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Cryogenic rose domes

Domes of cryogenic roses - Choose the right product and you will never forget it

Cryogenic roses in the glass dome - Give the important person in your life an unforgettable gift

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Cryogenic rose domes

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Cryogenic rose domes

The dome of cryogenic roses - a special gift for loved ones

Is a special person's birthday approaching and do you want to surprise them with a special gift? Then we think that a dome with a cryogenic rose can be the answer you are looking for. Just think that it will remain as a memory for many years due to its resistance, considering the fact that a cryogenic rose in the glass dome remains unchanged even for a period of up to 25 years if it is protected from moisture and sunlight.

If you are a lover of floral arrangements or natural flowers, a nice gift idea can be a box with freesias or any other flowers: tulips, roses, ranunculus, eustoma. California Flowers is your favorite online florist, where you can find cryogenic roses in glass domes, boxes with freesias and other natural flowers, globes with cryogenic roses, and all of these can be delivered directly to your door.

Domes with cryogenic roses in various colors

Instead of natural flowers, many people today prefer to offer their loved ones cryogenic roses in the dome. Even if the price is higher, a cryogenic rose in the dome is a memory forever. These products are available in different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, the most sought-after variant being the cryogenic rose in the small dome, i.e. XS or S.

Also, apart from the size, the red cryogenic rose version in the dome remains in the top of the preferences, on the market there are also white, pink, silver, gold, etc. Long durability is provided by the domes, which are an excellent storage medium for roses after they have been cryogenized. The California Flowers online florist offers domes with cryogenic roses, flower boxes (freesias, tulips, roses, eustoma, etc.), but also other arrangements, all with the possibility of online delivery.

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