Flower care

Immediately after receiving the flowers, a series of simple steps must be followed to ensure that they will last as long as possible, in the best possible condition.

For the bouquet:

1. The flowers can be kept in the form of a bouquet or they can be taken out of the package. You will receive from us a sachet of preservative, attached to the bouquet.

2. Pour the packet you received into a vase, then fill it with 0.5 L of cold, fresh water.

3. The stems of the flowers are cut vertically, between 1-3 cm, after which the flowers are placed in the vase.

4. It is recommended to change the water once every 2 days if you used a preservative, and then the water change will be done regularly. Every time after changing the water, it is recommended to shorten the rod by 2-3 mm.

For arrangement:

1. The floral arrangements are made in a wet sponge, the refreshment being necessary only 2 days after receipt.

2. Once the 2 days have passed, pour fresh water in the center of the arrangement, next to the flowers, very slowly and carefully.

- for arrangements in a small box: 50 ml water;

- for arrangements in a large box: 100 ml water;

For plants:

3, maximum 5 days after receiving the plant, it will be watered, classically in a saucer or by immersion if the plant requires such a thing and its type allows it.

For any of the above, they must NOT be kept in direct air conditioning, in strong sunlight or above any heat source.