When are flowers offered to men? Ingenious floral ideas for an unforgettable impression

From time immemorial, flowers have been and continue to be associated with femininity, making them the ideal gift that could be given to women of all ages. A few years ago, you couldn't even bother to catch a gentleman with a bouquet of flowers. And yet, is it still considered inappropriate to give a man a bouquet of flowers today? Countries such as France or Belgium treat this custom as perfectly natural and which fortunately is beginning to gain ground even in our country.


1. When are flowers offered to men? 

1.1. Offering flowers to a man: essential rules to follow

1.2.Why are flowers given to men? 

2. Are men given flowers for their birthday? - Flowers they love 

1. When are flowers offered to men?

The reasons why a bouquet of flowers is worth offering to a man are the same that apply to women. The message behind a flower is identical, regardless of the identity of the recipient, namely: love, appreciation, gratitude, respect, friendship, good wishes, congratulations and the list goes on. And after all, when are flowers offered to men? We should think about the occasions when we also receive flowers. Birthdays, Valentine's Day, periods when we are a few kilometers away from each other, professional success, advancement at work, or successfully overcoming a difficult period (hospitalization, recovery after surgery, etc.) are the most significant moments in a person's life, when a bouquet or a floral arrangement deserves to be accompanied by a note with a warm message.  

1.1. Giving flowers to a man: essential rules to follow 

There are a number of rules to keep in mind when offering flowers to a man: 

  • Number of flowers - the number of flowers must always be odd and smaller than what is usually given to a woman. In the case of a romantic gesture or flirtation, a single flower is enough; 
  • Flower colors - when offering flowers to men, it would be preferable for the shades to be carefully chosen. Therefore, it would be advisable to choose vivid shades such as: orange, yellow, purple or red. 

At the opposite end are pastel colors or delicate, traditional "feminine" arrangements. Men prefer an elegant, simple, minimalist floral arrangement. It would be inspired to limit yourself to two colors.

The refinement is best expressed through a boxes of red roses, or some cryogenic roses silver, gold or white.


If you do not know the person well enough, then you can opt for a pot of orchids, a cactus or bonsai to put on the desk or you can bet for bouquets of orchids. You would be surprised if you discovered how many men of all ages simply love to take care of houseplants and be surrounded by them. You can go further and impress him with an arrangement that represents him. For example, if he loves football, you can send him a floral arrangement that mimics the shape of a ball. If he likes cars, a floral arrangement that would shape the shape of a car could be a truly original gesture; 

  • Respect the meaning of flowers. Although not many people know the symbolism of flowers, each of them hides a message waiting to be deciphered.  
1.2.When are flowers given to men?

 In modern society, giving flowers to gentlemen is an increasingly popular practice for all age groups. Offering a floral arrangement made with elegance and good taste to a gentleman is a gesture of admiration and is not at all inappropriate. Has your friend or co-worker received a job offer? Or maybe he was congratulated at work for his special merits?

Does a male figure in your life celebrate the purchase of a new home? Did your father or grandfather successfully overcome the difficult operation? Is your relationship a year old in the next few days? The name day follows and although he claims that it is a day like any other, are you still looking for a symbolic gift? There are many occasions when flowers are offered to men, most of them coincide with those in which women receive flowers in turn. 

 2. Are men given flowers for their birthday? Flowers they love

Do men give flowers for their birthday? Are there etiquette rules that apply here, as in the case of ladies and gentlemen? The answer is this: it depends on the age of the person being celebrated. For example, for a young person, an inspired floral idea involves a bouquet of large flowers, such as peonies, sunflowers, or a mixture of roses and tulips, roses and sunflowers.  

For an older manager at the company you work for, for example, an impressive idea might be a luxury rose arrangement, or a box of orchids, and roses. 

If you decide to deliver a floral arrangement to an important man in your life, opt for dark shades without special decorations or small "fireworks" and decorative details that would go more in the direction of women. To complete your gesture, add a fine bottle of alcohol next to the floral bouquet or order a gift box containing both.



Sending flower arrangements to the opposite sex is already a tradition in many civilized countries. If you have no inspiration or are simply afraid of being misinterpreted, rely on simple bouquets, elegant colors, follow the rules listed above and be sure that you will be appreciated for ingenuity and style. 


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