Flowers by zodiac sign - which flowers are considered "lucky talismans" for each zodiac sign?


On the occasion of various events, people usually give bouquets of flowers. Too few know that they, in turn, send messages and, moreover, there may be a connection between the flowers given and the person receiving them. It is even possible that no one knows this, not even the person receiving the flowers.  

Each flower hosts a secret meaning, a language of flowers, which, decoded, helps us to send clearer messages or to interpret those coming from the sender. However, there is also a much deeper relationship: that of flowers with zodiac signs. 


  1. Flowers according to your zodiac sign - What bouquets to give according to this criterion
  2. Flowers that bring good luck depending on the sign 
1. Flowers according to your zodiac sign - What bouquets to give according to this criterion

Zodiac signs are a valuable clue about each other's personality, style, and preferences, so it's impossible for someone to make a mistake when offering a bouquet of flowers based on the zodiac sign. For example, Capricorn is a very ambitious person, motivated and anchored with his feet on the ground. He loves practical things and is a follower of classic things, so potted flowers or elegant roses are exactly what he needs to be pleasantly impressed. 

It is also enough to look at the zeal, zest for life and determination of Leo to find out that the flowers with chromatically explosive petals are the ones with which he "matches". So here's more information on choosing flowers based on your zodiac sign: 

  • Ram 
  • People born under this sign are distinguished by an energetic, determined, imposing nature, a trendsetter personality and adore strong perfumes. The flowers that express these characteristics are those in explosive colors, such as orange, or those that carry a very fragrant scent, such as lilies, peonies, daisies, violets, tulips or chrysanthemums. 

  • Bull 
  • People who were born under this sign are communicative, extroverted, cheerful, romantic, but also very stubborn. Earth signs, Taurus rely heavily on the senses and love sweet scents. The most suitable flowers depending on the earth signs, which "complete" this type of personality are generally small flowers, especially: poppy, rose and ORCHID


  • Gemini are sociable, cheerful, jovial people who are attracted to strong fragrances, like Aries. Gemini are dual personalities. They are expansive, if looked inside. These natives are best suited bouquets of roses flowers or wildflowers, lavender, azaleas, chrysanthemums, orchids or lilacs. 

  • Rac 
  • Cancers are sensitive to the zodiac. Naturally romantic, they love red or pink flowers. Roses, peonies, magnolias, lilies or mixed bouquets of flowers in which the predominant color of red is certainly the gift that goes directly to the heart of the native Cancer.


  • Leu 
  • Lions are strong, determined personalities who lend their typical traits to the leader and who fearlessly face any obstacle. Like their personality, the flowers that Lions prefer are imposing varieties, in optimistic, explosive and bright colors, such as sunflower, peonies or roses. 

  • Virgin 
  • Virgos are meticulous, analytical, thoughtful, attention to detail, perfectionist, but peaceful and loving peace and quiet. What flowers to give depending on the zodiac sign to these natives? Lavender, violets, roses, chrysanthemums, in general, small flowers and pale shades. 

  • Libra 
  • Libra is romantic, like Cancers. These people are looking for the perfect balance, harmony and justice. Libra prefers to receive small flowers, in warm shades, mixed bouquets with wildflowers, roses, lilies, daisies or hydrangeas. At the same time, the natives of Libra are undecided, who analyze in detail until they make a final decision. In this case, bouquets that include various species of flowers that you prefer are no exception.


  • Scorpion 
  • Scorpio women are intelligent, determined and passionate people. In terms of flowers, these women love flowers in bright colors of red, orange or purple. Peonies, anemones and roses occupy the top of the flowers they always expect to receive. As a potted plant, Scorpio would definitely choose the cactus. 

  • Sagittarius 
  • Sagittarius has the centaur as a zodiac sign and is the expression of wisdom and power. They are free, adventurous people, looking especially for simple flowers, but with a long lifespan. Are you a Sagittarius and are you curious about which flowers suit you according to your zodiac sign? Sagittarians generally look for spring flowers or other types such as daffodils, irises, or tulips. 

  • Capricorn 
  • Calm by definition, determined and disciplined, Capricorn women look forward to being surprised with bouquets of flowers or flowers in a box in which the shades of white and red predominate. Other options include pansies, magnolias, carnations or camellias. 

  • Aquarius 
  • Aquarius is as independent as it is romantic and loyal to the people it loves. Do you know an Aquarius and you don't know what flowers to give depending on your zodiac sign? Find out that Aquarius loves floral arrangements with less common flowers (for example, gladioli). Their favorite flower is the orchid. 

  • Pesti 
  • Gentle and romantic Pisces people can be captivated by a bouquet of strong-smelling or blue flowers. It generally prefers irises, lotuses, orchids or lilac flowers. Water lilies, protein or other flowers that grow near water are also worth considering. 

