Bouquets of white flowers: meaning and ideas of bouquets suitable for various occasions


"Living alone is not enough," said Butterfly. You also need salight, freedom and a popcorn., said Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. Have you ever wondered what life without flowers would look like? It would probably be devoid of the magic of a white rose petal or the smell of a hyacinth freshly broken from the garden.

She would lose her life and be sad. The flowers invite joy, and the white ones invite hope and emanate innocence. A bouquet of white, chubby flowers is the most beautiful gesture of love, whether it is offered by her husband, best friend or favorite aunt.


  • Bouquets of white flowers: what do they mean?
  • In what contexts can you offer a bouquet of white flowers?
  • White flower bouquet ideas for various occasions

  •  1. Bouquets of white flowers: what do they mean?

    White does not mean lack of color. On the contrary! It exudes life and regeneration, it offers hope and joy. White flowers have different meanings depending on the situation and the message you want to convey. For example, in Egypt, the white lotus flowers represent a transformation, in Great Britain the white lily is associated with the sunrise and the beginning of life, and we Romanians look at the white roses as messengers of devoted friendship. A bouquet of white flowers can be a "Do not forget me!Or hidden and "You are special! spoken from the heart. 

    2. In what contexts can you offer a bouquet of white flowers

    Since flowers are the messengers of feelings, it is important to carefully choose the right color, just do not want to leave room for misinterpretations. Here are the situations in which you can offer a bouquet of white flowers:

    • when you are invited to dinner; Although the Code of Good Manners does not specify whether you should bring a bouquet of flowers or not, keep in mind the efforts of the host who invited you. Focus on simple bouquets of white flowers, such as chrysanthemums in mid-autumn or tulips delicate in early spring. Keep in mind that simplicity is always effective;
    • when you mean "Thank you", a bouquet of frezii white, the symbol of friendship will further strengthen the bond of attachment between you and your loved ones. Freesias are also a symbol of mystery and Platonic love;
    • when you are invited to a yoag lady's adulthood or to a birthday party, you can't go wrong with a voluminous bouquet of white flowers, the expression of a new beginning;
    • if you are a bride, you can choose a bouquet of white flowers, a clear symbol of refinement and elegance;
    • The baptism of a child will always be the most beautiful moment in the life of the new parents, and a floral arrangement decorated with a cute plush teddy bear will certainly be appreciated. If your friend has just given birth, you can congratulate her by sending her a courier box natural roses. You will tear her to tears.
    • The death of a loved one is hard to feel for family and close friends. As a sign of longing and respect, a faeral wreath adorned with cale or with roses is a variant to consider.
    3. White flower bouquet ideas for various occasions 

    The association of flowers in a bouquet is recommended by specialists aroad the world. The process of creating a bouquet of flowers is like a declaration of love. Finally you took your heart in your teeth and decided that it was time to commaicate your feelings to him. At first, you look at everything with hope, but also with a little fear. Then dress the bouquet with a sincere "I love you", but sneak in other words to reinforce your message.

    The florists do the same: first, they choose two or three main flowers, then they outline the rest of the decoration with secondary flowers that support the harmony of the bouquet.

    So, here are some ideas on white flower bouquets:

    • a bouquet of hydrangeas white, the symbol of aconditional love, delicately fuses with a pair of white, imperial lilies. They can decorate the coffee table in the living room for a delicate atmosphere in the house and a special scent;

    • un bouquet with orchids befriends hypericum nicely, and if you want to attract attention, then choose a bouquet of white orchids and roses, a special arrangement for a birthday
    • white roses are nicknamed the flowers of the bride and personalize the birth of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. It represents power and love, two characteristics necessary for a lasting relationship. You can't go wrong if you choose such an arrangement for a civil wedding or a religious ceremony.

    • At the beginning of the school year, as a sign of affection, the children offer the teachers a bouquet of flowers. White peonies are a symbol of courage and confidence that the little one is in good hands, which will polish his mind and guide his steps in life.

    • for Christmas or Easter you can send a bouquet of white flowers to your business partners, showing attention and care. A box of white roses or a bouquet of white ranunculus with freesias and gerbera can complete the dream project.

    Remember: A flower is never in competition with the one next to it. It just blossoms, just like human emotions.

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