March 8 Gifts - How we express our love and gratitude without using words

March 8th is not just about International Women's Day. This holiday is an occasion to remind mothers, grandparents, sisters, girlfriends and other important women in our lives how special they are to us. According to tradition, March 8 is the day when ladies and gentlemen receive gifts, both from women and men, gifts that express gratitude, gratitude, love, attachment and good wishes for a happy spring. 


The challenge starts when from the multitude of options you have to choose the option that best suits the profile of the person in question. That's why we have prepared some suggestions inspired by gifts that can be given on this day, to simplify your choice. 



  • March 8 Gift Ideas - Sources of inspiration for choosing the most expressive gifts 
  • Original Women's Day Gifts - Who Do We Give Them to? 
  • 2.1. March 8 gift for grandma

    2.2. March 8 gift for mom

    2.3. March 8 gift for girlfriend or wife

    2.4. March 8 gift for sister

    2.5. March 8 gift for educators, teachers or teachers

    2.6. March 8 corporate gift for boss or office colleague

    1. March 8 Gift Ideas - Sources of inspiration for choosing the most expressive gifts 

    As every year, the shops compete to offer customers March 8 gift options for the ladies in their lives. From floral arrangements, jewelry, chocolates or a SPA subscription, the ideas are endless. But, being such a special day, the gift must be chosen carefully, so that the message you want to convey is clearly understood. 


    • Floral arrangements 

    Flowers are women's best friends. There is no lady or young lady who is not impressed by such an elegant gesture, especially if she receives her favorite flowers, packaged in a unique way.


    Because many flowers appear in the spring, it is preferable to give a bouquet of seasonal flowers as a gift on March 8. For example, tulips are the most popular March 8 flowers. The red ones are associated with love, the yellow ones symbolize positive thoughts and friendship, the pink ones convey innocence and congratulations for a new beginning, the white ones express forgiveness and gratitude, and the purple tulips have a noble air. One bouquet of tulips it can be given to mothers, teachers, mothers-in-law or bosses.  


    Offering a bouquet of freesias it is the gesture that perfectly marks the beginning of spring. This flower is loved for its intense fragrance, and the colors have a special symbolism: purple freesias mean refinement, white ones - love at the beginning, yellow ones - wisdom and patience. 

    Orchids convey admiration and respect. For a very interesting gift, opt for one bouquet with orchids and hydrangeas. These can be offered to your mother, grandmother or a person with authority in your life - teacher, boss, etc. 


    We suggest you go out of your way and focus on a bouquet composed of 2-3 species of flowers or flowers of different colors. Keep in mind that the impression that the gift creates is strongly influenced by the way it is packaged. He uses the services of a specialized florist to deal in a professional way with making bouquets, depending on the preferences of the recipient, as well as the aesthetic part. 




    • Cryogenic roses 

    Remember the "Beauty and the Beast" rose? It also exists in reality. The globe or the glass dome attracts with elegance, and the flowers live a long time, without requiring attention special.



    Cryogenic roses they are loved by women of all ages. In addition, roses placed in domes or glass globes are often offered to bosses, teachers, co-workers, etc. 

    Cryogenic roses they are loved by women of all ages. In addition, roses placed in domes or glass globes are often offered to bosses, teachers, co-workers, etc. 


    They should not be watered regularly, keep their shape fresh and vivid colors and are easily found online. The great part is that they come in all sorts of colors, from romantic red to purple or blue. 



    • Jewelry 

    One bouquet of flowers together with a simple and quality jewelry, it is a gesture of good taste that will be appreciated by every woman. As ideas to inspire you, orient yourself towards a delicate pair of earrings or a chain with a pendant. 


    • Hairdresser's appointment 

    The arrival of spring is the perfect opportunity for a refreshing look. An appointment at the beauty salon is definitely a gesture of pampering that will be appreciated by your mother or girlfriend. 


    • Perfume 

    Perfumes are excellent March 8 gifts for moms, girlfriends or wives. It is important to know the preferences of the person you want to give a perfume to. A sweet scent offered to a lady who prefers fresh tones may not produce the expected effect. 


    • Relaxing massage 

    At the beginning of spring, we can pamper the fair sex with a massage to relax them after a long and cold winter, after a week full of worries and activity. Such a gift on March 8 will be welcome for mothers or wives, who often carry too much responsibility on their shoulders without realizing it. 


    • Cosmetic treatment at a SPA salon 

    A cosmetic treatment session at a SPA salon can be the very desired moment of relaxation by your mother or wife. 