    2. Flowers that bring good luck depending on the sign

    Each zodiac sign has its own set of specific characteristics that make a person born under a certain zodiac sign truly unique. Flowers have the ability to contain a lot of meanings in the petals, and each flower thus corresponds to a specific zodiac sign. 

  • Aries and Lavender 
  • Lavender is known for its delicate, simple and fragrant appearance, like the energetic nature of a person born under the sign of Aries. After lavender, the lucky flowers according to the zodiac sign are occupied by narcissus and lily. 

  • Taurus and Orchid 
  • Bulls are strong and romantic people, and the lucky flower is the orchid. The shape of the petals indicates a loving soul of refinement and elegance, which excludes compromises or involvement in dry actions and which do not bring benefits to the mind and body. The varied color palette, which brings together multiple shades in a single flower, denotes the complex character of the Taurus natives. Besides it, the rose or the birch flower are also lucky. 

  • Gemini and Margaret 
  • Margareta symbolizes elegance and simplicity. Sophisticated and lucky flower, daisy is followed in the ranking of carnations and lilies. The thin and fine petals hide the sensitivity of the natives born under the sign of Gemini. The color white is a sign of purity, good thoughts and honesty. 

  • Cancer and Freesia 
  • Freesia is a velvety and delicate flower. It symbolizes the sensuality typical of Cancer, and the fine petals are reminiscent of the sensitivity and gentleness characteristic of Cancer natives. Freesia is the ideal gift for people struggling to fulfill their most burning desires.


  • Leo and the Rose sign 

  • Strong, determined, dominant and with an overflowing energy when he sets a goal, the king of the zodiac makes the ideal match with the king of flowers. The shape of the petals betrays the complicated nature of these natives. The vivid and bright color, regardless of the shade, exudes optimism, joy and positivism, which are demonstrated by Leo in the difficult moments of their lives. The rose exudes passion, sublime beauty and conquers with its unique appearance and strong scent, like the people in the sign of Leo. You can even choose one cryogenic rose. A short distance from the top is the sunflower.  


  • Virgo and Hydrangea 
  • Hydrangea it is the quietest flower in the garden. Delicate, elegant and simple, this flower resonates perfectly with the calm and rational nature of Virgos. Along with hydrangeas, daisies are also lucky flowers for people born under the sign of Virgo. 

  • Libra and Violet 
  • Balanced and undecided, Libra has several "options" when it comes to lucky flowers. For example, violets, lilies or white roses. 

  • Scorpio and Dahlia 
  • Scorpios are an illustrative sign for people with a contrasting attitude. Passionate and romantic, vain but charming, Scorpios prefer dahlias or orchids as lucky flowers. 

  • Sagittarius and Tulip 
  • The tulip is a simple flower, but with a lot of secret legends. Tulips they are delicate flowers, but illustrative of many virtues. At the same time, these are the lucky talismans of the Sagittarius sign. 

  • Capricorn and Sunflower 
  • Simple and imposing, the sunflower is an explosive flower, which exudes positivity and optimism at the highest level. The shape of the petals speaks of the power and generosity with which people love this zodiac sign. The yellow color reveals the power of attraction that Capricorns manifest in the minds and souls of those around them and expresses, at the same time, the need to shine, to be in the center of attention and in the hearts of their loved ones. Sunflower has the divine power to bring good luck to the lives of Capricorn natives. For a guaranteed effect, a gift-inspired idea is a mixed bouquet, composed of sunflower and iris. 

  • Aquarius and Camellia 
  • Camellia is a flower with a delicate, but very strong coating, bravely facing the harshest weather conditions. Camellia is the lucky flower of Aquarius, but that does not rule out its inclusion in a mixed bouquet, along with the favorite flowers of the natives: chrysanthemums. 

  • Pisces and Water Lily 
  • Being a water sign, Pisces is also lucky to have a flower that grows in the vicinity of the waters. A bouquet composed of water lilies and pink roses is the lucky amulet for this zodiac sign. 

    The flower zodiac was designed especially for women, but the predictions of each sign also apply to men. The peculiarities of flowers express the characteristics of our nature and the way in which certain events during life shape our character. The flowers have a short but intense life. They shine and conquer through the power of perfume and color for only a few days or weeks. Then they wither. The following year, the flowers regain their shades and the scent with which they were endowed by nature in order to bring to our souls the joy of spring days, serene and with a lot of sun. Flowers teach us to enjoy the charm of each season and to learn to be patient with the cold seasons. 

    The floral zodiac has more secrets than the European zodiac and offers secrets that are the basis of our evolution, regarding what we can become and the beneficial transformations for a destiny as fulfilled. Consequently, the shape, color palette and fragrance of each flower are used as a symbol for each zodiac sign, in a way that is not accidental. 

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