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Baptism, this wonderful ritual inherited and preserved from generation to generation has a deep emotional charge, which causes all those close to the little one in question to want an exemplary unfolding of the whole event. The parents of the little one want to write with a golden thread the story of the christening of the fruit of their love and put their whole being into the process of organizing the party and the church ceremony of receiving their own name by Prichindel.

The flowers, a symbol of appreciation and love, are part of the decoration of the setting in which the emotions of the baptism are experienced, urging all the guests to meditate on the purity and fragility of the main character. The floral arrangements used to decorate the restaurant, the baptismal font and the candles, just like the bouquets offered as a gift to the new mother, therefore have a very important role, namely that of marking the greatness of the moment.


  • Baptism floral arrangements for decorating the baptismal font, the restaurant and the candles
  • 1.1. Suitable choices for christening crowns

    1.2. The floral decoration of the party place - why details to take into account

    1.3. Bouquets of flowers for baptism candles

  • Christening flowers depending on the gender of the child - chromatic and floral choices elegant and full of personality
  • 2.1. Floral arrangements for a boy's baptism

    2.2. Floral arrangements for a girl's christening

    2.3. Baptism, following the gender-revealing party


    1. Baptism floral arrangements for decorating the baptismal font, the restaurant and the candles

    When it comes to the christening decoration, regardless of what it is composed of, the tastes of the parents of the child must take precedence in the process of its creation. It is essential that every detail in the final composition pleases those who brought the little one into the world, so that the well-being brought by the event rises to the level of the one experienced on the wedding day.

    1.1. Suitable choices for christening crowns

    1.1 white peonies

    Christening crowns considerably embellish the key moment in the celebration of a baptism: the bathing of the little one in holy water in order to obtain a good Christian name before God. The image of the child passing through a circle of flowers to take his first important step in life is one of the few that will remain imprinted in the minds of the lucky parents until their old age.

    In general, it is recommended to choose a simple, clean decoration of the baptismal font, which is in itself an object very loaded with meaning and often embroidered with flourishes and church symbols. For those who want to decorate the christening room where the baby will be baptized in an elegant, simple way, an excellent option would be to make a decorative wreath of white flowers, such as hydrangeas, peonies or even roses. Also consider the use of ribbons or even pieces of material, whose volume and fluidity should blend harmoniously with the floral arrangement. Before ordering the crown for the christening, talk to the priest who will officiate the baptism to have the opportunity to take the measurements of the vessel, which you can communicate to the florist of your choice.

    1.2. The floral decoration of the party place - why details to take into account

    1.2. pink hydrangeas box

    Most parents who organize a christening party for their son or daughter choose to decorate the interior of the place where the meeting takes place with flowers, balloons and colored ribbons. Not always, however, the interior design of the place where the event is organized allows chromatic overload. Before choosing the bouquets of flowers to place on the guests' tables, discover in depth the specifics of the restaurant and analyze in detail the room where the event will take place.

    1.2. blue hydrangeas box

    After completing this short but very important study, choose, together with your partner, the most suitable option with the general atmosphere of the chosen place. Do you need decorative elements that are more compact? In this case, you can opt for flowers placed in boxes , which have exactly this advantage of stability and compactness. Do you want, perhaps, a voluminous floral decoration, but which does not burden the room too much? Then, you can go for a variant whose elegance is given by simplicity, that of using bouquets composed of a single type of flower, such as the beautiful and fresh bouquets of tulips or hydrangeas.

    1.2 white tulips

    1.3. Bouquets of flowers for baptism candles


    As in the case of christening, the floral arrangement used to accompany the christening candles can be very simple, but effective. The candles traditionally used on this occasion are quite heavy and bulky, and decorating them with a large number of flowers can turn the need to keep them lit during the service into a real challenge.

    If the event is organized in a traditional way, you can choose to decorate the candles with a few dry ears of wheat, with cotton or with a few strands of lavender. If, on the contrary, your and your husband's desire is to create a fusion between traditional and modern, choose to add some paths, whose minimalist appearance will have exactly the desired effect.

    2. Christening flowers depending on the gender of the child - elegant and full of personality chromatic and floral choices

    2. baptism flowers

    The thematic decoration has always been one of the favorites of parents everywhere. Depending on the gender of the child or, why not, of the children, the color palette that will be used for the floral arrangements can be chosen. However, it is not necessary to severely limit the range of shades in the decoration to be sufficiently suggestive. Floral arrangements for newborns must capture, first of all, the fragility of the little one and the bright and fragrant future they wish for.

    2.1. Floral arrangements for a boy's baptism

    Regarding the decorations for a boy's baptism, the usual choice is that of blue flowers, in combination with white ones. This version continues to be very successful among beauty lovers. The use of voluminous flowers with a muted, pastel color is very fashionable among young families.

    2.1 boy baptism

    Nobody says, however, that you can't play with flowers to compose bouquets that denote the fact that the celebrant is a boy, without being composed exclusively of white and blue flowers. Green plants, flowers with green, purple or even yellow petals can bring a touch of originality to the whole decoration, without affecting the general dynamics of the party in any way.

    2.2. Floral arrangements for a girl's christening

    2.2 baptize the girl

    The girls, graceful and blooming like the margarita freshly grown from the cold earth, are generally celebrated in a setting where pink predominates. If you are organizing the christening of a little lady, but you want to deviate, at least partially, from the powder pink rule, you can ask your florist to prepare an arrangement in which no color predominates, but which is simply balanced from the point of view view of the composition. Bouquets of white flowers are also an excellent option in this case.

    2.3. Baptism, following the gender-revealing party

    The habit of organizing "gender-revealing parties" was taken over relatively recently by Romanian culture, but its popularity grew extremely quickly. It's natural, because there can never be too many events organized to celebrate your baby and to celebrate life in general.

    This type of party is organized in the last trimester of pregnancy and has the role of revealing to friends and family the gender of the child to be born. Flowers and balloons fill, and in the case of these events, the stage on which the nice and emotional reunion takes place.

    An idea worthy of consideration is the creation of a connection between the decoration chosen for this party to reveal the sex of the little one and the one used at the baptism. Using the same palette of colors in the decoration or even the same predominant type of flower will facilitate the association of your child with that color combination or that specific flower. The meaning, for those close to you, of those flowers and colors will never be the same. It's wonderful how you can encourage the formation of such bonds, with how fine you can leave such a beautiful mark on a small group of people.

    Don't limit yourself to purchasing an insignificant decoration for the location where your child's christening party will take place. He puts his soul into the choice of every single detail and this will be felt by all the guests. In addition to all this, the photos that will be included in the family album will be, without a doubt, suggestive and worthy of admiration at any age by the little main actor.

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