    • Dinner at the restaurant 

    If you are a fan of classic romance, offer your girlfriend a romantic dinner in an intimate restaurant, with quiet music and delicious dishes. Don't forget an elegant bouquet of flowers and a precious piece of jewelry. It will definitely be an unforgettable start to spring. 



    • Choose a chic bag 

    Bags are an indispensable accessory for any woman's wardrobe, whether we are referring to grandparents or girlfriends. There is always room for another. You can bet on a roomy office bag model or an envelope type. Pay attention to the colors that the person prefers and choose a bag that respects that color palette. 


    • A subscription to the room 

    Whether we are talking about aerobics or fitness exercises, your girlfriend will definitely be delighted, especially if she is a sports lover. Also for the sessions at the gym you can complete the gift with complete equipment or sports accessories to help her train at home. 

    2. Original Women's Day Gifts - Who Do We Give Them to?

    It is important to think ahead about what we want to give to mothers, grandparents, wives, etc. that is, to our dear women, for the gesture to express the emotion we want to share. 

    2.1. March 8 gift for grandma 

    What March 8 gift are we buying for Grandma? The best March 8 gift ideas for grandparents target practical items that serve certain needs. Or, you can opt for symbolic gifts, such as a photo frame or a personalized photo album in which to attach some photos with grandchildren and children. A porcelain service, a silk scarf, a personalized cake, a spring overcoat are tips that will make her happy. Of course, don't forget the bouquet of roses natural or a cryogenic rose to complete the surprise. 


    2.2. March 8 gift for mom

    The most important being in our lives deserves something very special. In addition to the bouquet with your favorite flowers, the greeting card with a few lines of feelings and emotions, choose a suitable gift. 


    Here are our recommendations: porcelain set for tea or coffee, a cup with a fine porcelain saucer in a chic box, a personalized photo album, an engraved pendant with a special message, a diffuser for aromatic oils, a book in your favorite field, a book biography of a personality you admire, enrollment in a course (audio, video or qualification), a set of earrings, bracelet and necklace, a bag, a leather wallet, a fine jewelry box, a silk scarf, a bracelet with precious or semi-precious stones, favorite perfume, set of cosmetics, complete basket with flowers and chocolate, jade rolls for facial massage, a set of teas or coffees with unique flavors. 

    2.3. March 8 gift for girlfriend or wife 

    Jewelry is usually in the first place, when gentlemen want to impress their wife or girlfriend with a quality gift. Jewelry lasts a lifetime, can be worn in many outfits and will forever remain a beautiful memory of the person who gave it. To double the effect, place the jewelry in a special jewelry box, especially if you know it needs one. 

    March 8 gift ideas for spouses or girlfriends can continue with a painting, a collectible porcelain cup or a figurine beaten with natural or semi-precious stones. 


    2.4. March 8 gift for sister

    Your sister is both your closest relative and friend who knows all your secrets. Being one of those people you keep closest to, it will be easier for you to find the gift of your dreams. 


    You can opt for a cryogenic rose to place on the shelf in her room, a set of cosmetics from your favorite brand, a makeup organizer, a pair of sunglasses, a plate or a hair curler, a scarf spring to match seasonal outfits, a pillow with a personalized message, an aerobics subscription or, why not, a basket cadou with sweets and various attentions. 


    2.5. March 8 gift for educators, teachers or teachers 

    Teachers, educators and teachers inspire us to want more from life, to become better and wiser people. Teachers also give us a precious gift - that of knowledge. So, don't forget to choose a March 8 gift for the teacher you love. As a gesture that symbolizes gratitude, you can choose the right gift from the following options: diary (made of ecological leather or vintage decorated) and pen, jewelry box (with drawer or interior compartments covered with textile material), set of natural cosmetics (without parabens or sulfates ), o vase decorative, a biographical book or a pen with a gold pen. Do not hesitate to join a beautiful floral arrangement packed in a suitable box. 


     2.6. March 8 corporate gift for boss or office colleague 

    It becomes easier when we choose the gift for our mother, sister, girlfriend or girlfriend. But we must not forget the boss or office colleague, and here comes the challenge. We don't know the people at work well enough, we don't know their tastes and, in addition, you can't know what others bring. Being a corporate environment, attention must be paid to the details when choosing a gift to impress.


    Here are some ideas to help you: hobby accessories, a board game, a box of fine sweets, a scraped map or a coloring book for relaxation, a veil scarf, a facial massage machine, gift cards or vouchers at grocery stores clothes or cosmetics. 



    March is Women's Day and therefore should be pampered properly. If you know in advance what your loved one wants in your life, then you can easily choose the perfect gift. Otherwise, we advise you to go for classic objects and simple gestures when you want to make an impeccable impression on your girlfriend, boss or other important person in your life. 


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