Autumn flowers - Why are they so sought after and what spectacular arrangements can be made with them?

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Flowers are the most beautiful way to express feelings such as regret, love or gratitude towards certain people important to you. Every woman loves to receive a little attention, whether it is a complex gift or a simple flower. Autumn is one of the most beautiful and attractive seasons when it comes to flowers that can make spectacular bouquets or arrangements.


  1. Autumn flowers - the most beautiful flowers of this season

1.1. Bouquet of autumn flowers: is the rose the most beloved autumn flower?

1.2. Autumn flowers - Chrysanthemum: a pleasant surprise in any bouquet

1.3. Special autumn bouquets with gerberas

  1. Autumn arrangements - what flowers are offered depending on the event?

2.1. What bouquets of autumn flowers are offered for an anniversary?

2.2. Autumn flowers, bouquets to express love - What gifts are suitable for her?

2.3. Which autumn flowers are suitable for a funeral arrangement?

1. Autumn flowers - the most beautiful flowers of this season

It is said that spring and autumn are always in opposition, because in the first season everything blooms and comes back to life, while autumn is classified as an unfortunate moment for nature, when everything numbs and loses its essence. The truth is that the most beautiful flowers and plants are the autumn ones, with an undeniable charm. When a large part of the environment withers, they flourish, defying nature in a poetic way. There are many autumn flowers, but there are a few types that stand out permanently due to their delicacy, uniqueness or beauty.

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1.1. Bouquet of autumn flowers: is the rose the most beloved autumn flower?

The rose is considered the symbol of love all over the world, therefore, it is generally offered to the person you love. However, it is not a rule, as this flower can be found in almost all types of bouquets or arrangements, regardless of the occasion or the relationship you have with the person you want to make this joy.

The red rose is most often used in gifts for loved ones. The other colors are perfect for other occasions, such as a birthday, a gift for your mother, sister or a colleague. For the closest people, choose pink or blue roses, and for those less close, choose a neutral rose, such as the white one, which cannot cause controversy.nIf there is a special person in your life, you probably want it, as well as the gift to her to be the same. For such occasions, opt for a box of roses , being a perfect arrangement for any occasion in which you want to show your love.

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pink rose1.1 (1)

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Also, if you have a special relationship with the person to whom you want to give a special gift, choose the cryogenic rose with confidence . It has a special symbolism, as it stoically resists the test of time, so it is the perfect way to express your eternal and strong love. It does not require a thorough care, but you should still take into account some tips to keep it intact for as long as possible:

  • Do not wet it, as you will damage it;
  • Do not use other cleaning solutions;
  • Do not expose it to the sun;
  • Do not touch the petals, because the natural fat of the hand can damage the flower.

pink and white roses 1.1

cryogenic roses 1.1

1.2. Autumn flowers - Chrysanthemum: a pleasant surprise in any bouquet

The chrysanthemum is the surprise in any bouquet, arrangement or garden and is considered the queen of autumn flowers, having various shapes and colors, intended to give you immense joy when you look at them. They give life to the place where they are and are perfect to give to loved ones. Chrysanthemums are resistant plants, so they stoically pass the cool autumn days, but if you want to plant them, you must take into account a series of recommendations to help them stay healthy:

  • place the flower in a sunny place, where it will have a few hours of sun daily;
  • enriches the soil with clay or sand granules;
  • keep a distance of about 30 cm from other flowers.

chrysanthemums and carnations1.2

gerbera and chrysanthemum 1.2

rose and chrysanthemum 1.2

This flower is perfect to be offered to any person, regardless of the relationship you have with it, but you have to pay a little attention to the color of the flower, because each shade has its own symbolism. The chrysanthemum, in essence, represents longevity, fidelity, optimism and joy. However, these flowers can be offered in various ceremonies, from weddings to funerals. The key to being able to offer chrysanthemums and not to have the gesture misunderstood, is to combine it with various flowers, depending on the situation. If you decide to compose a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums, add some roses. They will give a romantic touch to the arrangement, so that the person who will receive it will know for sure that it means love and good thoughts.

