What flowers are offered on Valentine's Day? See here some ideas!

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Valentine's Day is celebrated in the life of every couple. Therefore, this also means confusion, in the case of those who do not know what to offer their loved one on this special day. If you are among these people and you don't know what flowers to choose for Valentine's Day, don't be discouraged, because below you have some ideas to help you choose a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with which to mark this occasion as it should be.


  1. Flowers suitable for Valentine's Day
  2. What flowers to buy on Valentine's Day: criteria according to which to make the choice

1. Flowers suitable for Valentine's Day

Choosing a suitable flower bouquet for Valentine's Day can be quite complicated. Some women love red roses. Other women don't even want to hear about roses, due to the fact that they may think they are too syrupy. In the same vein, some girls love pink flowers in any floral combination, and others prefer flowers in multiple colors, because they find them more interesting. Some girlfriends want tulips, others peonies, others freesias and the list goes on.

Thus, the most suitable bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day is the one chosen according to the personality of the lady or young lady to whom it will be given, because these are romantic flowers . Such flowers must be chosen with great care, especially because the tastes of each person differ, and if you want to make a special gesture and offer a bouquet of flowers that will bring a smile to your loved one's face, you must choose it according to certain personal criteria. Read below how you can make this choice much easier, especially if you are not the type of person who knows the typology and meaning of each flower.

2. What flowers to buy on Valentine's Day: criteria according to which to make the choice

To make sure that you will not make a mistake with the chosen bouquet, an option often put into practice is the choice of flowers according to the type of woman who is going to receive the bouquet. Therefore:

  • Sensual, courageous, always honest, strong and self-confident women reflect, without exception, a personality that stands out and is compatible with flowers such as roses , peonies, chrysanthemums or freesias , in strong colors such as blue, blood red, orange or purple, such as the ones below:

blue hydrangeas

bouquet of roses and hydrangea

gardenia bouquet

bouquet of red roses

  • Sweet, fragile, romantic, young and dreamy girlfriends reflect a frail, childish, sentimental personality, which will be much better suited to low-intensity, pastel colors, such as pale pink, white, cream, light yellow, pale blue. The most suitable flowers for this personality type are peonies, tulips , chrysanthemums, as in the combinations below:

light pink roses

pink valentine's day bouquet

White roses

  • A mature woman, maybe even a mother or grandmother, a woman with a past , with life experience, with a patient, calm, calculated, tenacious nature, reflects a special, serious, strong personality, as well as a so-called "the sixth Sense". Therefore, special flowers such as daffodils, peonies, imperial lilies, hydrangeas or orchids , in light colors such as pink, yellow, orange , will suit such a woman, without a doubt, just like in the pictures below:

bouquet of roses

Choose personalized or atypical bouquets

Many people, when it comes to making a nice gesture for their loved one, think of a bouquet of flowers, without too many details. Well, doesn't the special person in your life deserve something special, a special gift, that they will never forget? That's why, if you want to do something different this Valentine's Day, offer your great love a special, personalized bouquet of flowers, created according to the flowers she loves the most and her favorite colors. If you don't know what these are, then you can use something new, but simpler, for which you don't need to know so many details. This unique gift can consist of cryogenic roses to keep for a long time, flowers in a box , a glass globe inside which is a cryogenic rose, a special gift box with champagne, chocolate and roses or a teddy bear created from roses .

Regardless of what kind of bouquet you decide to give your loved one, don't forget to pay close attention to an essential aspect, namely not to give them the type of flowers you know they don't like and not to give the bouquet at the end of the day, but at beginning, so that you start your day harmoniously.

What bouquet would you choose for the special person in your life?

Photo source: Pexels.com, Californiaflowers.ro

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