Fragrant flowers that will scent any room

fragrant flowers that will perfume any room

The flowers represent without gift and maybe a paradise of natural and enchanting smells. This floral scent truly says that the warm season is here and it's time to give free rein to our adventurous spirit. No, it's not exaggerated, it's just the state that the fragrance of flowers manages to induce in us.

How many times has a beautiful weather not inspired you to buy a colorful bouquet of flowers to intensify that feeling of joy of the coming of spring or summer? The smell that spreads in the room all the more intensifies your good mood.

Many times, however, it happens that you admire the unique appearance of the flowers and miss the scent that can instantly soothe your senses. That's why, the next time you decide on a bouquet of flowers, it's good to also appreciate its fragrance.

So here are these flowers that will perfume any room in which they are located


  1. Fragrant flowers

1.1 Fragrant spring flowers

1.2 Fragrant summer flowers

  1. TOP 3 fragrant flowers to have in your bouquet

1. Fragrant flowers

Fragrant flowers are of several types, each being specific to each season, and they can have a number of uses. You can give them as a gift at a special event, a fact through which you will certainly make a pleasant impression, you can buy them to decorate your house in an enchanting way or you can even plant them in the garden. Below are some examples.

1.1. Fragrant spring flowers

The spring flowers are the most obvious sign of the fact that nature is beginning to recontour its appearance that we missed so much in the frosty months. Here are exactly what they are:

  • Hyacinths - in many areas the first flowers to arrive are the hyacinth bulbs planted since autumn. Planted in large numbers, they can perfume an entire garden. On the other hand, they can also be planted in pots, but if you don't have a garden, and planting flowers is not your favorite activity, you can opt for a simple bouquet

1.1. Fragrant spring flowers - Hyacinths

  • Violets - they have a fine, light, subtle and refreshing smell and will represent a real delight when you give or receive them as a gift
  • Snowdrops - The beauty of snowdrops is given both by the fact that they bloom just before the snow melts and by the smell they spread around.
  • Lilac - Lilac is preferred by many people, being perfumed in such a way that it is impossible not to be impressed

1.1. Fragrant spring flowers - lilac

1.2. Fragrant summer flowers

Strongly scented summer flowers come in a significant variety, so you don't have to limit yourself to just a few species when you give them as a gift or buy them for your own enjoyment. Here are some of them:

  • Roses - they are already known for their sweet, smooth, elegant, even refined smell. Due to this aspect and the multiple colors, pale or intense, they are the choice of many when it comes to purchasing flower bouquets.

  • Jasmine - this is the most fragrant flower in the world, having a strong and persistent smell. This can be felt from a distance, so you will not go wrong with such a flower.

1.1. Fragrant spring flowers - jasmine

  • The lily - it has a delicate, slightly sensual scent, making it an ideal choice to be included in a bouquet to give to your loved one.

  • Lavender - lavender is grown especially for its fragrance, which, felt in the essential oils, offers a feeling of calm and relaxation.

1.1. Fragrant spring flowers - lavender

2. TOP 3 fragrant flowers to have in your bouquet

Peony - Peonies are strongly scented flowers. They only bloom for a short period of time, but when they do they emit a fresh, sweet fragrance that manages to fill a room with their wonderful aroma. Pink and white peonies tend to be the most fragrant.

Freesia - Freesias have a sweet and fruity scent. This is a lush, trumpet-shaped flower with delicate leaves and is a great way to bring a natural and sweet scent into your home.

Gardenia - this is a favorite flower of perfumers, due to its sweet and surprisingly strong smell. This is the type of perfume that remains imprinted in your memory, in the best sense. At the same time, gardenia can be successfully included in a bouquet of flowers that you want to give.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you want to buy a bouquet of flowers to fill the room in which you are staying with an inviting perfume, or because you want to give a bouquet through which to impress or you simply want to plant, know that nature is very generous with you. You have a variety of flowers to choose from, so that the smell is exactly to your taste or to that of the person who enjoys the wonderful flowers.


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