Spring flowers - how many messages fit in one bouquet + images that will inspire you

Spring flowers

Spring is the most fragrant season of the year, thanks to the seasonal flowers that make our life more beautiful after a long winter. Who does not like to receive a floral arrangement or a bouquet of seasonal flowers? The eyes are so captivated by the multitude of colors, that we omit the fact that each flower and color implies a special symbolism. If you master the meaning of each species or color of spring flowers, you can send an emotional message, be it of love, admiration, gratitude or friendship.


  • Spring flowers: freesias, tulips or hyacinths? What does your favorite spring flower say about you?
  • Spring flowers - What flowers do we give on March 1 and 8 and why?
  • What colors do we select for a successful spring flower bouquet: yellow, purple, blue, white, pink, red, orange, etc.

  • 1. Spring flowers: freesias, tulips or hyacinths? What does your favorite spring flower say about you?

    Flower vase

    The delicacy and fragrance of each spring flower harbors a small story full of symbols. This can influence our choices when we give a bouquet of flowers and brings us closer to the message we want to convey to our loved one, when we do not express ourselves in written or verbal messages.

    • Hyacinth 

    Hyacinth is loved for its cheerful colors and intense fragrance. The story behind the flower reminds us of Hyakinthos, loved by the gods Apollo and Zephyr. One day, when Apollo was teaching Hyakinthos the art of throwing the discus, the wind god Zephyr deflected the direction of the discus, which hit Hyakinthos in the head. The blood spilled on the ground created the shape of a bell-like flower. Since then, the hyacinth has remained a symbol of loyalty and sincere feelings.

    You can give these spring flowers in pots, if the recipient has a garden. Or, you can surprise your mother or your girlfriend with a flower arrangement or a bouquet of hyacinths.

    If hyacinths are your favorite flowers, then you have a strong personality, like their fragrance. Those who prefer hyacinths are people with strong characters, who know how to behave in such a way as to impose themselves in society and be liked by everyone.

    • snowdrop 

    The snowdrop, the harbinger or flower of spring as it is also called, has an emotional story related to a ray of sunshine - the little daughter of the star. She was playing among the flowers in her father's garden, when suddenly, her gaze was captured by a wonderful flower that she decided to tear in order to keep it. But, together with that flower, the sunbeam also broke a snowdrop. The flower started to cry because the tail that was pulled from it hurt. As a gesture of forgiveness for the pain caused to him by his daughter, the sun promised the little spring flower that he would fulfill her every wish. Then the snowdrop asked her to be the harbinger of spring, as soon as the winter snow melts. The snowdrop illustrates purity, new beginning, hope and sincere friendship.

    • tulips 

    The tulip reminds of a beautiful love story between Farhad and his girlfriend, Shirin, a story with an unhappy ending. When the young man in love, Farhad, found out that his girlfriend was killed, he started looking for her. On the way, however, the horse collapsed in the rush, and the young man in love met his end by hitting a rock. The drops of blood created a dome-shaped flower and since then, the red tulip has become the symbol of sacrifice and eternal love.



    Depending on their color, the tulips carry messages that can be interpreted differently. Red tulips, as I specified, send to that perfect love, purple tulips express distinction and appreciation, so they can be offered to your boss, grandmother, teachers and, in general, to people you respect a lot. The white tulips are a good opportunity to ask for someone's forgiveness, the yellow ones convey optimistic messages and are indicated to send to a person who has successfully overcome an operation or another difficult moment in his life.

    Tulips Roses

    Tulips are the most loved flowers after roses. If you would ever choose a bouquet of tulips , then this can say about you that you are a cheerful person, always willing to show those around you how much you appreciate them through compliments and advice. Also, people who adore tulips are curious people, who quickly get rid of boredom and who like to experience new things in life.

    • Freesia 

    Freesia is the spring flower that conquers with its grace, finesse and unforgettable fragrance. This flower was named after the physicist Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese. Its symbolism refers to everything that means purity, innocence, chastity and love at the beginning. Freesia bouquets are often given to new mothers at the time of birth.

    Freesias are associated with personalities like them: delicate, calm, serene and who give those around them strong affection, like the perfume that these flowers give.

    • daffodil 

    In China, daffodils are the spring flowers that are said to bring good luck. They are flowers associated with prosperity, hope and are often given at baptisms or as a sign of friendship.

    Daffodils indicate enthusiastic, sincere, friendly natures that know how to appreciate the charm of small things.

    • Bat 

    Nothing compares to the sweet, subtle and persistent scent of the lilac flower. This mysterious spring flower carries you in the nostalgia of memories. In popular belief, the lilac flower was given to unmarried women.

    • Peony 

    The peony expresses passionate love, strong feelings, like the fragrance and color of this flower. Therefore, offer peonies to people for whom you have intense feelings of friendship, admiration or love. The peony is a very sought-after flower in China and Japan, where it is considered a lucky flower.


