Sun-resistant flowers - Characteristics and tips for their proper maintenance

Sun-resistant flowers - characteristics and tips for their maintenance

The summer period can be a real challenge for some types of flowers. High temperatures and sun intensity have direct effects on plants that are exposed to sun or heat. For this reason, during the hot season, it is recommended to opt for sun-resistant flowers. Regardless of whether you want to decorate your home or give a nice gift, we have prepared a series of information to make your decisions easier.

Read on and discover which plants are resistant to the sun and how they should be maintained to keep their appearance intact even in hot periods.


  1. Types of flowers that love the sun and heat
  2. Tips for maintaining flowers during the summer
  3. Flower ideas that can be offered on very hot days

1. Types of flowers that love the sun and heat

1. Types of flowers that love the sun and heat

Among the sun and heat loving plants are:

1. The geraniums

Muscat is one of the flowers that loves to bathe in sunlight. This plant is very often found on balconies and terraces for decorative purposes. The geraniums are available in many colors, the most common being the red ones. Regardless of the type of geraniums, they need to benefit from sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.

Another important aspect to mention is that geraniums are very resistant to drought and can survive several good days without water. Regarding the watering of these flowers, this should be done moderately. On hot days, they can be watered daily, but not with an excessive amount of water.

1. Tomato geraniums in pots

1. Red and pink geraniums

2. Cacti

Some of the plants that need sunlight to grow harmoniously are cacti. Since they have their origin in the desert, it was inevitable that they would not like the heat. These plants come in a variety of types and shapes, being able to be kept both indoors and outdoors during the summer. They are used to receiving water very rarely, which is why if they are watered often they will decompose. Therefore, they should be watered only when the soil is extremely dry.

1. Cacti

3. Dracaena marginata

Dracaena is one of the picturesque plants that stands out for its rigid, sword-shaped leaves. An advantage of this flower is that it adapts very well to varying temperatures, being resistant to drought.

Regarding its maintenance, it is recommended that it be watered approximately every three weeks. An important thing to know is that there must not be stagnant water in the pot, as this can cause damage to the plant's appearance.

1. Dracaena Marginata

1. Dracaena

4. Succulents

Being used very often to decorate rooms in the house, succulents are also counted among the plants that love heat and light. They are very easy to care for and do not require special maintenance, being indicated to be watered only once a month. Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, always being an excellent choice for those who want unpretentious and resistant flowers.

A plant that we often find in people's homes is aloe vera. This is among the flowers that are very resistant to the sun, which only need to be watered very rarely. Besides its picturesque appearance, aloe vera is also used as a remedy for cuts or burns, having beneficial effects on the skin.

1. Small aloe vera

1. Juicy

5. Sanseveria

Another plant that resists very well during the summer is sanseveria. It is also called mother- in-law's tongue because of its sharp tongue-shaped leaves. Sanseveria does not require a lot of water, being able to withstand without problems for a long period of time. It is not recommended to leave it in the sunlight for a long time, but the heat favors its development.

1. Sanseveria

6. Lavender

Known for its unique color and scent, lavender loves exposure to the sun and thrives best in areas with high temperatures. Although it is most often grown in the field, it can also be grown in pots for decoration or used to create fragrant and colorful arrangements.

1. Lavender

7. Sunflower

As the name suggests, the sunflower is crazy about the heat of the sun, it orients itself throughout the day according to its rotation. These flowers can also be planted in pots, but they are also very resistant in floral arrangements or natural decorations. The color and special shape of these flowers is extremely popular in the warm season.

1. Sunflower

8. Roses

Roses cannot be missing from the list of plants resistant to the sun. They beautify people's gardens, houses and terraces in all possible ways. The multitude of colors in which they are available turns them into the most desired flowers regardless of the season. Warmth and sunlight are conducive to the development of roses, and floral arrangements with roses are always a good idea.

They do not require special care, having to be watered occasionally when the soil above dries. By completing this step, the roses will remain triumphant and attract all eyes.

1. Colored roses

9. Yucca

Yucca is one of the plants that love to bathe in light and prefers high temperatures, having to be placed in a sunny place. Besides this aspect, it is easy to maintain, having to be watered from time to time. Also, being a plant resistant to the sun, Yucca tolerates almost any environmental conditions, resisting the shade as well. The only disadvantage in this case can be the slowing down of the flower's development.

1. Yucca

1. Yucca plant

10.  Gardenia

Gardenia is also a spectacular flower. This one is a little more demanding in terms of care, but it likes contact with the sun's rays. There are several varieties, and flowering takes place during the warm season. The green and glossy leaves must be dusted often, and the plant must be watered when it shows signs of exhaustion. If they are properly maintained, these flowers can beautify people's houses and terraces for a long time.

