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The wedding is all just joy and flowers. There are flowers in the bride's bouquet, flowers in the arches, there are flowers on the guests' tables, flowers everywhere in the hall/garden. There are flower arrangements and other flowers that bring color and charm to the event. What am I? What can they be? If you call on a floral designer, then you don't have to take care of them. If not, and you are taking care of your wedding decoration yourself, this article will be of great help to you.


  1. Flowers and plants suitable for a wedding decoration
  2. Wedding decorations - how do you decorate the arches, the hall, the guests' tables?
1. Flowers and plants suitable for a wedding decoration

Wedding flowers do not necessarily fit into patterns. Not even in superstitions and/or customs left over from our grandparents. The choices can be the most unusual, and the results the most unexpected. Carnations at the wedding? Why not?!

Flowers bring beauty where beauty is missing. Placed in a large event hall or in an open garden, wedding floral arrangements completely change the appearance that the space initially has. And they make it suitable for hosting a wedding.

Many flowers and everywhere

The flowers can be seen and felt. If we are talking about those with a pleasant, present smell, they will not only be the joy of the eyes, but also of the senses. But, to be felt and seen, there must be as many flowers as possible, and everywhere. The current trends in wedding decoration are towards "more", and "everywhere". Many flowers on the tables, flowers on the arches, hanging flowers, flowers on the floor, flowers on the gate and on the path where the guests enter and walk. There are also flowers in the bride's bouquet . And no, there will never be too many at a wedding. The ceremony place is also decorated with flowers. With the same flowers that are in the bride's bouquet, and in the hall/garden. There are flowers on the chairs and next to the chairs, flowers on the "gate", flowers in the aisle. There is a continuity in the whole setting.

The choice of the bride

In general, brides choose the flowers for the wedding, but there are also grooms who come up with their own decoration ideas. And some really interesting ones. To be able to find the right flowers, as a groom or as a bride, you must have options. You must have ideas that inspire you. And you have to take into account several aspects. What kind of flowers? What colors? Where do they put themselves?

Flowers of love

1 wedding decoration flowers of love peonies

Maybe you like roses, but for you, peonies have something special. They were offered to you on the first date and you would like to have them now. He doesn't like them either, especially since peonies are said to be the flowers of love. Just like roses are. Orchids mean new beginnings. The roads, too. Every flower can be the star of your wedding if it means something to you.

Field flowers and autumn flowers

The wedding season is the warm season, from spring to summer. But weddings are also held in the cold season, early autumn, even later, towards winter, when it is already cold outside. If you orient yourself in the choice of flowers for the wedding depending on the season, there are plenty of options.

1 summer wildflower wedding decoration

If it's summer, you have sunflowers (Helianthus annuus), bluebells (Centaurea cyanus), lavender (Lavandula), gypsophila (Gypsophila), but you also have field nettles (Consolida regalis). They are even "from the landscape" if the wedding is outdoors. The colors are gorgeous, inspired by nature. Next, you have ears of dry wheat. And, although they don't come to mind when you think of flowers, dried wheat ears are increasingly used in arrangements with other flowers, especially wildflowers.

1 summer field flower wedding decoration 2

If it's autumn, you have chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum), dahlias (Dahlia), carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus), roses (Rosa L.), gerbera (Gerbera), Protea, and you also have bushes (Chrysanthemum Carinatum). And, contrary to belief, carnations are not flowers of sadness. They are associated with unfortunate events in life, but this is also related to superstitions and traditions from grandparents. Many brides choose them for decoration on their wedding day and they look perfect. A successful and slightly bold combination is the addition of elegant black in tablecloths and chairs, and many many bright red carnations in the decoration. Unique and original.

1 autumn flower wedding decor

Chrysanthemums, dahlias, roses, gerberas, bushes look wonderful in arrangements next to dry leaves, acorns and fir cones, placed on tables and in arches and even in the bride's bouquet. The dominant colors will be brick, terra cotta, mustard yellow, burgundy and orange. There will be color and warmth from color, a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a warm autumn evening and a successful wedding.

1 autumn flower wedding decor 2

Green plants

If you don't see the wedding in colors, neither fall nor summer, it can only be raw green. Green plants make a sensation in a wedding setting.

1 wedding decoration green plants

Eucalypt, green ears of wheat, fern, ivy are green decorative plants that can be used to give life to the space, indoors or outdoors. It looks good in a room, but also in an open space, such as a garden. It looks good next to a warm brown from natural wood and lights - lanterns, garlands, candles, light curtains. If you want to add, however, a touch of color, add lavender to the decoration. Or the roses. White, pink.

