The bride's bouquet - how you choose it, what traditions it imposes and what significance it has

One of the most beautiful days in a woman's life is, without a doubt, her wedding day. Well, as beautiful and significant as this day in the bride and groom's life is, so stressful can be the preparations so that everything is as perfect as possible.

Among the most difficult things for the bride to choose is the bouquet. Here's how to put one together for use with your wedding bouquet. 


  1. The meaning and symbolism of the bride's bouquet
  2. The tradition of throwing the bride's bouquet
  3. When and how to throw the bride's bouquet
  4. What the bride's bouquet should look like

1. The meaning and symbolism of the bride's bouquet 

The bride's bouquet is a tradition that has been respected since antiquity and has a special significance. Some folklore stories suggest that there was a period when the bride was considered lucky, and people attending the wedding wanted to have an object received from her that would carry their luck further. Thus, a bouquet of flowers which the bride could throw to the crowd who wanted to receive an object that brought prosperity and luck that day. The bouquet has remained a tradition over the years, being known as the "bride's bouquet" today. 

Another significance of the flowers worn by the bride has been known in ancient Rome, Greece or even India today, namely the flower garlands that are believed to have a scent that drives away evil spirits and bad luck in the life of the bride and groom. 

Today, however, the concept of the wedding day bouquet has reached other thresholds, and a wedding made "as a book" has in its composition the bride's bouquet which can be of two types, respectively the bouquet of flowers from the civil wedding and the bouquet from the church, followed by the bridesmaids' bouquets and the godmother's famous bouquet. 

If the meaning of the bridal bouquet of the past is no longer present today, well, now the focus is on how the bouquet is made, because each flower that makes it up has a special meaning. 

 2. The tradition of throwing the bride's bouquet

If, in the past, the bridal bouquet thrown to the crowd had a role of prosperity and was considered lucky, well, today it is thrown to a group of all unmarried girls who want to find the love of life faster. Thus, the tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet nowadays signifies the luck of the future bride. 

 3. When and how to throw the bride's bouquet 

If you are getting married and you are wondering what is the best time to throw the bouquet, but also how to throw it so that the moment itself is as exciting as possible for the guests, here are some tips that can be very helpful :

  • Throw away the bouquet at the end of the evening, after cutting the cake

The best time to throw away the bridal bouquet is at the end of the evening, after the cake has been cut. That's because at the end of the evening people start to go home, and this moment is a way to make the evening last a little longer, during which the guests have more fun and photos to capture special moments. 

  • Do not throw the bouquet directly

It is a relatively uninspired decision to throw the bouquet directly, without any warning, because this way you do not create a moment of suspense, everything will last only a few seconds, during which time even the photos will not be able to capture the moment beautifully.

Therefore, it is much wiser to choose one of the following options, namely:

  • offers the bouquet to a person who will be asked in marriage as soon as he receives it
  • puts the bouquet in a cage or in a key box and gives a key to each bridesmaid, and the one whose key opens the padlock with flowers in a box will receive the bouquet
  • each bridesmaid can write a note with a wish for the bride and groom and sign, and by drawing lots, the winning ticket will be the one with the name of the girl receiving the bouquet
  • organizes a game at the end of the evening with all the bridesmaids, and the one who wins the game will receive the bouquet

4. What the bride's bouquet should look like

Another dilemma often encountered in wedding preparations is the appearance of the bride's bouquet. As it must be perfect on the wedding day, many brides do not know what flowers to choose and what combinations they want for their bouquet. 

Among the most beloved bridal bouquets are those that are composed trandafiri, peonies or chrysanthemums, as follows:

 At the same time, there are some flowers that are said to have a special meaning, such as:

  • Gardenia, considered a symbol of joy

  • Hydrangeas, often associated with luxury, but also with good understanding and harmony in the couple

  • freesia, flowers that denote a good friendship, but also a balance in the relationship

A bride's bouquet, above all, must be to her liking, to make her feel good and to remain an unforgettable memory. Therefore, if you are going to get married, do not forget that everything must be the way you want it, not the way others think it is better. Don't limit yourself, don't get stuck in minor details and enjoy this unique and special moment. 

Which bouquet do you think would be ideal for you?

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