Summer flowers that will bring a smile to your face

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy life, sun and color. And of course, one of the best ways to do this is to admire the beauty of flowers. We may be subjective, but we believe that summer flowers are the most diverse and colorful, and at California Flowers we can't wait for the warm season to admire them and deliver them with a smile on our faces!

Here are some examples of summer flowers that will bring joy to your life. Guaranteed!


Often considered a symbol of purity, innocence and elegance, lilies come in a variety of colors and are a popular choice for creating bridal bouquets, floral arrangements, decorating churches, ballrooms or even gardens.

What makes lilies so special is that they have a strong, sweet scent that can quickly fill a room or garden and make your day that much more beautiful. Behold a colorful bouquet of hydrangea, lilies and delphinium, which you will love:

bouquet of lilies


As I mentioned above, these particularly elegant flowers are available in a variety of colors and can be used for floral arrangements, bouquets, or simply as garden plants. Their rich texture and unique shapes make hydrangeas a wonderful gift for any summer occasion. If they also come in an elegant box, they will definitely give rise to a smile from ear to ear.


In some Asian cultures, hyacinths are considered a symbol of love and marriage. In European cultures, hyacinths are associated with spring and the beginning of a new life. But, we also love them in the summer and just never get tired of their scent. That's why you'll find them on our website in the summer season as well.


These are just a few examples of flowers that will bring a smile to your face this summer. If you want to add some joy and color to your life, choose one or more of these wonderful flowers. Whether it's beautifying your home or garden, or a beautiful bouquet for a loved one, summer flowers always bring us a touch of happiness and remind us to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds us!

California Flowers - Livram zambete si flori, acum si in Bucuresti!

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