Cryogenication of roses: find out what you did NOT know about this process + how to maintain such a flower

Cryogenics of roses

Women love flowers, because they are part of their everyday life. Flowers are offered on name days, Valentine's Day and March 8. When we get married, we are surrounded by flowers, but also when our life partner is out of ideas when it comes to the right gift, he always opts for a flower. Attention, gentlemen! You can give up the classic bouquet of roses in favor of cryogenic ones.

Now you probably have several questions, including "What does a cryogenic rose mean?", "How is it different from the normal one?", "Why should I choose it?". In the following, we will answer all these curiosities.


  1. What is a cryogenic rose?
  2. How are cryogenic roses made?
  3. About the maintenance of cryogenic roses
  4. About the types of cryogenic roses

1. What is a cryogenic rose?

Cryogenic roses or immortal roses, as they are often called, have recently become the stars of modern florists. They live up to 25 years in your home, without requiring too much attention and care. So, unlike a normal bouquet of roses , which withers in a few days, you can enjoy a cryogenic rose every day, without much effort. It represents a special gift, intended for a special person in your life, who will definitely not forget you soon.

Rose in the pink dome-min

2. How are cryogenic roses made?

Cryogenication of roses is a long and complex process. Everything starts by freezing the flower at temperatures between -30 and -55 degrees Celsius, for 24 hours. After this stage, the water is removed from the petals of the flower, so that finally, the rose is placed under a vacuum, where its temperature is gradually increased, for about 4 weeks. An important aspect to mention here is that the rose petals are preserved individually, and at the end they are glued back by hand. It takes a lot of work, skill and patience to get a simply spectacular result.

Cryogenic roses in a blue box - min

3. About the maintenance of cryogenic roses

Cryogenic roses really do live a long time. However, it is necessary to comply with some conditions in order to extend their life as much as possible. Therefore, it is advisable to protect the rose from the sun and moisture. The sun's rays can affect its color, and water is not necessary, because, unlike a living plant, it is immortal. Another thing that could affect it is dust, so it is best to choose a rose in a glass dome. And the other models are durable, of course, but the one in the dome could live a few more years. If you follow these simple rules, you will enjoy a perfect rose for a very long time.

Cryogenic rose red box-min

4. About the types of cryogenic roses

There are several types of cryogenic roses, the differences being present both at the level of color and at the level of the support in which they are placed. Therefore, you can opt for:

  • Cryogenic roses in a box
  • The cryogenic roses in the box are among the best-known models and among the first to appear. You can opt for a box with a single flower, up to a real bouquet. The colors vary and suit every lady's taste.

    Black cryogenic rose-min

  • Cryogenic roses in the dome
  • If we didn't convince you with the model above, this one will surely catch your attention.
    Cryogenic roses in the dome are among the most elegant and beautiful ways to express your love. You certainly remember the bright red rose from the story "Beauty and the Beast". You can also opt for an identical one, but the only difference is that yours will remain permanently blooming, unlike the one that changed the fate of the beautiful Belle, when the last petal withered. If you don't want it to be red, like the one in the story, the range of colors is also varied here.

    Rose in the white dome-min

    Rose in the silver dome-min

    Rose in the red dome-min

  • Cryogenic roses in the globe
  • For a special gift, you can opt for a cryogenic rose in a globe , which can also be a beautiful arrangement for your room. This time, when it comes to color, the range is a little narrower than in the case of the previously mentioned models. Predominantly, here you can find red, blue, pink, gold and silver models.

    Gold rose globe-min

    Pink rose globe-min

    Red rose globe-min

    Silver rose globe-min

  • Cryogenic roses in a jewelry box
  • This is definitely the latest trend: cryogenic roses in a jewelry box . With her help, you will not only offer a flower, but also a very useful object to your partner, for which she will definitely thank you. This new model has a special flower on the top of the box, and underneath it contains a jewelry storage box, made of ecological leather and acrylic. The box has a standard color, namely, gray, but the shades of the rose oscillate between pink, red, white, gold or silver.

    Rose in silver jewelry box-min

    Rose in gold jewelry box-min

    Rose in a pink jewelry box-min

    Rose in a red jewelry box-min

    Regardless of the cryogenic rose model you will choose, you will definitely not make a mistake in front of your loved one. Pay attention to her tastes, find out what color she likes and go for the most suitable option for her. You don't even need to go to the florist anymore, because now you can deliver your favorite flower right to your door. Choose the model, put it in the basket, write her a few lines that will move her, and we take care of the rest.

    Which cryogenic rose model will you choose?

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