Corporate gifts: for whom they are NOT suitable, how to choose and how you can create them yourself

Corporate gifts for whom they are NOT suitable, how to choose and how you can create them yourself

Corporate gifts or business gifts have become more and more popular in recent years and this is due to the fact that they help employees, managers, entrepreneurs and more to express their respect, appreciation and consideration through a nice gesture. Office gifts differ from those for close people in several aspects, but the most important is that they are usually made up of products that are difficult to make a mistake with. More precisely, products that have an aesthetic role or a functional role.

Also, there are a lot of corporate gift ideas that allow you to use your creativity to choose the perfect gift with which to express your appreciation. Find out more about corporate gifts for employees: who they are suitable for, how to choose them and how you can get involved in their creation.


  • Corporate gifts: for whom they are NOT suitable
  • Classic business gift ideas for employees
  • Unique office gifts: unconventional ideas
  • How you can get involved in creating special corporate gifts

  • 1. Corporate gifts: for whom they are NOT suitable

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    Business gifts are not suitable for everyone and are offered only in certain circumstances. Here's who such gifts are NOT suitable for:

  • For family members . Gifts for parents or relatives do not have to be as universal as business ones. It is important to take advantage of the fact that you know your loved ones closely and to give them gifts that perfectly match their wishes, personality and hobbies. Of course, if you want to bring something extra when you visit, you can opt for Christmas gifts that include sweets , drinks and other edible goodies.

  • For friends . Gifts for friends must reflect the closeness, love and care you show them, that's why it's a good idea to choose them according to their personality and what they like to do. Each friend is unique and has his own passions and preferences, so think of a small gift that is based on what they like. For not very close friends or acquaintances, you can choose a gift box or bouquets of flowers , so that you can be sure that you won't choose something they don't like.

  • For the loved one . The gift for the loved one must reflect strong feelings or, in certain cases, be a gift that will be of great use to him. Loved ones are among the closest people and it is certainly very easy to figure out what they like, what they love and what would make them happy. That's why it's a good idea to opt for a personalized gift or a gift that will be useful to him. If the person is female, then add cryogenic roses or boxed flowers in addition to the initial gift, if you want to surprise her.

  • Now that you have found out which people you should not give corporate gifts to, it is time to read more about business or office gifts.

    When can you offer corporate gifts?

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    Corporate gifts can be given in many situations and are especially ideal in the work or professional environment:

    • For employees . Whether you have your own company or are the manager of a team, business gifts are a very good way to stimulate your employees and show them that you care about them. When choosing them, you must take into account what you know about each one and, if you have the opportunity, choose them according to their preferences.

    • For collaborators . Partners, suppliers and business collaborators are essential in any business or freelancing activity. The smooth running of the business depends on them and they help to achieve profit. That is why, from time to time, it is nice to remind them that they are important to you and that you appreciate the professional relationship you have developed.

    • For colleagues . Secret Santa and other special occasions are an opportunity to give gifts to business colleagues. You don't have to know all your colleagues very well to give them small attentions on their birthday, Christmas or Easter, but just think of them and give them a small useful or decorative gift.

    • To offer congratulations or thanks . A business gift is perfect for the occasions when you want to offer congratulations or thanks to a colleague, collaborator, manager or employee. You can opt for drinks, orchid boxes , flower bouquets, coffee or perfumes, depending on your budget and how well you know the person in question.

    • For bosses . Bosses, managers and coordinators can be real models for those they guide. That's why, when you want to show your appreciation and respect for everything they teach you or for the opportunity they offered you, you can give them a business gift.

    On what occasions are business gifts offered?

    Business gifts can be given on many occasions, which take place throughout the year:

    • Christmas . Christmas is an occasion that is celebrated both in the family and at work, through various traditions and customs. From Secret Santa to Christmas parties, these are perfect occasions to give corporate gifts to managers, employees, colleagues and partners.

    • Easter . Easter is a very important holiday and, although it is not celebrated like Christmas, with a lot of decorations, carols and gifts, the attention is a very nice gesture. You can offer bouquets of flowers, vases and decorations , as well as baskets or boxes of goodies, such as cookies, as Easter gifts.

    • Birthdays . Birthdays are celebrated both in the family and at work. A corporate gift is a very good way to wish a warm Happy Birthday! to a person you work with.

    • Promotions . On the occasion of a promotion, you can show a colleague, former colleague or manager that you are happy for his success, by offering him a corporate gift. The level of closeness does not necessarily matter, but only the sincere intentions of wishing you success and many successes in the future.

