Freesia care - how to really enjoy this fragrant flower?

When you think of freesia, it probably comes to mind freesia boxes, bouquets with freesias for weddings and other special floral arrangements that contain them. Freesia can be grown at home (in the right conditions), if you want to enjoy its wonderful scent. A wide range of colors and an inviting scent make freesias some lovely flowers, which you definitely want in your home! With up to eight trumpet-shaped flowers, oriented upwards, on leafless stems, freesias last a long time, both in vases and in pots. If you want to know more about freesia, read the article.


  1. Freesia care
  2. Caring for garden freesias
  3. Caring for pot cutters

1. Freesia care 

What characterizes a freesia?

The freesia bulb plant is easy to grow indoors, on sunny sills. Healthy plants should produce five to seven tubular flowers on the stem, all pointing in one direction like fingers. The freesia leaves are narrow and grass-like. Freesia stems are thin and cannot always support the weight of flower heads, especially for varieties that produce double flowers. Therefore, a support system for flowers and leaves is needed to keep them upright. 

How can you take care of a freesia?

Cut the flowers when the first flower on the stem is open, and the rest begin to show their color. Expect freshly cut flowers to last about 12 days in a vase, compared to five to seven days for purchased flowers. The most important factors in caring for a flower are:

  • The light

  • Freesias grow best if they have a lot of sun. However, you may as well plant them in a place where they have a little shade in the morning. If you grow them indoors, a sunny south-facing window is ideal.

  • The ground

  • Well-drained soil is essential for freesia plants. You can change the soil with organic materials, such as peat or compost, to improve drainage.

  • What

  • Keep the soil moist enough, without overdoing it, as new germs grow. Then water the plants once a week as they bloom. Reduce watering to allow the soil to dry out if the leaves turn yellow and begin to wither.

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Freesias are not cold-resistant flowers. However, the plants need night temperatures of about 10-12 degrees Celsius to form buds. If you do not have access to a cool greenhouse, moving freesias in containers to an unheated garage or storage room every night could be a great help in growing flowers. Moreover, freesias prefer about 40-50% humidity - it can be difficult to provide in a dry climate.

  • Fertilizer

  • Once the first buds emerge from the soil, apply a balanced fertilizer to the flowers and keep the plants in full sun. Fertilize them again when buds appear.

    2. Caring for garden freesias 

    Freesia bulbs enter the active growth phase during the fall, so this is the best time to plant them. Choose a place in the sunny garden with rich soil. A sandy, garden clay, modified with humus or compost, is ideal. The bulbs are small and do not require deep planting; place them only about 5 inches deep, with the sharp end facing up. Moreover, the plants look best when grouped, at least five to seven together. Freesias should begin to bloom about 12 weeks after planting the bulbs.

     3. Caring for pot cutters


    You can enjoy freesias even in pots! Here are some things to keep in mind:

    It is important to choose a pot at least 7 centimeters deep, with drainage holes. Place the bulbs 5 inches apart, with the tip pointed upwards. Place the pot in a warm and bright place, where it can enjoy 27 degrees Celsius. Water the bulbs until you notice a growth, then move the pot to a cooler place at 16-18 degrees Celsius. When the freesias are in full bloom, avoid placing them directly in the sun. After the flowers have passed, let them wither naturally. If the freesias turn brown, stop watering them. 

    Therefore, freesias are wonderful decorative flowers, easy to care for, which leave a lovely scent throughout the room or garden. Take care of their needs and take care of them properly. They will reward you properly!

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