Winter flowers - which arrangements you can choose depending on the occasion and what each flower symbolizes

winter flowers

Flower bouquets are the perfect gift for almost any occasion. Whether you're going to a birthday party or you want to show your love to your partner, or you're giving them as a sign of gratitude for a colleague, you won't go wrong with a special floral arrangement. Through it, you will easily and accurately express your emotions, which you may find more difficult to verbalize.

In winter, there are a number of important events that you will inevitably celebrate and you will need this kind of gifts. Therefore, you must prepare properly for Christmas, New Year or Valentine's day, but also for other events that may take place, such as a wedding or a birthday.


  1. Winter flower bouquets suitable for every occasion

1.1. The right flowers for Christmas

1.2. The right flowers for Valentine's Day

1.3. Winter flowers suitable for weddings

1.4. Winter flowers for a special occasion

  1. How to take care of winter flowers?

1. Winter flower bouquets suitable for every occasion

1 roses

Depending on each winter occasion, you can be sure that you will find special floral arrangements, specific to the season, if you go to a modern florist. But, you may be wondering which ones to choose. In addition to the occasion on which they are offered, a criterion could be represented by what each one symbolizes.

1.1 The right flowers for Christmas

A flower arrangement is the ideal gift that you can give to a host at a party. In this situation, you can opt for a Christmas tree or a potted lily. The latter has large and intensely colored flowers, being the center of attention in any home it is integrated into, especially during the winter. At the same time, you can choose to give roses, winter jasmine which signifies purity and modesty (feelings characteristic of the Christmas period) or narcissus.

1 1 Christmas flowers

1 1 Christmas flowers

1.2 The right flowers for Valentine's day

On Valentine's Day, flowers are the surest way for a partner to show his love for his girlfriend/wife. In this sense, bouquets of roses traditionally represent the sign of love and the bond that was formed between the two. Therefore, the most popular flower for this day is the rose in all its attractive shades.

Here is what you will send depending on the flower you choose to offer:

  • Red rose - passion;
  • White rose - pure love;
  • Yellow rose - friendship;
  • Coral rose - desire;
  • Pink rose - admiration;
  • Primula - new love, new beginnings.

Choose a bouquet of roses or a box of roses to impress in the most pleasant way on this special day.

1 2 Valentines day flowers

1 2 Flowers valentines day1

1.3 Winter flowers suitable for weddings

1 3

Among all the important aspects to consider when it comes to wedding planning, there is certainly the floral arrangements. If this happy event takes place during the winter, the flowers will ideally complete this unique setting. Most couples prefer red roses to highlight their love or peonies that signify happy marriage, prosperity and luck. If you want to send a personalized message through flowers, here is what you can choose and what is the meaning of each one:

  • Room lily - love and determination;
  • Calla lily - royal flowers that convey elegance;
  • Gardenia - joy;
  • The bouquet of hydrangeas - perseverance and sincere emotions.

1 3 Wedding flowers

1 3 Wedding flowers1

1.4 Winter flowers for a special occasion

If you are going to a birthday, an engagement party or a wedding anniversary, almost any type of floral arrangement is suitable. During the winter, you can opt for some special ones, specific to the season, taking into account what each variety symbolizes:

  • Lilies - They are ideal due to their elegant trumpet-shaped buds and long stems;
  • Orchid bouquets - Orchids traditionally symbolize love and beauty, so they are a perfect way to share your feelings;
  • Daisies - They can withstand low winter temperatures, which makes them the ideal gift this season. These are seasonal, vibrant and colorful flowers that look wonderful in a winter setting. At the same time, they are wonderful as part of a bouquet with other types of flowers.

Regardless of the occasion, you can choose to offer cryogenic roses with which you will be able to impress. The unique, special and creative arrangement will definitely get the reaction you want.

2. How to take care of winter flowers?

2 orchids

Temperature changes and dry air can represent real enemies for flowers. So, to properly care for the flower arrangement in winter, be sure to follow some simple steps:

  • Keep the flowers away from heat sources;
  • Cut off the bottom of the stems;
  • Change the water regularly;
  • Do not leave them in a cold space;
  • Remove all the leaves that will be below the water level.

In conclusion, the flowers you can give in winter are available in various varieties, just like the rest of the year. You just have to decide on the ideal arrangement according to the preferences of the person you want to give it to and what each of them symbolizes. Add more color, beauty and love to this season by choosing to give a special bouquet of flowers.

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