Civil wedding bouquets - how to choose a floral arrangement suitable for a modern ceremony

Wedding bouquets are a special element of any civil ceremony. To choose them, you need to spend a lot of time creating the most successful arrangement. There are many types that emphasize modern or vintage elements.

Your choice must also take into account the overall atmosphere of the ceremony. Although the bouquet is made especially for the bride, it can be an element that adds value to the entire civil wedding. 


  1. How do you choose the right flowers for a civil wedding?
  2. Who buys the bouquet at the civil wedding?
  3. Models of bouquets for the civil wedding that will inspire you in your choice
  4. The color of the flowers in the bouquet for the civil wedding
  5. The shape of the bouquet for the civil wedding - which option to choose?

1. How do you choose the right flowers for a civil wedding?

If you choose the bouquet for another person, it is important to consider their preferences and personality. For some brides, the simple and effective variants are suitable, especially if in all spheres of their life they try to find the elegance of simplicity. 

Each flower has a specific look, which gives a certain tone to the bouquet. It does not always express the same thing, but must be adapted to the specifics of the ceremony in which it is to be performed. For example, for outdoor ceremonies, more pronounced shades and flowers with a stronger aroma may be suitable. 

If in the rest of the organizational aspects the emphasis is on simplicity, a bouquet with more unusual flowers can be chosen for such an occasion, such as orchids, which in the composition of a bouquet gives the impression of distinction and attention to detail.

Bridal bouquets usually contain roses, because this flower has a long tradition as a symbol of love. To maintain this habit, even if you want to choose unconventional options, you can add at least one rose.

Each flower has been invested, over time with different meanings depending on the area and period. Especially in the case of the bouquet for the civil wedding, these must also be taken into account, in order to create a bouquet with a special meaning.

Although each flower has had many different meanings over time, the tulip is known for its unconditional love. It can be given not only to your partner, but also to your children, parents or other people with whom you have a deep affection. Therefore, it is even more suitable for the wedding, to mark the uniqueness of the event.

Freesia is, especially in the Victorian tradition of floral symbolism, representative of absolute trust in all possible ways. It can be given to family and friends, but it is also very suitable for a wedding, to mark the friendship that is the basis of the love relationship that is to be formalized.

As for the hydrangea, it refers to beauty and can be symbolically given to show your gratitude. At the same time, through the shape and the impressive number of flowers, it has a sense of prosperity and harmony. This can be a perfect choice for people who want to choose a bouquet with a simple look, but also modern, which denotes a lot of deep meanings.

As for lisianthus, this elegant-looking flower, found as a complementary element in many types of bouquets, is ideal for expressing respect, acceptance and love, both in the couple's relationship and with other important people.

2. Who buys the bouquet at the civil wedding?

There is no precise rule on this. You can keep the tradition of the religious wedding, according to which it is the responsibility of the godmother to choose the right bouquet, but it can also be given by the groom or even purchased by the bride herself.

The bouquet is an extremely important element of a successful civil ceremony. Through it, the bride has the opportunity to symbolically express her feelings and personality.

If you have to choose a bouquet for a future bride, it may be a good idea to consult with her. Even if the element of surprise diminishes, you can be sure that you can't go wrong. You decide with her which bouquet to buy, but you can still surprise her by choosing a florist who knows how to highlight the flowers in a unique way.


3. Models of bouquets for the civil wedding that will inspire you in your choice

It can be difficult to choose the best options for the composition of the bouquet, especially when you have so many other things to establish. However, this choice should not be made on the last hundred meters, because this is an essential element of the event. Especially the bride will keep it as an invaluable memory, but the guests will also observe the choices and will perceive the bride and groom's emotion.

If you are looking for ideas to create your own wedding bouquet, whether it is for your own ceremony or for another person, you can be inspired by the following bouquet suggestions:

A classic bouquet with white roses

White and pink truffles never go out of style when it comes to wedding ceremonies. They always convey the impression of freshness and are an appropriate symbol for the new beginning of marriage.

Although they are generally chosen trandafiri in pastel shades, this is not necessarily true. The choice of colors depends on the dress. Take into account the complementarity of the colors of the two elements of your outfit.

Indeed, in the case of white dresses or other pastel shades, the bouquets fit perfectly in the same tones, with only a few color accents made up of a few darker roses. However, red flowers also fit, for example, with a complex symbolism.  

Even though roses can be considered a classic choice, they are also suitable for people who have preferences, especially in the direction of modern style. Due to their versatility, they can be placed in different ways and in various combinations, always keeping their relevance and timeless character.

