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Cryogenic rose globe

Globes with cryogenic roses - for special occasions or decoration

Cryogenic roses in the globe made with pleasure by skilled hands

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Cryogenic rose globe

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Cryogenic rose globe

Cryogenic roses in a glass globe - the eternal memory of the most beautiful feelings

Cryogenic roses in glass globes from are one of the most beautiful and memorable ways to say "I love you", "Thank you" or "Happy Birthday" to a special person in your life. The roses are hand-picked and preserved with the greatest care to keep their elegance and freshness intact for longer. The cryogenic process is 100% safe and environmentally friendly. Such a handmade globe with roses has a long life, provided it is not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive humidity. It does not require maintenance, because it does not need water or other care products to maintain its beauty.

Globe of cryogenic roses - the perfect gift for any special moment

Sometimes words cannot describe the depth of our feelings, but flowers always find a way to do so. Whether you choose to give your loved one a box of cryogenic roses or a dome of cryogenic roses , such a gift will be a constant reminder of your love and appreciation. You can choose from a variety of amazing colors and as vibrant as fresh flowers. A handmade glass globe with cryogenic roses is an amazing gift for any occasion . You will also find flower bouquets or luxurious and elegant flower boxes with us. In addition, we offer fast delivery, so you will be guaranteed to receive the freshest flowers.

What is a cryogenic rose globe?

It is a glass globe containing a cryogenic rose. It is perfect for a gift or for your room decoration.

How to maintain a globe of cryogenic roses?

Cryogenic roses should not be watered or treated with care products. Touching the petals should be avoided as this could affect the life of the roses. Ideally, they should be protected from direct sunlight. If dust starts to accumulate after a while, it can be simply removed with a brush.

In what colors is a globe with cryogenic roses available?

The predominant colors in the globe with cryogenic roses are: red, white, pink, gold and silver.

On what kind of occasions can a globe with cryogenic roses be given?

The globe with cryogenic roses can be offered on the birthday of a loved one, at the birth of a child or when you want to make your girlfriend happy.

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