Rose care - essential tips and information to have beautiful flowers all year round

Roses are the classic messengers of appreciation and love that one person has for another. Nothing is more beautiful than giving such a bouquet. Therefore, if you want to impress and conquer with your gesture, you have to resort to unique floral arrangements. In order for them to last once they are placed in the vase and for the person who received the bouquet to enjoy it for as long as possible, it is important to know a few essential things about caring for flowers. 


  1. Rose care - how to take care of your flowers
  2. Roses - seasonal care
1. Rose care - how to take care of your flowers 

If you've ever wondered how roses are cared for, well, you should know that no matter if you have a bouquet of roses or they are planted in your own backyard, the care process is just as important. The first thing you need to do is cut the tails, if they are too long, to fit in a vase. Use a well-sharpened scissors and be careful not to damage the other flowers in the arrangement, so as not to affect their hydration capacity. 

Immediately after cutting, they should be hydrated, meaning it is important to already have a container of water on hand. It is very important to make sure that it is clean and that the water will change every two days. Dirty water will only poison the plants and shorten their lifespan. Also, even for these roses, it is advisable to use fertilizers, in order to create an environment as similar as possible to the natural one. Last but not least, put the vase in a place away from the sun, because the last thing you want is for the petals to dry and fall off. 

Some experts recommend shortening the stems a little each day, with an oblique cut and also changing the water every morning. 

Regarding boxes of natural roses, it is recommended that they be placed in a cool place inside the house and the flowers watered every day. 

Thus, any floral arrangement will have a long life. If you want to impress with your gesture, choose a florist who creates unique arrangements for you special ocasions. Whether it's your birthday or you want to give a gift to someone you haven't seen in a long time, such a gift is sure to impress.  

2. Roses - seasonal care

When it comes to caring for freshly planted flowers, you need to be very careful. The most suitable for apartment houses are dwarf roses, because they do not take up much space and give the house color and freshness. For them you will need a fairly large pot, about 60 L. Thus, they will be able to grow freely. As for their care, you will not have much work to do. The first thing you need to do is make sure they have sun and moisture. Also, the right temperature for them is between 15-24 degrees Celsius. The withered flowers will be cut quickly, so as not to make the others sick. 

If you have a house in the yard, the most suitable are climbing roses. They become the main attraction of your garden once they bloom. Their care must be taken very carefully. The most important thing is to prune the dried leaves and flowers every year, so that the seedlings can grow beautifully. This action is preferably done in the spring. When it comes to caring for roses in the summer, all you have to do is make sure they have plenty of moisture and plenty of fertilizer. Remember that the flowers get wet in the evening, so as not to burn due to the strong rays of the sun. In winter, it is advisable to protect the roses and to use materials specially designed to eliminate the risk of frost. 


So, if you want to enjoy beautiful and healthy roses all year round, consider the above tips. Stop thinking and decorate your home right now with the most spectacular bouquets of roses!

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