Christmas arrangements: how to choose them and what mistakes to avoid when decorating the house

Christmas arrangements are part of the magic of the winter holidays and can turn your home, yard, garden or block into a more welcoming, cheerful and energetic place. Whether it's Christmas table arrangements or Christmas floral arrangements, they need to be carefully chosen to match the tree, the decor of the house and the space you have.


It is a good idea to start creating the decor in time, to think about what elements give you a positive mood, what smells and colors charge you with energy, but also what kind of Christmas arrangements you want. You will learn from this article how to choose the holiday arrangements and what mistakes not to make when decorating.




  • Christmas arrangements for the house
  • Floral arrangements for the Christmas table
  • Christmas arrangements: what mistakes to avoid

1. Christmas arrangements for the house


Whether it's Christmas arrangements in glass bowls or Christmas table ornaments, every element of the house deserves your attention to get a nice and special design. We have prepared for you some ideas to decorate easily and in style:

What do you need to keep in mind when choosing Christmas arrangements? 

  • Decide which rooms you will arrange. An important step when you start choosing decorations is to think about where exactly you want to put them and what rooms will be decorated. Many people choose to decorate the living room, because it is the place where guests, relatives and family will come, but also the place where they spend a lot of time when they are at home, which means that they will be able to enjoy the decor. Also, if you are going to make light arrangements, it is a good idea to avoid the bedroom, to have a quality sleep without being disturbed by the light.

  • Natural Christmas arrangements. Christmas arrangements Natural are a great idea if you want to enjoy the authentic scent of fir, conifers and other beautiful floral scents. If you choose an artificial fir, these are a very good solution to still have the smell of conifers in the house. Also, such arrangements can have other flowers in the composition, which means a pleasant aroma throughout the house and a special design. Also, natural ornaments come in a lot of sizes and shapes, which means that you can easily adapt them to any type of room. You can take them into account both for your home and for Christmas presents dedicated to loved ones.


  • Emphasize the sense of smell. When you walk into a house, you will notice the decor, the furniture, the ornaments, and the smell. Therefore, when decorating for Christmas, it is good to take into account the smell that you want the rooms to have. A simple idea is to choose flowers in a box which you can place on the table in the living room, on the table in the dining area, on a dresser or on the desk. You can also opt for Christmas tree ornaments if you want this scent to be predominant. Another easy-to-implement idea is to use scented candles. Around Christmas you will find many products with winter flavors, such as apple and cinnamon or sweet meringues.


  • Outdoor Christmas arrangements. Outdoor ornaments are permissive, because the space is usually larger and is much better valued by natural light. You can opt for lights of all kinds, small fir trees to decorate with various globes and tinsel, but also for Christmas-themed lanterns. If you have a covered area in your yard or garden, such as a gazebo, choose table arrangements.

  • Don't just focus on the tree. For many people, the Christmas tree is the only and most important Christmas decoration. Indeed, the Christmas tree is the symbol of Christmas and it is beautiful to decorate it with family and friends, but you should not limit yourself to it only as the main decoration. You can add Christmas flower arrangements, Christmas table arrangements of flowers, globes, precious figurines and tinsel. Floral arrangements for Christmas do not necessarily have to contain holiday elements if you do not want, they can be bouquets of flowers simple and fragrant. You can also add scented candles, lights, figurines, lanterns and beautifully packaged sweets.


  • Choose complementary colors. The colors should combine nicely when you make the Christmas decoration, so do not rush to put ornaments of all colors in the house, just because they all have a Christmas theme. Of course, there are beautiful multicolored fir trees, but even those do not have all the colors. Some of the most popular combinations are white & red, silver & blue, white & gold, white & blue, but also gold & red. If you want to add more colors, try to keep the same shade for each color that is repeated. Some of the popular combinations are green, blue & red; green, red & white or red, green & gold.


  • Pay attention to the lights. Light is essential in any type of decor, as it helps create the atmosphere and influences the way you use the room. When decorating your living room, opt for lights that will be pleasant both when you are at the table and when you are watching a movie or a series. If you decorate the hall, you can opt for brighter lights, because there is a lower risk that they will bother you. If you love bright lights, choose to place them outside, either in the garden, if you live in the house, or on the windows or on the windowsill, if you live in a block of flats.


