Funeral flowers: essential information about choosing, arranging and sending funeral flowers

Funeral flowers essential information about choosing, arranging and sending funeral flowers

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences in life. As a family member or friend of the bereaved person, it is normal to want to express your condolences and want to be with them in such a sad moment. Sometimes words are not successful in such situations, so a floral arrangement has the ability to convey support, support and love to the bereaved person.

However, there are many things you need to know before offering flowers at such an event. There are some rules regarding choosing, arranging and sending flowers that you must know, so that your arrangement brings comfort to the bereaved person. If you want to find out everything you need to know about funeral flowers, keep reading this article.



  • Flowers suitable for funerals
  • Arrangement of flowers for funeral wreaths
  • Sending funeral flowers for burial

  • 1. Flowers suitable for burial

    There are many flowers that express respect and are appropriate for a funeral. The most common flowers are roses, gerberas or carnations, but if the deceased liked orchids, calla lilies or lisianthus are also suitable choices. Don't be afraid to choose afuneral wreath with one of your favorite types of flowers, however, if you can't decide, here's what each flower symbolizes in the case of a funeral:

    Roses - white roses express innocence and youth; red roses convey respect, love and courage; pink roses mean love and sensitivity; yellow roses represent friendship, so you can choose according to the color.

    Gerbera - conveys strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity.

    Carnations - the white ones convey innocence and pure love, the red ones represent admiration, and the pink ones friendship and memory.

    Orchids/cales - symbolize respect, power, appreciation and admiration.

    Lisianthus - is the symbol of sensitivity.

    You can choose a funeral wreath with roses and orchids or a heart-shaped wreath with roses and pink ribbon.

    Flowers suitable for funeralsFlowers suitable for funerals (2)


    2. Arrangement of flowers for funeral wreaths

    Funeral flowers express love and help loved ones overcome difficult moments more easily. Choosing an appropriate floral tribute can help the grieving process more than you imagine. There are many types of floral tributes that you can choose from, the most commonly used being funeral wreaths, flower bouquets and floral arrangements. The farewell message must contain a few kind words to remember the deceased person. Here are some examples:

    • Rest in peace
    • Always in my heart
    • You are gone, but I will never forget you
    • Forever in our thoughts
    • We will miss you very much

    Find some simple words to express your feelings towards the deceased person and to come as moral support for the family.

    The arrangement of flowers for the funeral

    Funeral flower arrangement (2)

    3. Sending funeral flowers for burial

    Sending flowers to a funeral is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, but not in all religions. The purpose of funeral flowers is to honor the deceased person, but they also convey compassion, love and warmth to the grieving family. It is recommended that funeral flowers be sent to the funeral home or to the location where the funeral will take place. However, if you want to personally pay tribute to the bereaved person, then make sure that you have ordered the wreath or arrangement in advance.


    In addition to your physical presence and kind words,funeral wreaths are a wonderful way to express your feelings towards the deceased person and their family. Sometimes words don't make sense or there are very few things you can do. Be present and show them your support, which doesn't have to involve a grand gesture. A hug, a nice message and a wreath of flowers are more than enough for the bereaved family.

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