Flower care

Right after receiving flowers there are some steps that need to be followed in order to make sure they last for the longest possible time, in the best possible condition.


For a flower bouquet:

1. The flowers can be kept just as received or the wrapping can be taken off. Along with the bouquet you will get a small sachet of flower preservative from us.

2. Pour the sachet in a vase and fill it with 0.5 L of cold, fresh water.

3. Cut the flower stems vertically, approximately 1-3 cm, then put the flowers in the vase.

4. We recommend changing the water once every two days, in case you used the preservative - after that the water needs to be changed daily. After every water change, cutting the stem by 2-3 mm is recommended.


For a flower arrangement:

1. Flower arrangements are made using wet sponges, thus refreshment is nedded only 2 days upon receiving it.

2. After the 2 days are past, pour fresh water around the arrangement, right next to the flowers, very slowly and carefully.

- for small boxes: 50 ml water;

- for big boxes: 100 ml water;


For plants:


Every 3, no more than 5 days upon receiving your plant, water it classically in the pot or by submerging it in water if it needs it and its type allows it.


Applicable to any of the above, they must NOT be kept in direct sunlight, near the air conditioner or above any heat source.