  • Includes your favorite Christmas music. The Christmas decor should not miss your favorite music that helps you get into the holiday atmosphere. Some ideas to add a touch of good cheer to the decor are the musical cards, which you can place under the Christmas tree or on the table and some holiday playlists to listen to. The floral arrangements for Christmas, the sweets, the Christmas tree, the lights, all make up a dream setting, but the music has the power to transpose you into a festive atmosphere in just a few moments and you would immediately change your mood into a happier one. .


  • Not all arrangements need to have a Christmas theme. Christmas decorations that contain only holiday elements can become too tiring or too crowded. Therefore, do not forget about small decorations or arrangements that do not necessarily have the theme of Christmas, but they match in terms of color with the rest of the elements or give you a feeling of well-being and energy. It could be vases and decorations miscellaneous, scented candles, resin objects, statuettes or books or magazines. In this way, you will keep a piece of the charm of your home, the one that creates the atmosphere in your home every day, even when it is not Christmas. Don't put aside the decorations you love to replace them with Christmas ones, but try to keep a balance.


  • Add edible products. Edible products are a perfect idea for holiday ornaments. Opt for chocolate bars, candies, nicely packaged cakes, boxes of macarons and anything else that can be put under the tree or on the table, without the risk of spoiling. In this way, the decor will be complete, and on Christmas day the little ones, but also the big ones, will be able to enjoy the opening of the delicious sweets. If you have pets, choose well-packaged products so that they can't open them.

2. Floral arrangements for the Christmas table



Table arrangements or Christmas table arrangements are a great idea to decorate the table for guests to attend. Such ornaments are suitable both for a minimalist decorated house and for houses with abundant Christmas decorations. Such Christmas arrangements can have several elements, depending on what suits the design of your home and personal tastes:


  • Fir branches. The Christmas tree is indeed one of the central symbols of Christmas, and it is found in many holiday ornaments. The fir branches have a specific smell, emblematic for the beautiful moments of winter holidays. Therefore, you will not fail if you choose ornaments with fir branches, they will pleasantly perfume your room and will integrate perfectly in the environment with the other decorations.
  • Globes. The globes are precious and beautifully adorn the fir trees, crowns and lots of other ornaments. You can opt for arrangements full of colorful globes or for minimalist style arrangements with just a few ornaments in colors such as red, white or silver.

  • Figurine. Figurines such as animals, Santa Claus or birds can turn a Christmas ornament into a true story. Some models may even be inspired by famous holiday movies or special pieces, such as The Nutcracker. Figurines can give life to an arrangement and take it out of anonymity. If you like decorations that make you dream and make you think of beautiful winter stories, then choose the ones with various figurines.
  • FLORA. Flowers are some of the most beautiful decorative elements, they are not old, they are suitable for any occasion, and their perfume can bring a pleasant smell throughout the house. Christmas arrangements can have fresh flowers, of any kind you want, but also artificial flowers, depending on your preferences and how long you want to keep the ornament. 

3. Christmas arrangements: what mistakes to avoid

When arranging the house for Christmas there is no perfection or clear examples of "So Yes" and "So No", but there are small mistakes you can make, which are more related to the overall picture, not necessarily style and design:


  • You suffocate the space of decorations. Too many decorations do not always mean a more pleasant environment, on the contrary. When you choose a lot of decorations and put them all in the same room, you will visually suffocate the space, and the area will turn into a crowded one, not one that transmits positive emotions. Avoid loading the house with decorations and focus on the ones that really matter to you, the ones that you like or create a feeling of well-being.

  • You are consuming too much energy for decoration. Christmas decorations are only a small part of this holiday and do not represent its essence. Don't worry too much and don't consume too much energy for decorations and decorations, because you risk losing sight of the essence of Christmas, namely the quality time spent with your loved ones, the good deeds you can do to make Christmas more beautiful for others. and not only. Don't lose your temper if the whole decorating operation doesn't turn out exactly as you planned, but rather enjoy the activity itself.


  • You don't focus on safety. Safety is important in your own home, so don't forget about it when organizing your decor. Do not put more lights than the sockets can withstand, do not forget lighted scented candles and make sure that the decorative objects are not dangerous for children or animals. In this way, you will enjoy in peace the whole setting that you set up and you will be able to really relax, knowing that you have eliminated all the risks.


Christmas arrangements are a great way to get into the spirit of the winter holidays and turn your home into a pleasant space, ready to receive guests and where you can feel great. Regardless of the ornaments you choose, take into account the objects, flowers and elements that make you feel good, which represent Christmas for you and do not forget not to stress too much during this period, but to enjoy every beautiful activity. .


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