A colorful bouquet of tulips

Tulips are not as common as wedding bouquets, but they can be a great choice for anyone who wants to stand out and mark the uniqueness of the civil ceremony through the floral arrangement.

Especially if you have an outfit in light shades, you can choose one bouquet of tulips in all colors, which gives a modern look to the clothing choices.

If you want a simpler option, which gives a mark of timeless elegance to the whole ceremony, you can opt for white or pastel pink tulips.

Bouquets with freesias full of freshness

Especially if the ceremony takes place outdoors, you can choose freesia as components of the bouquet. They highlight, through the pleasant aroma, the other flowers and add an element of originality.

Bouquets with pastel hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a very modern floral option for the bouquet worn at the civil ceremony. Not only do they represent an unconventional choice in themselves, but on top of that, they can form a bouquet with simple lines and colors, strongly geometric, with a modern look.

These can be the only flowers in the bouquet or they can be arranged together with roses, lisianthus or freesias, for a unique look, on the border between classic and modern. 

Bouquets with lisianthus, the flower that adds a plus to any type of bouquet

Lisianthus it is not usually used on its own in bouquets, but it can enhance floral choices. Pastel colors and simple appearance make them blend harmoniously with flowers with contrasting shapes such as tulips or lilies.

4. The color of the flowers in the bouquet for the civil wedding

In addition to these things, you need to consider the right color of flowers. And the symbolism of the colors is rich. In different cultures and at different times they have been assigned different meanings, but some can be considered general. You can orient yourself, beyond the bride's preferences and through this aspect. Here are the main nuances and what it means:

White - it sends, of course, to purity, unconditional love and a new beginning, being an important color in the whole ceremony; many people choose white as the basic tone of the bouquet:

Red - the traditional color of love, flowers of this color can be given on any occasion to show your dedication to your loved one, especially when it comes to the unique moment of the wedding;

Mov - one of the most well-known meanings of this color is that of mystery and spirituality, so that by adding flowers in this shade the bouquet can acquire an even deeper meaning;

Roz - it means innocence and happiness, being a suitable color to convey the joy of a new beginning;

Orange - this color conveys ideas and feelings such as happiness, enthusiasm, love, but also power, so it can be suitable to show the resilience of the relationship of future spouses;

Yellow - being the brightest color in the spectrum, it expresses joy and optimism, also reminiscent of spring as a symbol of renewal;

Blue - usually this color has a sense of stability and tranquility; Although it does not appear so often in wedding bouquets, it can be a strong symbol if a flower in this shade is chosen.

5. The shape of the bouquet for the civil wedding - which option to choose?

Last but not least, you have to think about the right shape of the bouquet. This aspect decisively influences the way in which the chosen flowers are highlighted. Some types of plants are best highlighted in a round, simple and modern arrangement, while others are best suited for flowing or cascading bouquets. 

The classic option is the round bouquet, with the threads tightly attached to each other, to convey the idea of perfection. However, even in this case there are variations.

You can choose a spherical bouquet made of flowers of the same type, in close or complementary shades, for example of roses in different degrees of pink. 

Another possibility is to create a round bouquet, but with several types of flowers and leaf decorations. Thus, you can get a more natural look and you can show your creativity by choosing the right plants in terms of their appearance and significance. 

There are also smaller round bouquets, usually made of light flowers, which are easier to hold and give the impression of freshness. This is especially suitable for brides who are worried that the moisture on the flowers could affect their outfit. They have the advantage that they match different styles, because they can be adjusted to be more formal or more informal.

You can also choose a waterfall bouquet, which contains flowing decorative plants, which will create a pleasant effect of elegance without effort. These are especially suitable for tight-fitting dresses, but can be adapted to any type of clothing. Bouquets like this are a modern choice for any woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Another interesting option are the hand-worn bouquets. They are distinguished by their generous size and elongated shape. Although they were no longer fashionable a few years ago, they began to attract the attention of brides again. In this case, you must talk to the florist to make sure that the proportions of the bouquet match the outfit perfectly.

Some bouquets place more emphasis on decorative plant elements and smaller secondary flowers. The largest ones are reduced in number, which makes the bouquet look more informal, giving the impression that the plants have just been picked and put together without much effort. However, each element needs to be carefully thought out to create a harmonious whole.

Choose the shape of the bouquet depending on the outfit, first of all, but do not ignore the preferences and personality of the bride. People who emphasize simplicity in all aspects of life may feel overwhelmed by a floral arrangement that is too large or too extravagant in terms of colors, shape, and types of flowers.



Here's how to choose the most beautiful bouquet for your wedding or for a loved one. Consider every detail carefully to get the best results.

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