Bouquets for a marriage proposal - 50 ideas for floral arrangements for inspiration

A bouquet of flowers for a marriage proposal is a unique way to ask a very important question. Once you ask for your girlfriend's hand, you don't just prove that you love her, you say, at the same time, that you see your life with her and that you want to share dreams and beautiful moments together. Therefore, a suitable bouquet can make the marriage proposal a memorable moment. You can find in the continuation of the article inspiration for flower bouquets for marriage proposal.


  1. Flowers for a marriage proposal - Roses as a central flower proposal
  2. Bouquet of tulips for a marriage proposal 
  3. Other flower bouquet ideas for a marriage proposal - vintage chic based on hydrangea

1. Flowers for a marriage proposal - Roses as a central flower proposal 

The rose is the classic flower, which symbolizes love, romance and affection. As such, these flowers are extremely popular for marriage applications. The symbolism of a rose varies depending on its color and the number of threads offered. 

The many colors of roses have their own symbol. If he likes it bouquets of roses classic, you can give her one in one color or even more, depending on her favorite colors. Specifically, red roses symbolize love and romance, and pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy.

At the same time, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion, and yellow roses symbolize friendship. Last but not least, white roses symbolize innocence and purity. The rose is also associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. 

If you want everything to be even more special and remain for a long time as a memory of this unique moment, you can surprise her with a box of cryogenic roses or with a jewelry box, which also contains an "immortal" rose.

 2. Bouquet of tulips for a marriage proposal 

Eternally loved for timelessness, tulips are some of the favorite flowers for such a bouquet. Like many other flowers, the different colors of tulips often carry their own meaning.

Symbolism and colors of tulips:

  • Pink tulips symbolize happiness and trust;
  • Purple tulips symbolize royalty;
  • Yellow tulips symbolize happy thoughts;
  • White tulips symbolize forgiveness.

But the most famous meaning of tulips is the perfect and deep love. Because tulips are classic flowers, loved for centuries, they are associated with pure love. Therefore, tulips are ideal to offer to the person for whom you feel a deep, unconditional love.

The natural elegance that a tulip exudes - whether it is in a pastel color, in a vibrant tone or in an immaculate white tone - cannot compete with anything else. One bouquet of tulips it will sustain your love and give the moment romance.

 3. Other flower bouquet ideas for a marriage proposal - vintage chic based on hydrangea


The mastery of hydrangea is perfect for a floral arrangement with a vintage chic note. Hydrangeas are usually in shades of pink, blue, purple and green. 

Hydrangea symbolism for each color:

  • Pink hydrangeas symbolize the emotion transmitted from the heart;
  • Blue hydrangeas symbolize forgiveness;
  • White hydrangeas symbolize glorification;
  • Purple hydrangeas symbolize the desire to understand someone deeply.

Hydrangea is a flower that, in itself, is a small bouquet, so it is extremely spectacular when joined with other flowers. Flowers are a great way to express your feelings, with each flower always having its own special meaning. That's why when you choose bouquets with hydrangeas, you can complete with roses, freesias, orchids or lilies. 

At the same time, this flower is preferred by many couples for wedding floral arrangements. The choice of hydrangea is certainly a good option for couples who are engaged together in a new chapter - such as marriage. 

Whatever bouquet you choose, don't forget that a bouquet for a marriage proposal is a great way to show that you are willing to put in the effort to create a memorable memory. Stone house and beautiful party!

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