1. Gardenia

2. Tips for the correct maintenance of flowers during the summer

2. Tips for maintaining flowers during the summer

During the summer, when temperatures rise and the sun is stronger day by day, it is essential that flowers and plants receive proper care. In order to have healthy and beautiful flowers, some key aspects must be considered such as:

The type of flowers

Before taking any measures to maintain the flowers, it is important to know some characteristics about them. Some plants are more demanding, while others do not require special care and are very resistant to most environmental conditions. When flowers are purchased commercially, they generally come with care instructions or information on the variety. Therefore, these things should not be ignored, but taken into account to ensure adequate care.


The environment in which the plants are placed also plays an important role in their health. In order to have fresh flowers that develop harmoniously, their needs regarding the degree of light, temperature and humidity must be taken into account. All these can damage the flowers both when they are insufficient and when they are in excess.


Even if each flower has its own needs, a valid advice for all of them is related to when they should be watered. During the summer, it is recommended that the flowers be watered in the morning or in the evening after dark. Watering plants in the middle of the day is not at all beneficial for them, regardless of the amount of water they need and the time interval. There are flowers that must be watered daily and flowers that must be watered once a month.


An aspect that many people ignore is represented by withered leaves and flowers. When they appear, it is advisable to clean them quickly, because their decomposition can damage the health of other parts of the plant. Although they are almost dead, they will still consume water and weaken the flowers.

2. Tips for maintaining flowers during the summer (2)


Some plants need to be fed with fertilizer at certain time intervals and most prefer that this be done during the summer. Therefore, in the case of owning such flowers, this aspect must also be taken into account. Otherwise, not ensuring the food source can damage the health of the plant, stopping its development and even leading to wilting.

The needs of plants are diverse, but following some general rules of maintenance, they will certainly be kept in a very good condition and will light up every room or outdoor area where they are placed.

3. Flower ideas that can be offered on very hot days

3. Flower ideas that can be given on very hot days

Flowers are always a good idea when it comes to gifts . In very hot summer days, most flowers tend to wither. Therefore, if you want to give a gift in this form, it is recommended to opt for sun-resistant versions to avoid unpleasant situations. No one wants to give or receive wilted flowers due to extreme temperatures. For this reason, we have prepared a series of flower ideas that can represent an excellent gift during this period.

Cryogenic roses - Thanks to the cryogenic process, these roses are the perfect gift in any season of the year. Keeping their appearance intact, the person who will receive them will be able to enjoy their beauty without having to take care of them in a certain way.

3. Cryogenic red roses in a white box

3. Cryogenic red roses in a black box

3. Cryogenic red rose in a bottle

Bonsai - This plant loves the sun, heat and wind and is only good to give as a gift to a loved one. Apart from this aspect, bonsai do not require any special care, they should be watered occasionally. It is important to know that there are several types of bonsai, and what differs is their growth method.

3. Bonsai

3. Potted bonsai

3. Tall bonsai

3. Home bonsai

Ranunculus - It is a flower that withstands temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius and has an appearance similar to roses. Many people love these flowers due to the variety of colors in which they are presented, but also for the elegance and simplicity that defines them. The most popular floral arrangements with ranunculus are those in combination with roses and greenery.

3. Rununculus arrangement with roses

Sunflowers – A bouquet or floral arrangement with sunflowers is also ideal to offer during the summer. The sunflower is a true symbol of summer, as it likes the warmth and daily bathing in the sun. However, cut flowers should not be kept in the sun for a long time, but they last enough to keep them fresh for a few days.

3. Arrangement with sunflowers and roses in a box

3. Arrangement with sunflowers in a box

Hydrangeas - These flowers that appear in the form of a bunch of popcorn have gained popularity in recent years, being more and more loved and used in events to create the decor. Floral arrangements, bouquets, but also pots with hydrangea are an accessible accessory from all corners of the garden during the summer.

3. Hydrangeas

Field flowers - In recent years, many florists also offer field flowers to customers. These are specific to the warm season due to the fact that during this period the fields bloom. Bouquets and floral arrangements with wildflowers can look even extravagant, if they are combined in a creative way. And besides all this, they are quite resistant and represent a very good gift idea.

These are just some of the plants and flowers that can cope with high temperatures and that can be a pleasant surprise for any person regardless of the occasion. When the context involves a longer journey, florists recommend potted flowers and floral arrangements that have a reliable source of moisture.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy beautiful flowers all summer long, it is important to make the right choices and follow the maintenance steps for each individual plant. A house full of sun-loving plants, it is a true oasis of peace and relaxation, ideal for spending quality time with family and friends. And if you want to give a gift from the heart, the options mentioned above are ideal in any context.


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