College Graduation Gift Ideas: What Do You Give Your Loved Ones When They Step Into Adult Life?

Every stage of life is worth celebrating, especially if it was sprinkled with memorable moments, full of emotions, laughter and sleepless nights. Graduating from a faculty and even a master's degree is, without a doubt, the step that young people take towards adult life, towards maturity, which is why the moment must be celebrated properly. 

Therefore, you will want to buy a much more special gift for your loved one, who will be happy and who will create a lasting memory. If you are looking for the perfect gift, we invite you to read the article below: 


  1. How do you choose the graduation gift? 
  2. Graduation gift ideas

2.1. College graduation gift ideas for girls

2.2. College graduation gift ideas for boys

 1. How do you choose the graduation gift?

Well, buying a gift by the time someone finishes their studies is never easy. First of all, you need to know that there is a difference between the type of gift you buy, depending on how close you are to that person. Thus, the closest people will want to offer the graduate a slightly more generous gift, which will help him in the new stage of life, while a friend will go to a much more symbolic and more personalized gift. 

For example, parents will choose to surprise their child with a new car or a sum of money, to make the transition easier and to support him until he finds a new job and will be on his feet. However, a friend of his can opt for an album with pictures from his student days, a mug with a personalized message or a new diary. 



Here are some features that a graduation gift should have: 

  1. Be personalized 

Whatever item you buy, when you personalize it, it will gain a much higher sentimental value and will be valued much more. 

  1. To be of quality

Quality also means a longer lifespan, and the person who receives it will be able to enjoy it for a much longer period of time. 

  1. Be practical

A gift that has no practical use, will often end up stored somewhere.

2. Graduation gift ideas 

In addition to the previously mentioned way of choosing a gift, you must also take into account whether the graduate is a boy or a girl, just to purchase an object that he will really enjoy. 

2.1. College graduation gift ideas for girls 

  1. Graduation flowers

The main thing you need to give a girl on any occasion is a bouquet of flowers, regardless of whether you buy something else. You can opt for the classic bouquets of flowers or you can go for a more special floral arrangement. 

For flower bouquets you can opt for: 

If you want to surprise and give up the classic bouquets, you can opt for: 

  • Flowers in box: 
  • Cryogenic roses, so that they last much longer;
  • Floral arrangements. 

  1. Camera photo instant

It's no secret that girls love to capture every moment in pictures. The instant camera, along with an album in which to place the pictures, can be the perfect gift. 

  1. Agenda

A new stage in life should involve a new planning. You can opt for a personalized diary, where you can add a motivational message or a few words from you. 

Depending on the person you are buying the gift from, the agenda may be: 

- Made of engraved natural leather;

- Classic; 

- With vellum sheet, to organize it as you wish;

  1. Photo frame

 A new chapter often involves a new home, which is why a photo frame from the student will be an excellent gift, which can be used to decorate the apartment. 


 2.2. College graduation gift ideas for boys 

  1. Clock 

With a watch you can never fail, no matter what opportunity you offer. Opt for a simple and elegant design, which can be matched with a wide range of outfits. 

  1. Terms 

If waking up in the morning was not a "must" in college, well, going to the office will become a habit. If the graduate is a coffee enthusiast, you can choose to buy a thermos, which you can customize. 

  1. Custom pen

An ideal gift, especially for those who still appreciate handwriting. It will pass the test of time and will become one of the objects that will represent a precious memory. 

  1. Shirt buttons

The details make the difference, which is why a pair of buttons will be the final element for any suit and will make it look impeccable. If you want, you can offer them before the graduation ceremony so that they can wear them at that special moment and to give them confidence.

The proposed gifts are just some of the ideas that can be given to your loved ones when they finish college, master's or even doctorate. Certainly, no matter what choice you make, the gesture is what really matters, as well as the fact that you will be with him at such an important and happy time. 

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