Easter floral arrangements: discover how nature helps you make the perfect decoration for the holy holiday




Easter is the holy holiday that causes us to reflect more on the notions of peace, kindness and closeness to those around us. Being a holiday with a special significance, everyone wants a renewal both in the soul and in everything around us. Thus, this is the perfect time to make special floral arrangements, which beautify any room due to the vivid colors specific to spring.


Therefore, in the next article you will discover some ideas that will help you transform the rooms and create an original note at the Easter table. In addition, a special floral arrangement will delight everyone around you, because the right decor helps you get into the holiday spirit and appreciate all the beautiful things in your life!



1. Easter floral arrangements to brighten the room

2. Easter table decoration: ideas for a bright arrangement in the light of the holy holiday


 1. Easter floral arrangements to brighten the room 



Usually, the week before Easter coincides with the period when spring becomes more and more present in your life and, suddenly, you will notice everywhere an explosion of colors painted by nature. For the holiday that helps you celebrate the revival and, at the same time, the renewal, do not hesitate to opt for spring flowers in various colors, which will impress those close to you!


For a suitable decor, you can confidently opt for bouquets of flowers which perfectly expresses the feelings of gratitude and gratitude regarding the feast that reminds us of the Savior's sacrifice. For example, you can choose to:


  • Tulips


The tulip is one of the representative flowers for the spring season, being also a symbol of the rebirth of nature. Therefore, bouquets with tulips are the ideal option to make a floral arrangement on the occasion of the Easter holidays. Regardless of the color you choose, tulips will attract the eyes of guests at any time. If you want a modern design, choose a box arrangement with yellow tulips or a bouquet of pink or purple tulips. And to stand out from the crowd, a boxed arrangement with tulips and hyacinths, a bouquet of pink and white tulips or a bouquet of multicolored tulips will impress every time!










  • freesia


Bouquets with freesias they look refined and are perfect when you want to visit those close to you on Easter, but you don't know which is the best gift. To get a pleasant aesthetic look, opt for a bouquet of yellow freesias or a bouquet of freesias and eucalyptus. Yellow and green are among the most suitable colors for this holiday, because they symbolize the rebirth of nature! And if you want more colors, an arrangement of flowers in a box with yellow freesias or a boxed arrangement with pink tulips and freesias are the perfect choices to impress those around you!







  • Orchid


Bouquets of orchids inspires delicacy and offers a special beauty. If you want to offer this flower on the occasion of Easter, you can opt for a white orchid with pink or red spots, because it reminds of the Crucifixion of the Savior. The floral arrangement of white orchids, eucalyptus and hypericum is an inspired choice to celebrate Easter!


If you want to create a unique atmosphere to celebrate Easter and to impress those who will come to visit, then, using these bouquets of flowers, a few painted eggs and two vases, one small and one large and transparent, you will get the desired result. In the small vase add the bouquet of flowers, then place it in the other vase that has a larger size. After that, you can fill the remaining space with colorful and ready-made eggs: you have a special decor, which brings a touch of freshness and joy to your home! And for a traditional note, the bouquet of flowers can be put in a basket decorated with colored eggs, bows and figurines of bunnies or golden chicks!






2. Easter table decoration: ideas for a bright arrangement in the light of the holy holiday 


When you are away from your loved ones, the Easter meal becomes one of the moments when you feel the longing for home become even stronger. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can give as a gift a floral arrangement suitable for decorating the table during the holiday. Thus, those close to you will be thinking of you, and the moment of reunion will not seem so far away!


In this sense, the flowers in the box are the ideal choice, becoming the central decoration element for the Easter table! To get that magic effect, you can choose to:


  • Lysianthus arrangement


With soft colors, these flowers are perfect in an arrangement with other types of flowers, because the colors will contrast perfectly. Thus, you can choose an arrangement made of lysianthus boxes, tros and solidago or for an arrangement consisting of lisianthus and alstroemeria!




  • Arrangement with roses and freesias

Although roses are the representative flowers for the holidays romantic, dedicated to love, and is offered on Valentine's Day, they can be offered to a close person even during the Easter holidays. To keep the theme of spring, roses can be added in one freesia box, spreading joy and love, remembering the Savior's holy message: love for your neighbor! Also, both a box arrangement with purple and pink flowers and a box made only of orange roses offer a truly impressive image!






  • Hydrangea arrangement


When it blooms, the hydrangea embodies both an explosion of color and the triumph of nature even after the harshest winter. Hydrangea boxes celebrate the rebirth of nature, and for the Easter meal, do not hesitate to choose an arrangement that, in addition to hydrangea, offers other flowers, such as gerberas, chrysanthemums, carnations and roses!








These floral arrangements always bring the spirit of celebration and good mood. Along with delicious dishes, painted eggs and chocolate bunnies, flowers will spread the feelings of peace and understanding in a constantly changing world!




In conclusion, Easter floral arrangements are an ingenious solution to show your gratitude to the important people in your life. The special attention paid to the colors and freshness of the bouquet is necessary to offer a floral arrangement that will leave a very pleasant impression. These flowers are living proof that nature is reborn too when we celebrate the Savior's sacrifice every year!


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