    • Happy events . Marriage or the birth of a child are happy events that you sometimes share with the people you work with. That's why you can give various gifts such as bouquets of flowers, gift boxes or drinks also on the occasion of the birth of a baby or a wedding. For newborns, you can choose boxes with flowers or plush toys .

    2. Classic business gift ideas for employees

    2 classic business gift ideas

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    Classic business gifts include useful products or decorative elements with which it is almost impossible to go wrong:

    • Bouquets of flowers . Flower bouquets are a timeless and emblematic gift for many occasions. You can give them to your female colleagues, boss or business partners and you have a lot of options to choose from, depending on the occasion or season. From bouquets of tulips in spring, to bouquets of roses in winter, flowers are an excellent way to express your respect and appreciation.

    • Floral arrangements in a box . Also for ladies and young ladies in the professional sphere, floral arrangements in a box are a good alternative for those passionate about flowers and decorations, who want to keep the flowers for as long as possible.

    • Gift boxes or baskets . These are the most popular business gift options and are perfect especially for corporate events . Why? Because they are versatile, decorative and very useful. Many of them contain drinks, sweets, coffee, but also small decorative objects or small arrangements. They are perfect for Christmas because those who receive them share them with the whole family or place them under the tree.

    • Perfumes . For colleagues, managers or business partners, perfumes are a classic gift choice. If the person is someone you know closely, then you can even choose the perfume they use, and if you don't know the person very well, opt for a classic perfume from famous fashion houses.

    • Small objects of art . A painting, a piece of jewelry, a decoration, all of these can be given as gifts to colleagues, employees, and collaborators. Choose according to what you know about the person in question, what you have seen that he/she is passionate about or what he/she wears.

    • Electronics or small appliances . Such products can be a great corporate gift. From espresso machines, to headphones or smart speakers, a lot of electronic devices or household appliances can be successfully given as gifts to business partners, managers or employees.

    3. Unique office gifts: unconventional ideas

    3 unique corporate gifts

    In addition to classic corporate gift ideas, you can also opt for unconventional, original ideas, but these are suitable when you know the person to whom you are going to give a gift a little better:

    • Special pieces of furniture . A special piece of furniture is a unique business gift idea that you can give to partners, employees or managers you know quite well. It can be a table made of wood with a special design, a small, comfortable armchair, or a coffee table in a unique color. Try to choose small pieces of furniture, so as not to risk confusing the arrangement of the home of the one who will receive the gift, but also pieces with a unique element or a special story.

    • A help that makes the difference . Many people have big dreams or maybe dreams that help them move forward. If you have a manager, a colleague, an employee or a partner who you know has a dream and you have the opportunity to help him fulfill it, then offer him a helping hand. It can be about a specialization course, tickets to a concert that are difficult to obtain or financial help to repair something in the house. If you can offer a helping hand, don't hesitate to do it.

    • A unique experience . An experience as a gift can be a great business gift idea, but you have to take into account the hobbies and wishes of the person in question. Choose a parachute jump for the colleague passionate about extreme sports or a day at the spa for the colleague passionate about alternative therapies.

    4. How you can get involved in creating special corporate gifts
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    4 special corporate gifts (5)

    4 special corporate gifts (6)

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    You can also get involved in creating corporate gifts, you can leave your mark, but also personalize when you have the opportunity:

    • Add a card . A card may seem unimportant, but it can remain as a memory and is a very nice addition to a gift, especially when it has a special message. Add a card to the corporate gifts you give and write a heartfelt message for the recipient on each one. Thus, he will appreciate the gift even more, seeing that you took the time to send him a message.

    • Choose the items for a gift box . You can get involved in the personalization of corporate gifts by choosing the elements or products from a gift box. Choose sweets and coffee for the gourmet manager, fine drinks for the employee who loves cocktails and flowers for the colleague who is passionate about decorations. Also, if you know that one of your colleagues is fasting, opt for a gift box with fasting products. The same applies to colleagues, managers or partners who have a specific lifestyle, suffer from allergies or have dietary restrictions.

    • Decorate the packaging or wrap the gift in a special way . You can wrap or decorate the packaging of the business gifts yourself to make your mark and show those who will receive them that you are personally involved.

    Corporate gifts are a very good way to show those in the work environment that you care about them, that you respect them, appreciate them and are with them. Try to adapt the gifts to the occasion, for example, for Christmas, choose products with a specific theme, and also for birthdays. Then, add a personal note to each gift with the help of a greeting card or a personalized packaging. In this way, the person who will receive it will see that you thought of him or her and really tried to make him or her happy.

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