1.3. Special autumn bouquets with gerberas

Gerbera is one of the most sought after flowers in the world for its beauty and elegance. It can be used both for setting up certain bouquets or arrangements, as well as as a potted flower. The gerbera is similar to the daisy, being part of the same plant family, and as a wild flower, it is spread in several areas of the globe. If you want a special flower with which to compose a special autumn bouquet, the gerbera is the right choice. It comes in an incredible variety of shapes and colors, giving the arrangement a touch of life. Because these plants are extremely beautiful and full of freshness, gerberas are often associated with a good mood, which makes them perfect for special events, being used as wedding or baptism candle arrangements. Being considered a symbol of innocence, it is the perfect choice to show those around you how much it means to you, in any circumstances.

gerbera and rose 1.3

rose and gerbera in box 1.3

2. Autumn arrangements - what flowers are offered depending on the event?

Autumn is a season full of more or less pleasant events, so you must always be prepared for them. Autumn arrangements are recognized for their beauty, freshness and uniqueness, so you have at your disposal a varied range of flowers with which you can create special bouquets, depending on the ceremony you are participating in. Before buying a flower or a bouquet, you can ask a florist which are the most suitable for the upcoming event.

vase with roses 2

2.1. What bouquets of autumn flowers are offered for an anniversary?

Flowers are a joy for any person, but it is important to know how to give them, depending on the occasion, regardless of whether it is a birthday or a name day. The most common gifts are drinks , flowers or chocolate. Depending on the relationship you have with the person in question, the gifts can be customized for each individual celebration, and when it comes to a bouquet of flowers, they can be given according to several criteria:

  • depending on the preferences of the celebrant - if you know the person in question well enough, you can choose to give him the flowers he likes the most, adding other flowers specific to the season, but also some decorative plants;

  • depending on the zodiac - there are many people who believe in the zodiac and consider that everything in their life is governed by them. That's why you can document yourself a little before, in order to pleasantly surprise them;
  • depending on the month of the anniversary - for each of the 3 months of autumn, a certain flower stands out: for September you can choose asters, for October opt for kraits, and for November, buy chrysanthemums;

  • depending on the season - if you don't want to document too much beforehand, you can choose to buy flowers for the holidays, depending on the season. In autumn, it is preferable to offer gerberas, chrysanthemums, roses and orchids.

gift box 2.1

2.2. Autumn flowers, bouquets to express love - What gifts are suitable for her? </h3

Love exists in many forms, but the one you feel for your significant other is special, so if you want to surprise her, you have to make the best choice in terms of flowers. Depending on the stage of your relationship, you can choose to offer a flower, a bouquet or an arrangement. There is a varied range of flowers that can be offered on various occasions.

If it's her birthday, you can choose a box with roses or a box with orchids . They symbolize love and purity, so they are perfect for such an occasion. If it is your anniversary or the celebration of love, the most suitable flowers are roses. If the budget allows, you can opt for a more complex gift, containing sweets , a plush toy and a cryogenic rose , much more resistant than natural roses and which symbolizes your boundless love for her. This gift will surely surprise her and she will appreciate your kind thoughts.

For ordinary days when you just want to show her the love you have, opt for any kind of seasonal flower. In autumn, you can surprise her with a wide variety of flowers, from gerberas, dahlias, orchids, to roses. You have the possibility to compose spectacular bouquets, using one or more types of flowers, so that the arrangement is completely special.

rose bouquet 2.2

bouquet of red roses 2.2

sweets 2.2

2.3. Which autumn flowers are suitable for a funeral arrangement?

Unfortunately, sometimes the events you have to participate in are not happy or pleasant at all. When someone you love leaves your side, all you can do is to pay your last respects, to express your love and the regret that binds you soulfully.

Depending on the relationship you had with this person, there are various types of flowers or funeral arrangements that you can purchase. You can choose roses, calla lilies, carnations or lilies. If the deceased person was extremely close to you, the most appropriate are crowns, because they symbolize infinity and absolute regret. If your participation in the event is done out of courtesy, not having a very close relationship with the person in question, you can purchase a simple bouquet of flowers.

Be very careful when you choose the flowers, their type, because not all flowers can be offered in such a ceremony. Autumn brings with it various flowers, which are more and more beautiful, colorful and special. You have at your disposal flowers such as the rose, but do not opt ​​for pink, red or other striking colors. Choose a white rose, which symbolizes purity and innocence. If you want, choose yellow roses, but it would be good to add other flowers such as orchids or gerberas to the bouquet.

white crown 2.3

purple crown 2.3

Therefore, flowers represent the pure intention you can have towards someone you love in certain important moments in life. Autumn flowers are extremely attractive, having a varied palette of colors, types and shapes available. Choose carefully the bouquet or arrangement you are going to give and give it from the heart!

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