Candles for the wedding - how do you choose the arrangement model depending on the dress and location?

Candles for the civil wedding - how to choose the arrangement model depending on the dress, location

In the religious wedding, candles play an essential role, because they carry a rich symbolism. At the moment of the union of destinies in front of the priest, an important ritual takes place for the faithful, and the candles are carried by the groomsmen and groomsmen, to signify light and pure purity, being at the same time a guide in both difficult times and beautiful ones .

Given their significance, it is recommended that, for your wedding, you opt for a model that represents you and that you will happily keep for many years after the wedding day. In the article below you will find out what you need to keep in mind when choosing the candle and the arrangement.


  1. Wedding candles - how do you choose them?
  2. Wedding candles - models and styles

1. Candles for the wedding - how to choose them

In addition to the religious significance, the candles for the wedding also have an aesthetic dimension, which is good to take into account, so that your wedding is perfect and you fondly remember the day in question.

The organization of the religious ceremony and the wedding must harmoniously integrate all the details and have coherence and unity. Therefore, you cannot leave any aspect to chance. Candles for the wedding will be chosen according to several factors, but this task should not become a chore, but challenge you to let your imagination run wild.

1. Wedding candles - freesia peonies

1. Wedding candles - light pink peonies

1. Wedding candles - pale pink peonies

1. Wedding candles - freesia peonies pink bouquet

1. Wedding candles - freesia pink peonies

1. Wedding candles - hydrangea peonies

1. Wedding candles - orange and yellow daisies

First of all, you have to take into account the dress and the bride's bouquet . Depending on the wedding dress and the groom's suit, you can make a suitable choice in terms of the candles, but also the floral arrangement that decorates them. Therefore, if you have a classic and elegant dress, then this style must also be reflected in the appearance of the candles. If you have a glam , extravagant outfit, then the candles will be an extension that will bear the imprint of your choice. For a minimalist outfit, you can easily choose simple, smaller candles with suitable flowers.

Then, you will consider the location where the wedding will take place, as well as the floral arrangements used for the decoration. In order for your wedding to have a unified and coherent note, at least part of the decorative flowers on the tables must also be found in the candle arrangements.

1. Wedding candles - phalenopsis

1. Wedding candles - white yellow ranunculus roses

1. Wedding candles - peony roses

1. Wedding candles - yellow roses

1. Wedding candles - heloborus roses

1. Wedding candles - blue hydrangea roses

1. Wedding candles - orange roses

1. Wedding candles - roses and phalenopsis

1. Wedding candles - salmon roses

Last but not least, it is important to take into account the season in which the wedding takes place, in order to choose the right flowers. The suitability of flowers for the season is a proof of good taste and elegance. But don't forget that some flowers can be used throughout the year.

2. Wedding candles - models and styles

And in the case of wedding candles, trends come and go, but it's important to choose something that represents you. If in the past, long candles were the standard option for many brides and grooms, nowadays, medium or short ones are more appreciated.

Long candles

This option is suitable for large-scale weddings, with many guests and a suitable location. Usually, the bride's dress is voluminous, as is her bouquet and the godmother's dress. The long candles come with large arrangements to compliment their dimensions.

Short candles

Smaller candles are gaining more and more popularity, because they are easy to carry during the religious ceremony and have a minimalist and optimistic air. Although they are not a classic choice, they can provide an extremely elegant note for any wedding.

What flowers can you choose for candles?

Last but not least, the choice of floral arrangements will give personality to the candles. The classic variant is, of course, roses, but they can be associated with more special flowers, such as ranunculus, to obtain a unique and fresh look.

With the help of peonies and freesias, you can get an impactful appearance, especially suitable at the end of spring. These flowers are ideal for those who want a non-conformist and relaxed event.

2. Wedding candles - pink peonies

2. Wedding candles - white freesia

2. Wedding candles - purple freesia

The Phalenopsis orchid is another good option, because it complements any type of outfit well and is easy to care for, staying fresh for a long time. Do not hesitate to make this choice, if you want a delicate and special arrangement.

2. Wedding candles - large phalenopsis

2. Wedding candles - phalenopsis orchids

2. Wedding candles - Phalenopsis

Hydrangeas and tulips can also be used as decorations for wedding candles, especially in spring. They are easy to associate with other flowers and give you the much-desired elegance.

2. Wedding candles - pink hydrangea

2. Wedding candles - white hydrangea

2. wedding candles - white and pink tulips

2. wedding candles - pink tulips

Therefore, if you take these aspects into account, you will be able to make the right choice regarding wedding candles, and the religious ceremony will be all the more special!

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