Flowers on the first date: how many and what flowers should you offer to impress her?

In the old days, any man who wanted to show interest and affection for a woman would offer her flowers from the very first date. Today, this custom has been replaced by other gifts, and this tradition is less and less preserved. 

However, studies show that women still like flowers and appreciate the gesture. There are also women who think that a bouquet of flowers only puts pressure on the first date. If you want to be charming, but without being misunderstood by your partner, keep reading this article.


  1. What flowers do you offer on the first date?
  2. How many flowers are given on the first date?
  3. Types of flower bouquets on the first date


1. What flowers do you offer on the first date?

There are some basic rules that you should follow if you want your gesture to have a positive impact on your partner and make her day more beautiful. Remember that the first thing you will see when you meet will be the bouquet of flowers, and it must be perfect. Here are the flowers you can offer on the first date:

  • Roses: they are a classic choice and are suitable for many special ocasions. Roses convey that you are a classic man who has romantic and serious intentions.
  • Horsehair: whether you choose a colorful or white lily, this flower is extremely feminine, with a strong scent, suitable for the special lady in your life.
  • Orchid: it is a fragile and extremely refined flower, in addition, you do not need a bouquet with many threads to surprise your partner.
  • Gerbera: to give these flowers is like giving them a sunny spring day, because they are extremely colorful, positive and bright.
  • Tulips: They are an excellent choice for a first date, due to the vibrant colors that go perfectly with the raw green of the leaves.


2. How many flowers are given on the first date?

If you have decided on a certain flower, now is the time to think about how many strands you would like the bouquet to contain. Being a first date, it is important not to intimidate your partner and to impress her in a pleasant way, without her feeling overwhelmed. Here are the rules to consider and how many flowers to offer on the first date:

  • Don't give her a huge bouquet of flowers with lots of threads. The bouquet must be subtle and not pull towards the kitsch area. It is even advisable to stick to the bouquet in favor of a single rose, an always classic choice.
  • If you choose to offer gerberas, you can form a bouquet of a few colored threads, because they are not as sophisticated as roses or orchids, they are even more special the larger the bouquet.
  • It is said among the people that only odd numbers of flowers are given to living people, so be careful to take into account traditions and customs and make sure that the bouquet does not contain an even number of threads.


3. Types of flower bouquets on the first date?

If you haven't decided on one type of flower yet, it's never a bad idea to offer a bouquet of flowers mixed season. It is important to make sure that the bouquet looks nice and tasteful. Ask the florist for advice, because he can help you with a personalized bouquet suitable for this occasion. Think about the message you want to convey. Whether you want to be romantic and serious, or fun and playful, there are flowers that suit any mood. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • An arrangement of tulips, freesias and lisianthus expresses freedom and tenderness and is suitable for a lively woman.
  • The combination of red roses and white orchids are ideal for men who want to convey elegance and seriousness.
  • Bouquets of pink roses, hydrangeas and mats are suitable for a sensitive man, calm and attentive to detail.


Choosing the perfect bouquet is quite complicated and overwhelming, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Do not load the bouquet with a large number of plants of many varieties. The most beautiful bouquets are composed of one to a maximum of 3 varieties of flowers, in addition to which you can add decorative leaves. Also, your bouquet should be fresh, and its size should not be exaggerated, especially on a first date.

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