2. Floral decorations for the wedding - how do you decorate the gate, the hall, the guests' tables?

2 floral decorations for the wedding, gate decoration

For a cozy atmosphere, the floral wedding decoration also needs a few other accessories. For this reason, at weddings, you will see wooden boxes as a support for flowers, buckets that replace vases, jars and transparent glass vessels, candles, candlesticks, lanterns, curtains or garlands of lights. You will see them covering the tables, you will see them next to and on the chairs, on the arches, in the corridor.

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are an excellent support for flowers. Small in size, they are much more practical and can easily be placed on the guests' tables. They are perfect for those brides and grooms who want a wedding in a rustic style or, at least with a few rustic accents, but also for those who dream of a simple decoration, without imposing decorative vases that crowd the tables. Contrary to the size, boxed flowers have an extremely pleasant visual impact in a wedding decoration.


The pebbles are the replacement version of the classic vases for flowers. If you have chosen small flowers (bride's flower, lavender, blue flowers), field flowers, which can be placed without problems in such objects, go with the idea of ​​buckets to decorate the guests' tables. They are perfect for a country-style decoration, but also for a wedding inspired by the beauty of summer days, where wildflowers are the stars. The guests will definitely be delighted with how it looks. Put the table number there, among the flowers. And that's all!

Glass jars and dishes

2 wedding decoration glass jars

If the flowers have a longer tail, if you chose sunflowers, gerberas, chrysanthemums or dried wheat for decoration, put them on the tables in jars or other transparent glass containers. The tables will not seem so loaded, and the flowers can be seen in all their beauty.

2 wedding decoration glass jars 2

In the same dish, you can put table numbers. If you have a little free time, you can decorate them with string or cloth. In a rustic setting, glass vessels decorated with flowers will be all the more impressive. They can even be attached to the chairs and be part of the decoration in the hall/place specially set up for the ceremony.

2 wedding decoration glass jars 3

Candles, lanterns, light garlands

Candles on the tables have, perhaps, the greatest impact if we are talking about a "cozy" atmosphere. And not so much indoors, in a closed event hall, as in an outdoor garden, where the only other light sources are lanterns and curtains/garlands of suspended lights with warm light. I am dreaming in a garden, but also on a beach, at sunset. Wooden tables spread out, the sea in the background, a white veil, lighted candles and many, many flowers. They are, if you will, the images in which the wedding decoration makes you say "if this is not going to be my wedding, then I don't want one!".

2 wedding decorations, lanterns, light garlands


Flowers and colors cannot exist without each other. It can be a little bit of each or it will be only red, only white, only pink. A wedding decoration with different flowers, all white, is not "too much" at all. Peonies, roses, all pink, they are not "too much" either. But then, the tablecloths, candles, chair covers will be white.

2 colors wedding decor

If you choose red for the flowers, the other decorative objects and accessories will be in white or black. Black looks good next to pink, but also next to gold. Just as good as gold looks next to pink and white. The combinations of flowers can be countless, and it will not be difficult for you to join them once you find the ones you like.

2 wedding decoration colors 2


If you don't mind, flowers can also be placed on the backs of the chairs - attached or suspended. They can hang from the ceiling, cover pillars, even huge chandeliers. They can be anywhere, and the effect will be wow. Curtains of lights, spread tables, gates/arches full of flowers, an impeccable table arrangement are some other key points of a successful wedding decoration.

2 wedding decoration details

Romantic, cozy, are the transparent polycarbonate chairs at the wooden tables. The veil material placed on the pillars is another romantic accessory for a wedding decoration. If you only go for green and natural plants, then think about lots of lights - large lanterns on the floor, candlesticks, hanging garlands. You can slip light installations into the glass dishes or jars. Under the candles, as a support, you can place a few "slices" of raw, untreated wood.

2 wedding decoration details 2

It is important to find the right place that meets your requirements, to find the people who will help you with the correct arrangement of the tables if the chosen place is not an event hall, to find the florist and the flowers that will change even the simplest decoration into a fantastic one . Think in detail and start looking early. Only the right choices guarantee you the event you've dreamed of all your life.

In the bouquets of the brides, on the arches, on the guests' tables, the flowers add charm and life to the event, color to any wedding decoration. Think about everything before you choose the flowers for your wedding, find a place for them and don't limit yourself.

The flowers, the theme chosen by the bride and groom, the invitations, the testimonies create the love story of the bride and groom, and it can only be a real and sincere one. Let your imagination work and you will have the most beautiful arrangements at your wedding. Tell your story exactly the way you want it to be heard and people will resonate with it!

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