The flower of purity - how can you create the perfect gift? Here is the most interesting information about the symbolism of these flowers!

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Flowers are a perfect way to show someone your admiration, love or respect. When you want to give an important person in your life a suitable gift, you inevitably think of a beautiful flower arrangement that will impress. However, when you want to give a flower, you must also take into account its meaning, in order not to create wrong impressions. Purity flowers have a special symbolism, representing important values, such as beauty, innocence and pure feelings. If you opt for a bouquet made of these flowers, you offer it with a clear intention, to emphasize the purity of a feeling, or sincere admiration for a certain person. Also, these flowers can be offered during certain special events , being extremely popular.


  1. What are the flowers of purity and why are they so appreciated?
  2. Perfect events and occasions to give the flowers of purity

1. What are the flowers of purity and why are they so appreciated?

Purity flowers are a symbol of peace, love and innocence, being extremely appreciated by any person, for their simple and extremely elegant beauty. These can be offered to show pure feelings, regardless of whether it is a romantic relationship, or just a relationship based on respect or admiration. What are these flowers and how can you fit them into an interesting arrangement? Even if you might think that there is only one flower that falls into this category, in reality there is a wide range of flowers that symbolize purity.

  • The white lily is among the most beloved flowers, being considered the healing flower, having a lot of healing properties. The fragrance of the lily is irresistible, and its appearance gives any bouquet a touch of elegance. It is considered to be a flower suitable for summer events and occasions, blooming in June .

  • The snowdrop has always been considered the harbinger of spring, being a delicate flower that symbolizes purity and sincere intentions.
  • Jasmine is considered the queen of flowers, having an interesting appearance and a strong fragrance.

  • The white gerbera is one of the most appreciated flowers by women, being offered for multiple occasions.

  • Gardenia is an exotic flower, with an unusual appearance and an extremely pleasant natural fragrance.

Can the flower of purity fit into an arrangement with other types of flowers?

The flowers of purity can certainly be included in a beautiful bouquet of flowers , designed to impress and show sincere feelings. If you want an interesting and meaningful arrangement, you can opt for a bouquet composed only of purity flowers, such as lilies or gerberas. Instead, if you want to offer a colorful and lively arrangement, you have the opportunity to combine the simplicity and innocence of a white flower with other flowers, such as hydrangea, rose or peony. Depending on the occasion on which you give a bouquet of flowers, you can choose the elements that will be part of it. Purity flowers give the bouquet a natural, simple and elegant air, so they can be used as simple decorative elements, together with several roses, or other flowers that have a strong symbolism.

The flower of purity 1.1 arrangement of lilies and hydrangea flowers

The flower of purity 1.1. flower box
2. Perfect events and occasions to give the flowers of purity

The flowers of purity have a strong impact when offered, being a symbol of sincerity. They can be given on multiple occasions, representing a suitable way to express, as the case may be, your regret, admiration, love, or respect.

  • Wedding

You don't give flowers at the wedding, but they have an extremely important role in this event. Purity flowers are perfect to make up the bride's bouquet , complementing perfectly with the white of the wedding dress. Also, as the wedding generally takes place in the warm season, you have a lot of spring flowers available for you to choose, both for the bouquet and for the decoration of the location.

The flower of purity 2. bridal bouquet

  • funeral

Unfortunately, there are also many unpleasant events that you have to participate in, so the flowers offered must express regret, respect and love. The flowers of purity are perfect for such occasions, so afuneral wreath of white lilies will certainly express all your sincere feelings.

The flower of purity 2. the crown of flowers

  • Valentine's day

On Valentine's days , men want to show their partners their pure and sincere feelings. As a rule, on this occasion, a bouquet of red roses is offered, along with a symbolic gift. However, if you like to go outside the box, give your girlfriend an arrangement of white lilies, gerbera and jasmine, to show her your sincere love.

The flower of purity 2 gifts
The flower of purity 2 boy giving a bouquet of flowers

So, if you want to give a bouquet of flowers full of meanings, you can confidently give an arrangement made up of the flowers of purity. Lily, snowdrop, gerbera or jasmine, have a special symbolism, helping you to express your feelings of love and respect.

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