    • Magnolia 

    Magnolia impresses with its royal appearance. Magnolia is a perennial tree that has survived climate changes, a tree with tough flowers, which is why they illustrate perseverance, strength and long life.

    • Iris 

    The iris can express different messages depending on the color. Purple iris flowers symbolize wisdom, yellow flowers symbolize possessive passion, white flowers bring to mind pure and sincere feelings, and blue flowers express eternal feelings.


    • Mac 

    Since people used to extract opium from these spring flowers, poppies became associated with feelings of calmness and peace of mind. In the past, poppies were included in love potions, because they were attributed properties to calm suffering. It offers a mixed bouquet in which you can add some poppies for a contrasting and elegant effect.

    Mixed bouquet

    2. Spring flowers - What flowers do we give on March 1 and 8 and why?

    Whether they have a special meaning, or are offered as a sign of thanks, congratulations or respect, flowers always mean admiration. The flowers most often offered on March 1 and 8 are spring flowers. If you want to convey a clear and special message to someone, then choose the flowers from the bouquet according to what they convey. Whether you opt for a single-species bouquet or a mixed bouquet, spring flowers will bring more color and freshness to the life of the person you are thinking of.

    • Roses 

    Roses are not the flowers of one season. You can send a bouquet of fresh roses whenever there is an occasion, regardless of the season. The legend of these flowers shows that roses are divine messengers of love and thus explains why people choose to give roses to mothers, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends or any important woman in their lives. Red roses exude passionate love and romance.


    Bouquet of Red Roses

    The yellow rose is a gesture of sincere friendship, while a white rose symbolizes first love, friendship and other pure feelings.

    • Orchid 

    Orchids are the flowers that bloom easily, in various conditions, both weather and environment. Orchids are the ideal flowers to give to your mother, wife, boss or grandmother. A bouquet of orchids means admiration and respect.

    • Tulips 

    Tulips are also spring garden flowers. If you are the happy owner of a house and have a garden, then you will enjoy the variety of bright colors that the tulips give you for many weeks in a row. They enjoy an impressive chromatic richness, signify steadfast and sincere love. White and yellow tulips are offered by men courting a woman who recently entered their lives. Red tulips are offered to wives or girlfriends, due to the obvious meaning they have.

    Roses Box

    • Daffodils 

    Whoever gives or receives daffodils will be lucky all year. Daffodils are offered in a bouquet and, preferably, in a number of five. Bringing good luck, daffodils are given on International Women's Day, but it is customary to give a bouquet on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of marriage.

    • freesia 

    Thanks to the special fragrance, freesias are a delight for women. A symbol of innocence and freshness, freesias are often found in brides' bouquets.

    Freesia's tulips

    If you prefer to use the language of flowers more than your own words to show the other person what you feel, then take into account the chromatic symbols of the flowers.

  • hyacinth
  • Hyacinths are available from March 8, but be careful with the color palette. You can compose a bouquet of pink and yellow hyacinths, with which you can surprise your best friend or your sister who is also your confidant. Or you can make an arrangement with blue, pink or purple hyacinths. The meaning of the chromatic mix is ​​translated as follows: eternal love overcomes all obstacles.

    3. What colors do we select for a successful spring flower bouquet: yellow, purple, blue, white, pink, red, orange, etc.

    Before creating a bouquet with monochrome flowers or a mix, take a look at the following list:

    • White signifies purity and innocence.
    • Blue is a symbol of trust, but also of distance and sadness.
    • Yellow is the warm and light color. A bouquet of yellow flowers can convey a positive and encouraging message for someone at a standstill, but at the same time, yellow is the color associated with jealousy.

    Yellow freesias

    • Orange flowers express warmth, positive and passionate feelings. They can be sent as an alternative to red flowers to the woman you love.

    Orange roses

    • Red flowers obviously exude a lot of passion, passionate love and power. The shades of red each carry a special meaning. Therefore, dark red expresses seriousness and flowers in this shade can be given to the people with authority in your life and whom you admire. Flowers with light shades of red express attraction, commitment, desire or romance.

    Heart Roses


    • Pink flowers are ideal when you want to congratulate a mother who has just given birth, a person who has just been discharged, or to express your love intentions towards a woman you have recently met. Pink is the color of the beginning, positivism, innocence and friendship.

    • Green flowers convey messages of calm, tranquility and rest. Green flowers create contrasting effects in mixed bouquets.

    Flowers Green Pink Box


    • Purple flowers send with the thought of seriousness, respect, luxury and greatness. They are suitable for the elderly or for formal events.

    Decorative Flower Vase

    Take into account all these aspects before opting for a bouquet of flowers or, why not, for an arrangement of flowers in a box . Don't forget that your gesture can have a twice as deep meaning if you pay more attention to the types of flowers you choose, but also to their colors. Of course, you can always ask for advice for a wise choice!

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