, which you can read about here .

bouquet of roses

pink roses

yellow roses

mixed flower bouquet

These are the types of flowers that last the longest in a vase and are most often found in florists. When you choose to give such a gift to someone, you can also take into account the previously presented aspects if you want that person to be able to enjoy the bouquet for as long as possible.


2. How you can extend the life of the flowers in the vase through effective care

bouquet of flowers

Flowers cut and placed in a vase really have a shorter lifespan and no one wants to throw them away after two days. That's why it's good to be informed and to know all the tricks you can implement to extend the life of the bouquets you receive.

When you have a new bouquet of flowers, it is absolutely necessary to check if the vase you are going to use is clean. To make sure that there are no traces of other flowers or a large amount of dust has been deposited, you can rinse the vase with water before using it again.

Once the vase is ready, it's time to fill it with water so that the stems of the flowers can absorb it efficiently. The water must be changed as often as possible if you want the flowers to stay fresh for several days, because it is the main factor that keeps the plants alive. Therefore, it is important that it is kept clean. The recommendation is that it be changed every 2 days, but this aspect also depends on the type of flowers. There are types of plants that require daily water changes. Another often used way is represented by spraying water on the flower petals.

purple freesias

If the bouquet of flowers is packed and tied, it is advisable to remove the packaging and cut the string with which they are tied. In this way, you ensure that the flowers can draw the water they need. Also, before putting them in the vase, you can take each thread separately and refresh its stem. It is recommended to cut approximately 2 cm of the stem diagonally. When you do this, you must avoid breaking them and cut them with scissors or a well-sharpened knife. In addition, try to avoid contact with air during cutting and cut them under a stream of water or in a bowl of water. Contact with air can damage them and wither quickly. When you change the water, you must wash the part of the stem that was in the discarded water. This will prevent rapid rotting of the rods.

bouquet of flowers with freesias

The flowers should not be crowded in the vase. If you don't have a large enough vase , you can divide the bouquet in half and use two, or you can get one suitable for the dimensions of the bouquet. The more space they have, the longer they will last so you can enjoy them. The flower vase must be placed in a bright space, but away from direct contact with the sun and heat sources. The temperature in the room where the plants are kept must be optimal and not exceed 18 degrees Celsius. Daily airing of the room will also contribute to maintaining the freshness of the flowers.

Another aspect that you must pay attention to is not to let the leaves of the flowers fall into the water in the vase. If they come into contact with water, they can promote the appearance of bacteria that are harmful to the flowers and make them sick. To avoid such situations, you must always make sure that the vase is cleaned and that there are no leaves, twigs or petals in the water.

bouquet of brothers

A trick often used when the flowers start to show the first signs that they don't have much longer to live is to offer them sugar. A teaspoon of sugar put in the water in the vase will help the flowers come back to life for another period of time. This trick is very helpful especially because it can be used for any type of flower. In addition, sugar is also helpful when you have overgrown flowers and you want to stimulate their blooming. In many cases, some bouquets come with a special preservative, and if not, it can be purchased from florists and poured into water to keep the flowers fresh for many days.

3. What details should you pay attention to when choosing a bouquet of fresh flowers

bouquet of roses min-min

When you choose a bouquet of flowers for yourself or for someone else, it is good to analyze it. To ensure the longevity of flower bouquets as much as possible, it is important to pay attention to its details.

If the bouquet is composed of several types of flowers, try to document them. If you want flowers that last a long time, it is important that the bouquet does not consist of plants that wither quickly and others that are more resistant. Try to choose a bouquet with elements that have the same degree of resistance and require the same care conditions. Also, pay attention to how each strand in the bouquet looks. In order not to make a short-term choice, make sure that the flowers do not show brown spots or signs of wilting from the moment they are in the store. Even if a certain thread is affected from the whole bouquet, it will favor the rapid wilting of the whole bouquet.

yellow freesia

Flowers always require attention and proper care according to their needs. If you take into account the tips presented above, you will definitely enjoy fresh and delightful flowers for a long time.


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