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Cryogenic rose jewelry box

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Cryogenic rose jewelry box

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Cryogenic rose jewelry box

What does a jewelry box with cryogenic roses contain?

It contains a jewelry box, and on top is a cryogenic rose.

How to maintain a jewelry box with cryogenic roses?

Cryogenic roses should not be watered or treated with care products. Touching the petals should be avoided as this could affect the life of the roses. Ideally, they should be protected from direct sunlight. If dust starts to accumulate after a while, it can be simply removed with a brush.

In what colors is the jewelry box with cryogenic roses available?

The box is a gray wedding and the rose is your choice: pink, red, golden white or silver.

What kind of occasions can you give a jewelry box with cryogenic roses?

It can be given on the birthday of your daughter, mother, girlfriend or a loved one.

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