Decorating your balcony - how to get your own piece of heaven

Amenajarea balconului cu flori - cum sa obtii propriul colt de rai poza cover

The lack of your own garden and being able to enjoy a space decorated by your own tastes can really be an impediment for many people. The vast majority of people live in apartments with very little space. Still, an ascending trend is transforming you balcony into your own garden. Thus, it becomes a place with a chill atmosphere, where you can relax in peace. With that being said, decorating the space isn't always easy because you not only need inspiration, but also knowledge in choosing the right kind of furniture for the space and the right decorative plants.



1. Flower decorating ideas by type of balcony

1.1. Decorating an open balcony

1.2. Decorating a closed balcony

1. Flower decorating ideas by dimension




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