Caring for tulips in the garden and in pots! How to keep them beautiful and healthy

Caring for tulips in the garden and in pots How to keep them beautiful and healthy cover photo

Tulips are some of the most beautiful and hardy flowers, which offer a superb decoration, both in your own garden and in a pot or vase. That's why it's important to know how to take care of them, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible, regardless of the season. The article below comes to your aid with useful and easy-to-follow tips for you to have beautiful tulips throughout the year!


  1. Tulips - care and propagation
  2. Care of garden tulips
  3. Caring for tulips in pots

1. Tulips - care and propagation

1. Tulips - care and propagation

Tulips can be propagated when planted in the ground. This procedure should be done in the fall, around the beginning of November. Regarding the choice of bulbs, heat-treated ones that do not have soft areas or scratches are suitable. A bulb can generate up to 5 new bulbs, and in this way the flower can multiply. Also, they should have a depth of 5-6 cm and a distance of 10-15 cm between them when they are planted in the ground.

Regarding the area where it should be planted, the tulip needs a lot of sun and a lot of heat, which means that a shady place is not suitable for it. By following these steps, until the end of spring, you will be able to enjoy beautiful and healthy plants.

For a small garden, the propagation process is quite complicated. It is said that when the plant dries, the bulbs should be removed and replanted in another place in the soil, but this process is not recommended to be done in the same season. However, if you want to follow tradition, be sure to store them in a shady, cool place away from light.

2. Caring for garden tulips

After the bulbs have reached the ground, all you have to do is take care of them properly:

  • if it rains weekly, there is no need to water them;
  • in winter, they must be watered until the ground freezes, if this process does not happen naturally;
  • after large amounts of precipitation, remove puddles of water around them;
  • remove the surrounding weeds whenever you have the opportunity;
  • add nutrients to the soil.

The care of tulips after flowering is a little different, considering that the season changes and the temperatures rise:

  • if you see that the flower starts to sprout, you can water it every 5 days;
  • during the summer, the tulip is watered only if it does not rain and there is a drought;
  • the yellowed leaves will be removed;
  • when the petals dry, the entire cup of the flower will be cut, to let the stem regenerate.

3. Caring for tulips in pots

When you live in an apartment or you don't have the opportunity to plant your own flowers, but you want to enjoy a gorgeous bouquet of tulips, you can always call on the services of an online florist, who will provide you with the most spectacular arrangements . They can be a gift for a loved one or you can buy them yourself for your own pleasure.

3. Caring for tulips in pots (1)

3. Caring for tulips in pots (2)

When it comes to caring for tulips in a vase or pot, the process is not the same as in the case of bulbs planted in the ground. To keep their freshness and fragrance as long as possible, they should not be exposed to the sun.

Regardless of whether you choose a tulip bouquet from a flower shop or make it from your own garden, from the moment it is placed in a container with water, it must be placed in a cool and shaded area of ​​the house. In addition, it is recommended to change the water every 2 days, and during this time to wash the pot with flowers to ensure that there are no bacteria that come into contact with the stem. This should be cut every 2-3 days, in an oblique section of 2 cm.

One thing that not many people know is that the tulip is a geotropic plant. This means that it has a natural tendency to grow downward. Thus, a bowed flower does not mean that it is "past".

So, take into account the tips and information above regarding the care of tulips and enjoy a spectacular bouquet of flowers for as long as possible!

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