How long does a cryogenic rose last? Tips for taking care of such a floral arrangement

How long does a cryogenic rose last Tips for caring for such a floral arrangement

Roses have represented, since ancient times, the deepest symbols of love and appreciation. Their legend dates back to Antiquity, when it is said that a red rose grew in the place where Adonis, the subject of the love of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, was injured while hunting a wild boar. From his tears, this delicate flower was born, which has remained, since then, the absolute representation of the immortal connection between two people.

However, roses have a relatively short lifespan, of only seven days from the moment they are cut. For this reason, specialized florists from all corners of the world sought to find the ideal balance between the beauty and delicacy of this flower and the intensity of eternal love stories. In this way, the cryogenic rose was born, able to maintain its properties regardless of the tests that the test of time puts before it.

Read this article to find out what a cryogenic rose is, what is its lifespan and how you can take care of it so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.


1.       What is the cryogenic rose?

2.       How long does a cryogenic rose last?

3. How can you take care of your cryogenic rose to last as long as possible?


1. What is the cryogenic rose?

Cryogenic roses or "immortal roses", as they are generally known, are completely natural flowers, subjected to the cryogenic or lyophilization process in order to preserve their physical properties in the long term. They are cut when they reach their optimal growth potential and infused in a glycerin-based liquid mixture, which gradually replaces, within a few days, the sap of the plant. Thus, the rose is rehydrated, and its appearance and delicacy can be preserved for years.

1 - cryogenic rose (2)
1 - cryogenic rose (1)

In general, cryogenic roses are cultivated by the most passionate experts in floristry, in their own cultures, being offered all the care they need to reach their optimal level of development. Each individual flower is delicately grown to maintain its natural beauty and freshness throughout the year.

2. How long does a cryogenic rose last?

On average, the lifespan of a natural rose, after cutting, is approximately seven days. Unlike these, cryogenic roses last much longer, speaking, in this case, in terms of years . Thus, this flower can represent the ideal way to show your appreciation to your loved ones, regardless of whether it is the person you love, the woman who gave you life or, simply, a friend to whom you want to prove how much it means to you

2 - how long does a cryogenic rose last

Depending on the area of ​​origin, the complexity of the cryogenic process and the way of care, the lifespan of such a flower is at least three years. However, most cryogenic roses last much longer than that, being able to testify the love between you and the person you give it to for over 25 years. Therefore, it cannot be said that they are "immortal" flowers, but they will be with you for quite a long time throughout your life.

3. How can you take care of your cryogenic rose to last as long as possible?

Whether you are among those who plan to give such a flower as a gift, or whether you are one of the people who have already received such a symbolic gift , it is important to know what the care of a cryogenic rose entails, because you and your loved one to be able to enjoy it as long as possible.

Here are the basic aspects that it is recommended to take into account to help your rose pass the test of time:

  • Do not excessively touch the rose and do not constantly move it from one place to another. The natural oils on the surface of the skin can damage the petals. Also, because it is an extremely delicate flower, excessive movement or accidental hits can cause them to fall.
  • Don't water the roses! Because they were subjected to the cryogenic process, they no longer need regular hydration.
  • Place the rose in a shaded place away from humidity. Sunlight can fade the color of the petals, and humidity can cause them to fall.
  • Do not clean the roses using chemicals or hard objects. If you notice that a layer of dust has been deposited on their surface, use a very soft brush to remove it.
  • Environmental factors can damage roses. Differences in heating, cooling and vapors emanating from perfumes or cleaning products can shorten their lifespan. Store the flower in a space protected from these threats, possibly in a vacuumed dome .

The cryogenic rose represents the perfect harmony between the delicacy of natural flowers and the depth of the uplifting feeling you feel when you look at your loved one. If it is taken care of optimally, taking into account the tips above, it can last for a long time. Give such a flower as a gift and immortalize your appreciation for your loved ones!

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